A Helping Hand

gg4603327My cousins and I have decided to offer some of the cottages on my grandparents’ estate as housing for refugees. The estate now belongs to my cousins, but they wanted us all to agree on this. And we do. They are now in contact with the government.

With the situation being what it is, there is no alternative but to offer a helping hand to those in need. I can’t even imagine the desperation that makes people put the lives of their children in the hands of villains with rafts heading out to the Mediterranean Sea. We must do what we can to offer these people a chance to build a new life, and make sure nobody has to die on the way here. Every dead child is a stab at the heart of mankind.

I have also made a large contribution to Doctors without borders. In the refugee camps in e.g. Lebanon, they are calling out for medicines, let’s at least try to keep people from dying because there is no penicillin! 😦

This is a perfect time to prove what democracy really stands for.

I read New Zeeland are now preparing to receive refugees, but they will not allow anybody in who is either in any way connected to IS or a polygamist. Obviously they consider these two equally bad…

What say you?

12 thoughts on “A Helping Hand

  1. Well about 522134 refugees landed in Europe this year by sea. New Zealand will take in about 600… That number alone is a joke and not even worth an article. I’m just wondering how they want to do a screening. I mean no one in their right mind would admit voluntarily to those things so there’s no way you can find it out anyway.

  2. I wondered about that too. It’s like that form you have to fill in when you go to the US “Were you ever an active terrorist” or something like that… Perhaps they’re just out to screen people for stupidity?

  3. The article says less than 40% of refugees are in full time work 5yrs after arriving. So how could a man possibly justify having two families if he can’t even support one?

    I would also be very concerned that many of the refugee women in polygamy are in forced polygamy due to the nature of them being refugees and having had no choice but to be 2nd wives in muslim countries that dont offer them any protection as women alone. Women and children always bear the brunt of war.

  4. I spent about half my life in NZ. They currently have a right wing government and with this policy are just trying to appease public opinion both sides. Saying they will accept more refugees to appeal to the left, while saying no extremists or polygamists to appeal to the right.

  5. Thank you Fiona for sharing what you have done. Thats a wonderful service you have done and are doing. I wish you blessings in your life 🙂

  6. I was hoping to inspire others to help too. Winter is coming along in Europe and people arrive here without proper shoes, without coats. Many of the refugees have nothing, nothing at all. Especially children coming on their own from Afghanistan e.g., they have nothing. We have so much – we must be able to share.

  7. Thanks for sharing your contributions Fiona. After reading this post I myself just made a couple of donations to UNHCR and Karam Foundation. Not much, just $10 each, since I am still a student, and exchange rate is high currently for Malaysia (due to its weakening economy because of a new corrupt political leader), so its like RM91.38 total. Anyway, small as they may be overall, I hope they can be of some benefit to the refugees coming over.

    And I understand for Europian countries it’s becoming an increasing pressure for them to accomodate and help the refugees as well, so any type of help would be welcomed by them.

  8. I believe, for people who have nothing, every donation big or small is vital. Thank you Mariam ❤

  9. I’ve been ova on the letter to my ex husband thread replying to Mars, but have returned here for a general comment.

    My friend just drew my attention to recent news about the indian model who says she slept with a married pakistani cricketer. Anyway, she has said publicly she will marry him if he asks her, as he is allowed to marry 4 women.

    She seems to be typical of selfish second wives who so flippantly throw polygamy around. They don’t care about the other woman and children involved, and they don’t care about islam from what I can tell. It’s just all about them trying to make a dirty, cheating affair moral. BS.

  10. Ha – now Stockholm Salome is telling people they can’t be happy on her blog, only share if they are miserable. I wonder if Marie understands it’s pointed at her?? Salome hasn’t once called Marie by name after their falling out. She just snubs her. Geez, why Marie stays there just to suck up to Salome…? Maybe she’s just sooo miserable, Salome’s is the only place to go…. 😉

  11. Olivia,

    What really speaks volumes to me is here people are free to give their opinion, even if they disagree with Fiona. There’s been times regular contributors have given Fiona their opinion which must be hard for her to hear. But everyone keeps it real because underlying it all is respect and trying to honestly understand things.

    The 2 women, Marie and the other one Raqaya I think, were absolutely right when they called Ana on her absurd intetpretation of orphans. Ana visciously attacked them and shut down the thread. And what really beggars belief, is NO ONE, not one of the regulars like Umm or Gail or Spirit even tried to defend Marie and Raqaya. The muslim people there mustve known Ana was totally wrong in her explanation, and she really crossed the line being so rude and cruel to Marie and Raqaya. And not one of them said anything! I felt really bad for those two.

    It’s a shockingly bad trait to insist your opinion is 100% right therefore anyone who disagrees is wrong. And to be so rude about it.

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