A Helping Hand

gg4603327My cousins and I have decided to offer some of the cottages on my grandparents’ estate as housing for refugees. The estate now belongs to my cousins, but they wanted us all to agree on this. And we do. They are now in contact with the government.

With the situation being what it is, there is no alternative but to offer a helping hand to those in need. I can’t even imagine the desperation that makes people put the lives of their children in the hands of villains with rafts heading out to the Mediterranean Sea. We must do what we can to offer these people a chance to build a new life, and make sure nobody has to die on the way here. Every dead child is a stab at the heart of mankind.

I have also made a large contribution to Doctors without borders. In the refugee camps in e.g. Lebanon, they are calling out for medicines, let’s at least try to keep people from dying because there is no penicillin! 😦

This is a perfect time to prove what democracy really stands for.

I read New Zeeland are now preparing to receive refugees, but they will not allow anybody in who is either in any way connected to IS or a polygamist. Obviously they consider these two equally bad…

What say you?

My Beauty is Only For My Spouse

Both my husbands are very attractive men.

My first husband used to be boy-band material, a really pretty boy who turned into a very beautiful man. My second husband isn’t pretty at all, but very attractive in a more scruffy kind of way. I know that many women find them attractive.

Younger women seem to fancy my first husband. I can see how they look at him, smile, touch their hair. And he is very responsive to that, always has been. I know that he takes immense pleasure in being adored. Most women who show interest in my second husband are more of my own age. Intelligent, strong women who recognize an equal, and are attracted by that.

My two husbands?

My two husbands?

Most of the time, I quite enjoy it when other women show interest in my husbands. The admiring look, the cute smile. I take pride in being married to attractive men. I know, my husbands feel the same way when I get appreciation from other men.

But then I read blogposts from people discussing the hijab. They say things like “My beauty is only for my spouse”, “Modesty is the best character trait”, “A pearl must be hidden so nobody will try to steal it” “I won’t stoop to being a sex-object” “We must hide that which is most precious”. And I’m starting to think, maybe they are right.

I should tell my husbands to wear niqab, see how they feel about it. They shouldn’t be out there tempting other women with their beauty. And muslim men should definitely wear niqab – since they can go off and marry other women as they please there is an ever greater necessity to keep them out of tempting sight! Don’t they feel belittled by the way women check them out?

I’m going to have a talk about his with my two gems, maybe it’s time for them to become hidden?