Sleeping Around: How female promiscuity drives sexual selection

Of course!

Read here!

Disclaimer: The author of the original blogpost wants it to be clear that the research was not originally intended to refer to human behaviour.

I however, find it highly interesting from every perspective.

The Perpetuation of Error


In 2005, Dr. Donald Dewsbury introduced the Darwin-Bateman paradigm.

I introduce the term “Darwin-Bateman Paradigm” to include several proposals stemming from the writings of Charles Darwin and A. J. Bateman, including the notions that (a) male reproductive success is more variable than that of females, (b) males gain more in reproductive success from repeated matings than do females, and (c) males are generally eager to mate and relatively indiscriminate whereas females are more discriminating and less eager1.

In other words, Dewsbury proposes that male reproductive success is dependent on their ability to father as many offspring as possible. Since the best way to do this is to impregnate multiple females, males tend to be more sexually promiscuous whereas females, whose reproductive success is not impacted by number of partners but rather quality and who tend to invest more energy into offspring production and rearing, may be more discerning…

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6 thoughts on “Sleeping Around: How female promiscuity drives sexual selection

  1. Interesting read especially the offspring diversity aspect. Although not related to humans i was thinking how patriarchal societies have tried to reverse this by inbreeding which is definitely not natural. Also found this interesting “Ducks have anatomical barriers blocking insemination; the Cassadene plant beetle can expel unwanted semen. In humans, cryptic female choice is possible since the female ovulation cycle is hidden, allowing females more control over mate choice”
    Reminded me that Mason bees can select the gender of eggs they lay! Some animals have amazing natural abilities that we humans can’t achieve without the help of science and technology.

  2. Once again proving that this blog is mind-blowingly educational ❤ I learn something new all the time here!

  3. Hey no offense, but sometimes I come here when I feel guilty about something and feel like I screwed up big time.

    And then I read this and am comforted that there are people who have screwed up things for life and I still have a chance at setting the situation right because anything is possible.

    🙂 Thanks for this blog/story or whatever it is.

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