The Prophet Muhammad was 90% Single

wives7A muslim man described himself as “75% single”. This of course is an arrogant joke, based on the fact that a muslim man might claim that he as a right to marry four wives, so if he is only married to one wife he is 75% single.

Is it funny?

When the prophet Muhammad was married to Khadija RA – do you think he would have said he was 90% single (or there abouts, since the prophet was married to a whole bunch of women)? Do you think he would have appreciated being described as 90% single when he was in a monogamous marriage? Do you think he would have considered it respectful and considerate towards his wife Khadija?

How can a muslim man who claims to be religious joke in a way that disrespects Khadija RA, Muhammad and islamic marriage?

The only answer I can come up with is: Because he doesn’t bother about islam, the prophet or the mother of the believers. Nor obviously about respecting and caring for his wife. He only cares about his “godgiven” right as a male to hoard and hurt women.

27 thoughts on “The Prophet Muhammad was 90% Single

  1. Fiona

    As a muslim man I am deeply ashamed to read of the 75% joke. It is unIslamic and disrespectful to the Prophet PBUH and Khadija RA as you state. Thank you for pointing it out. Such man brings dishonor to Islam. I apologize on his behalf.

  2. Disrespectful of the prophet………… i think polygamy in general is disrespectful of women & if the prophet felt the same way then he would have never had anymore wives…….he would have had only one. I feel that all the prophets of the bible who practiced polygamy were lovers of God but were disrespectful of women also (the ones who practiced polygamy). There is no other answer to this subject except disrespect to woman. It has been taught from generation to generation that women are owned by men & are not equal. This LIE is from customs of MEN NOT GOD!If a man TRULY loves a woman & respects her …..he would never stab her in the heart by adding additional women in his bed. Think about that all you men who practice polygamy. How would you think of your wife if she slept with another man???? Oh that would rip your heart out would’nt it?Plus she is a whore now & maybe should be put to death right? You big fat double standard hypocrites! It’s you who are the whores (men who have more then 1 wife) Polygamy is nothing more than a power trip forced on women who think that god mandated it . Polygamy is from hell not from God.

  3. Fiona…..i just want to thank you for all the eye opening posts here. I may not agree with a few but i totally respect you & am glad i have met you ……..Thank you

  4. Salam

    I agree, it is shameful. I saw the blog too. Maybe it was created by somebody posing as a muslim man to shame Islam and polygamy. Otherwise, it is just unforgivable.

  5. You said the truth Opulasereth! “If a man TRULY loves a woman & respects her …..he would never stab her in the heart by adding additional women in his bed. Think about that all you men who practice polygamy. How would you think of your wife if she slept with another man???? Oh that would rip your heart out would’nt it?Plus she is a whore now & maybe should be put to death right? You big fat double standard hypocrites! It’s you who are the whores (men who have more then 1 wife) Polygamy is nothing more than a power trip forced on women who think that god mandated it”

  6. When a man is looking for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th wife isn’t this exactly what he is thinking? Its unspoken but on some level he must have a similar thought?

  7. Fatima was Muhammad’s favorite daughter. She married Ali. Muhammad forbade Ali to take additional wives because “What caused pain to his daughter grieved him as well”. Now that is love & caring about someone as if it is your own self. So what happened after Muhammad’s first wife died? Why did’nt he forbid everyone every man to not take additional wives? why did he take additional wives? Some would say to protect them & raise their children but i’m not going for that!
    If Muhammad would have treated ALL women as he treated his own daughter then HE WOULD HAVE NEVER ALLOWED POLYGAMY PERIOD!!! Think about that because THAT IS THE TRUTH.

  8. Exactly, opulasereth. If you set standards, supposedly for a just and good society, and then bend the rules for your own blood, something’s wrong with either the rules, or your ethics as a leader, or both.

    The one golden standard that Islam started out with injustice and dishonesty already at the time of the companions of the Prophet.

  9. Pro-polygamists try to explain the Fatima story as Muhammed simply not liking the woman Ali was going to marry. They will tell you she was the enemy of Islam and that’s why Muhammed said no.

    BUT that’s completely unsound because Ali could have married other women! He didn’t, he was monogamous until Fatima died.

  10. Actually that Hadith that the Prophet forbid Ali to take more wives is not authentic. Yes, he did say that whoever hurts Fatima will hurt him but the context was not Ali’s marriage, in fact it was made up to hide other political conflicts that arose at that time.
    Ali never wanted to remarry after Fatima because he loved and respected her too much. In fact his famous words at Fatima’s grave were, “my back is broken, now that you are gone”. He remarried to the woman that Fatima asked him to marry on her death bed as the children were closer to that lady.
    In fact his love and respect for Fatima was so great that he always cared more for the children he had from fatima and one of his famous sayings to his son from his other wife was that, “my sons from Fatima are like my eyes and you are like my arm and it is arm’s duty to protect the eyes”.
    In fact if one look at Ali’s daughters (whether from Fatima or not) none of their husbands were polygamous. Polygamy at that time was practiced as it was meant to be, for survival and to support widows. The luxurious polygamy is being practiced now but that is not what is allowed islamically. The main purpose was to care for orphans from wars.

  11. //BUT that’s completely unsound because Ali could have married other women! He didn’t, he was monogamous until Fatima died.//

    I agree. Also these companions were weird. They stay monogamous till wife’s death, then start marrying multiple women after that? Or maybe they were just emulating their beloved prophet’s example?

  12. Zahra:
    “The main purpose was to care for orphans from wars.”

    As is commonly asserted. Show me verbatim where the Quran provides this as the justification for polygyny, and I’ll stop asking the question.

    Every quote I’ve ever seen states that men can marry 4 wives because the Prophet said so, and the Prophet says what God says.

  13. Zahra, what are your sources for what you said regarding polygyny among the companions? I myself studied in an Islamic school in the Middle East, and from my knowledge, polygyny was practised quite freely among the companions as well, except if monogamous by choice, or very in love with wife, or cannot afford financially more than one.

    I think you know already that the women in this blog are quite tired of seeing sugarcoating, and later come across information that contradicts the original sugar-coated information.

  14. If seen from a Quranist point of view, then there seems to be a condition attached to normal men marrying multiple women, as seen in verse 4:3. As for the Prophet, I haven’t seen any condition attached to him engaging in polygyny, as seen by the verses 33:50, 33:51, and 66:5.

    So yeah, the concept of polygyny being purely to take care of orphans only seems to be a mistaken one, at least in the Prophet’s case, since the Prophet himself engaged in it without any such condition whatsoever. If Hadith sources are to be used, the marriages of the Prophet with Hafsa (daughter of Umar) and Ayesha (daughter of Abu Bakr) had nothing to do with war or orphans.

    So yeah, polygyny seems to be more of a cultural practice which somehow stuffed itself into religion, and hence caused the confusion and chaos among the people who came across it in religion.

  15. It says in Quran about the main purpose of polygamy being caring for orphans and up to 4 wives only you can be just and not while hiding from the other wives, like some scholars have made up now.
    And I never said that all the companions were monogamous what I said that Ali ‘s son in laws were monagamous. Which means that not everyone was polygamous.
    I follow shia school of thought and permission from the first wife is required in order for the husbaND to remarry in my school of thought. My husband is sunning and follows Malki school of thought and it is same in his.
    I am not sugar coatin anything, in fact if my husband ever even brought it up as a joke, that will be our last day together. I don’t understand why women choose to stay. God has created you free willed and polygamy is not farz, if you don’t like it then get out

  16. “And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphans, then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four. But if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one or those your right hand possesses. That is more suitable that you may not incline [to injustice].” 4:3

    Also this verse was revealed in Medina after the battle of u had where 400 muslim men were martyred and 300 were left, there was a huge amount of orphans, widows and singles

    My other reply disappeared.

  17. Okay Zahra, why is it that the Prophet had more choices in terms of choosing wives for polygyny, while for other men there may have been the condition involved? Isn’t it a form of hypocrisy, that the “most ideal” man in the world as believed by Muslims, chose to have a wider range of conditions regarding polygyny for himself, while limiting it for others, and especially so for his own family like his children? How do you explain verses 33:50, 33:51, and 66:5?

  18. //God has created you free willed and polygamy is not farz, if you don’t like it then get out//

    Yeah its true that women need to deal with their own psychology saying to them that such self-sacrifice in saying in polygyny would bring them more rewards, or that they have more limited free will. But then also seeing a number of rulings within Islam that contradicts with the concept of women having as much free will as Muslim men, for a number of women who willingly stay, they may find difficulties in deciding exactly what free will is given to them through Islam and still be considered good believers.

    //and polygamy is not farz//

    Thing is, it’s a surprise that such an utterly disgusting and unnatural practice like polygamy even exists within a religion that claims to be the true religion and from God, that too in the most revolting way, making it one-sided, biased towards males only.This is a stark example of lack of justice and equality among genders within Islam. So yeah, just wanted to say this, since seeing the words polygamy and farz in the same line send a horrible feeling through my body now.

  19. perfectly said Mariam…..such an utterly disgusting and unnatural practice like polygamy even exists within a religion that claims to be the” true religion” from God. I’m zeroing in on “true religion” from God…..That is what Mormons are taught also…..Joseph Smith claimed to be “the last prophet of God” also….the only true religion. So women who are raised in these “cults” of polygamy believe if they don’t go for it …if they reject polygamy they are fighting “god’s will for their life”. So sad because it is brainwashing . I was reading on the polygamy 411 website & i just wanted to puke every time the “master” of that website told these ladies that it was “Allah’s will for their life & that Allah looked favorably on them when they submitted & sacrificed their own feelings “. What a bunch of bullshit . How dare them use “god” as the excuse for their lust & power over women. It’s a ‘fear tactic”…….it’s a lie…’s a power trip & it is’nt “god” who said it…’s men. Customs of men who say they represent “god”.

  20. Zahra…..polygamy was created to protect orphans from wars. Really? Why could’nt they just protect & help these women & children without marriage ? They did’nt have to take them into their beds & break their first wife’s heart.Women were booty of war also. Taken as slaves (sex slaves) in which they called concubines……yeah because we are the socalled “weaker sex” …..there was no fighting back …..yeah this is how it went during war….”kill all the men & take all the women & maybe the children……keep the ones you like….(.the ones that sexually excite you.) Well da…….of course if Allah said “take the ones’ you want” do you think they wanted the fat old ugly ones with fatherless children? No way. They were going for “big breasted ultra submissive beautiful ones” …….maybe like the ones described to the jihads who blow themselves up in the name of “Allah” to receive 39 virgins sex slaves for eternity. (except these are’nt virgins)……
    You know it would take a man to equate “heaven” as having eternal sex with 39 virgins LOL!

  21. ASA

    I’m doing well inshaallaah. Somehow, having a plan and having made a decision to get out of this situation has made polygamy easier to handle. When I watch him go, I think to myself that I’ll be leaving him soon and it allows me to smile and look calm. My husband seems to have settled in his routines, and a couple of days ago he told me I’m allowed to go out again to do chores, and yesterday he actually asked me if I didn’t want to go visit a friend or something. His other wife keeps interrupting his time with me but I don’t let on how I feel I just keep calm. I think he’s even getting annoyed with her calling and texting so I just keep from giving him cause to be annoyed with me. I have turned into a completely different woman. I always used to carry all my feelings on my sleeve,now I’m all subterfuge and deceit. In a way I hate my new self, but at the same time I really love feeling strong. A wife is allowed to lie to her husband to avoid conflict. My plans would sure be grounds for conflicts, so I lie. That’s how I see it.

  22. Im pleased for you american bride. Please be very careful. You will likely only have one chance at this. Be careful what you write online too, you just never know who else is reading. I imagine your spirits have lifted because you have hope in your life again and the planning is a good distraction.

    You know Mariam I was thinking the same as you above. We can say women don’t have to accept forced polygamy but when you are told god doesnt give you more than you can handle, that god wills everything, that suffering brings you closer to God, that you should love for your sister what you love for yourself, leaving is not so clear cut. Further if you could lose your children, be disowned by your family, have no government financial support like welfare, then again just being able to leave isn’t easy for people.

  23. I believe muslim men are raised to be women-junkies. Everything about women is haram, it’s all “Don’t look, don’t touch, don’t think”, but at the same time everything in islam is about sex. It’s all about how much sex you’ll have in jannah, how much sex the prophet had with all his wives, how all wives must give their husbands sex, how all women are sexual fitnah and so on. So muslim men turn into women-junkies, all addicted to being male through dominating women. It is soooo tragic. And when you listen to imams and sheiks, all they talk about is sex sex sex. And how men are superior to women. I mean really, how can anybody expect muslim men to turn out normal after all that? But I’ll never be able to understand why women buy into it….

  24. Martha, another dynamic is convert men. They are generally raised where monogamy is the norm, but there are plenty of them lining up at the polygamy buffet. Its more vulgar in my opinion because at least they have some awareness what they are doing is wrong. But they do it anyway…yuck.

    As for women I think islam appeals to people who like structure, rules, order. Islam claims to hold the only truth about god, which can appeal to people inclined to explain things. It offers small tokens of evidence, and extrapolates it. For example if I show you evidence for 10% of what I say and ask you to believe the other 90% I say, completely unsubstantiated. That’s islam in a nutshell.

    Also some women who are lonely, maybe lacking strong family support, or just fall in love, want to be looked after by a man. Its only when the man does things they dont like that they realise the price of accepting islam was their freedom of choice and equality as a human and as a parent.

  25. I agree, western reverts are often the worst. They obviously feel a need to be “more muslim” then born muslims…AND – yes they are aware of the horridness of things like polygyny, but dive right into it anyway. I believe it is the sickness of it that attracts them, it is a warped kind of thing, polygyny in revert men is a kind of coprophilia…

  26. True Story……I own a beauty shop & about 7 years ago i was doing a young lady’s hair who worked for a computer company in San Fransisco . She said there was a young Muslim man who worked there who had 2 wives that he brought from another country to the USA. with him.His first wife was an arranged marriage by his family…….his second wife HE WON IN A BET!!!! Are you hearing me? He WON her in a bet!!! I did’nt know “Allah” permitted using women in bets……all we are is “booty” …..Can you friggin believe this??? Well believe it because it is true.

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