15 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. ASA

    Everybody is firghtened here now. Hatred is growing and between muslims there is now much suspicion also and against west even worse and in west much suspicion against muslims. This is so bad for everybody. It is so sad. I pray for everybody.

  2. Asa…..what you said is true & i have Muslim friends in the USA & also India . They hate ISIS & have nothing to do with ISIS. I try hard to make any of my friends who are blaming all Muslims to understand that . The Muslim friends i have are very good moral people & guess what? None of them practice polygamy (does’nt mean they can’t or won’t)…..They choose not to practice polygamy.

  3. There have been radical out of their minds terrorists rapists plundering power mongers in the name of “god” in Christianity also……but we know they are NOT Christians. Here is an example….”The Lords Resistance Army” in Sudan run by Kony………They said they wanted to reinstate “the 10 commandments”. How did they accomplish that? By breaking every commandment! They went into villages at night , set fire to every home & when every one ran out they would kill all the men & women & take all the children……the boys were forced to be soldiers & the girls were forced to be servants & sex slaves. I believe that monster Kony is still alive! I’m going to check it out & do a search on the web to see if he is alive. He does’nt deserve to live.

  4. I’ve already had to engage with people – at work, on Facebook, wherever – and explain to them in words of one syllable that Muslims don’t hate America because of our “freedoms”. Or our “culture” (whatever the hell American culture even is). This event in Paris has only stirred the Islamophobe pot further, and that to me is as tragic as the actual events in France. There’s going to be some seriously ugly backlash, especially now that Syrian refugees have started to arrive per President Obama’s plan to bring them here. Case in point:


    Ughhhhh….I would NOT want to be a Muslim male (or female, for that matter) in the US right now. And we weren’t even attacked!

    What strikes me supremely ironic is that fourteen years ago, Redneck America was PISSED at France, because France, and rightly so, refused to join the “coalition of the willing” to invade Iraq following 9/11. The US was then suddenly anti-France everything, even renaming French fries “Freedom Fries” and God only knows what other lunacy. Now, the attack in Paris has every gun-toting, Jesus- shouting hillbilly screaming for the expulsion and/or execution of every “goat-fucker” on our shores or on the planet for that matter. SMFH….

    I’m not Muslim. I lived as one, but I’m not one. I disagree with nearly everything Islam stands for. However, there are many Muslims who I love dearly, one of whom is an 18 year old boy who wants more than anything in the world to come to America and make something of himself. He fits the very vague profile of “terrorist” according to these right-wing whackos. He’s male, 18, Muslim, and a foreigner. I hate to tell him not to try to come here, but…..

  5. unchained……just keep telling everyone you know the truth & if there is backlash in the USA & people attack Muslims they will go to jail

  6. An ideology that finds some people to be superior to others will never find peace. There is no way muslims will ever accept anything but superiority since they don’t believe in a world of equality. Simple as that. And that is the basic, undeniable truth about islam.

  7. I’m afraid I have to agree with Rick on this. We can analyse contributing factors till we go blue in the face, but the fact remains, Islam is incompatible with individual equality. Muslims may not be, but Islam is.

  8. Thank you to Rick who went first. Believers spread the conviction of superiority along with Islam. Maybe Islam did uplift culture in the 8th century. Islam today, either needs to adapt to the modern world, or destroy everything that is not 8th century where it is still appears to be living in order to keep that conviction alive.

  9. I read an interesting opinion piece on the whole thing this morning. It posited that ISIL is concentrating on France because it’s so easy to fracture the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims. That because France has reacted so strongly to all things Islam (banning the face veil, imprisoning so many Muslim youths, etc), that they can create more radicals by inciting more terror, which causes more over-reactions, which causes more radicalization.

    It’s a nasty (and sadly effective) way to spread the problem. I wish I could find that article again to link it here.

  10. I also agree with Rick. Believing that you are superior to another person points to your lack of respect for that person. Having a lack of respect for another because of gender, race, religious belief etc. is indefensible. A religious ideology that lacks respect for people based on gender and religious belief is ass backwards and counterproductive to the whole purpose of religion.

  11. Well, Rick, while I agree with your assessment of Islam as a whole, you also describe American imperialism and the way we somehow think we’re better than everyone else on every level. It’s clear that this ideology hasn’t brought us a whole lot of peace, either.

  12. Hmm “An ideology that finds some people to be superior to others” for me this is the definition of religion itself – not only Islam.
    Just look at the christian fundamentalists in the US or the Haredim today their mindset is not really different from islamic extremists.

    I don’t think there’s a simple explanation for terrorism like it’s all just because of Islam. I think religion only serves as one more justification for the violence but if it’s really the root cause I doubt it.

    I found this article very interesting:

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