Polygamy and Blasphemy

Islamic advocates of polygyny fail to understand why westerners not only dislike polygyny, but oftentimes hate it. They fail to understand that to a westerner, polygyny is blasphemy, of the worst kind.

To christians, marriage is a sacrament, a holy act. A husband and a wife become one flesh when entering into the holy state of matrimony. Christians believe it is a sacred covenant and the marriage ceremony is a sacred ceremony and assembly before God. As the church is the bride of Jesus, the woman becomes the bride of the husband. It is a holy and sacred union before God. To Catholics, it is eternal, inextricable.

Until the 1960’s, a couple who were divorced would be shunned by society and regarded as social lepers. The Catholic church does still not accept divorce, it simply does not exist since marriage is sacred.

Thus, westerners with a view on marriage based on christian tradition oftentimes feel a slight contempt towards islamic marriage. A contractual agreement on cohabitation and financial issues that is easily dissolved by simply uttering the words “I divorce you” is far from the sacred matrimony of the christian church. So many westerners don’t really regard islamic marriages as marriages at all, simply as contractual co-habitation under rules that make women slaves to their husbands, not least sexually.

Polygyny in itself is a horrible slight to the christian concept of holy matrimony. To defile the sacred union between husband and wife, the exclusive and holy wedlock, is blasphemy to christians and westerners with beliefs based on christianity. Islamic polygyny is blasphemy.

Islamic advocates of polygyny often wonder why people who are against islamic polygyny bother about the choices muslims make. Why not simply let muslims practice polygyny should they choose to? Even in the West where it is a crime? Why bother reading blogs and islamic web-sites about polygyny, why write hateful posts?

The answer is simple: because islamic polygyny to a democratic westerner or a christian is blasphemy of the worst kind. To practice islamic polygyny in the West is like painting a picture of the prophet Muhammad on a quran, carrying it into a mosque simply to ostentatiously piss on it. Repeatedly.

Would the islamic ummah of the world keep silent if westerners started making piles of pictures of the prophet and qurans in the streets only to piss on them? So why be surprised if democratic and equal westerners won’t keep silent when muslims piss on holy matrimony?

3 thoughts on “Polygamy and Blasphemy

  1. Sis

    Your post sounds very angry but I will than you for this explain. It do made things clearer. I have also many times asked to myself why write if not for interest or why go to polygymy blog if not interest. I understand if somebody should hurt the Holy Quran it would make me sad in the should and not want to be silent about it. Is like that really with marriage? I never have thinked about is so. Not as a holy thing. Is make me more understand. Maybe in a way I would like it so too.

  2. That’s a great explanation, Fiona. Muslims often view matters from their own perspective. How different the perspective of the same matter would be for people of other religions and humanists, they often don’t know.

    Now that you gave this explanation, this matter is clearer to me also, since I came from Muslim background and made to be indoctrinated into their way of thinking.

  3. This is a great take on the matter from a traditional Christian (especially Catholic) perspective. It does make sense.

    It never occurred to me to see the contempt with Islamic marriage in general and polygyny in particular from this particular viewpoint of a holy union, because I have my own contempt for Catholic marriage doctrines. But it makes sense.

    To a democratic Westerner or secular person in general, the Islamic concept of marriage is of course offensive in itself: Because it is about domination and obedience, inequity, unequal value of contributions (non-financial and financial ones), and of course inequity with regards to sexual exclusivity.

    To me, the contempt of many Muslims with gay partnerships (and especially gay marriage) as well as straight non-married partnerships/”concubinages” has always seemed childish to me. I see so much more companionship, true love and mutual support in the average vilified partnership of that sort than in the average Islamic marriage.

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