Post From a Muslim Man in Polygyny.

I have rights, you don't

I have rights, you don’t

You stupid fucking bitch!!!

The way you’re going on and bitching about polygamy don’t you UNDERSTAND it’s a MAN’s RIGHT in shariah to marry women up to four and what YOU’RE doing is UNNATURAL and you’re an ABOMINATION!!!!

You stupid WHORE!!! Now my wife has gone fucking MAD and says she WILL DO TO ME WHAT I DID TO HER and she’s fucking looking for men on the internet and of course there are plenty out there wanting a woman who is married because it suit there BLOODY search for sex like all men here in the UK so she might well find somebody so now I cant visit my other wife and our life is a BLOODY MESS because of YOU!!! Everything you write are DIRTY FILTHY LIES and don’t you stop and think that you DESTROY PEOPLE’S LIVES and if my wife finds another man and he touches her I WILL FUCKING ***** YOU!!! BITCH!!! You put crazy things in women’s head so they cant accept men’s rights and you give them FILTHY images of us and our other wives and my wife has gone MAD because of it and it’s your FAULT now that my other wife is alone and crying and afraid because I can’t come to her because I can’t leave my wife on her own because I have found sites where she has found men who want an affair and she’s bloody saying she’ll go through with it because I did and she won’t be alone when I leave her so I can’t leave her so my life is fucking falling apart and it’s YOUR FUCKING FAULT!!!!


Answer: Oh dear. Did this text really come out the way you wanted it to? Read it and think about it for a while.

32 thoughts on “Post From a Muslim Man in Polygyny.

  1. Ooh….someone’s inflated ego is a little butthurt. Well, Mister, it stops being fun when it starts being YOU, eh? I hope in her search she finds herself a real man. Y’know, a guy who can love her the way she deserves to be loved – with his whole heart and soul. And I hope your #2 wife does the same.

    Let’s be clear on something. Your wife is looking elsewhere because YOU hurt her. YOU did this to her. I know it would have been real nice for you if your wife simply accepted her fate and went with your program, but guess what – women reason. Women think. Women decide what they want and they go for it, same as men. Your wife decided that she’s entitled to the same rights you think you have, and she’s pursuing those rights, you misogynist pig loser.

    Your life is fucking falling apart because of YOUR choices – no one else’s. Calling Fiona names and threatening her does not change that, but it COULD get you in a little legal hot water. Cyber-bullying and threats are actionable offenses.

    Get the hell over yourself, you impotent schmuck.

  2. Thank God the wife is in a country where she could access a site like this. Its amazing how these men blow up when they see their wives doing to them exactly what the men did to them. AND those men clearly have little to no regret for their actions, since after all, its their frigging right! Given by whom, I wonder? Their god about whom they know next to nothing about, except what they read in texts? Their natural instincts they are actively told to subdue in favor of written words which would clearly produce unbalanced level of rights hence clear injustice?

    Well, this is where the carrot stick of heaven and hell comes to play. They are taught if they swallow such stupid rules without question they would go to heaven, and if they don’t, they can be threatened with hell.

    Well, a number of women seem to be waking up to this organized scheme of nonsensical mindset. This man’s wife being one of them. Good for her to think on her own without succumbing to cultural and religious nonsense. I salute her for it. And I sincerely hope she finds a truly loving and good hearted man who can be a match for her heart and soul.

    And meanwhile losers like this woman’s first husband can stand and watch the show. Such men would realize ugly words and physical punishments would only serve to push their wife further away, psychologically and emotionally, than get closer to him, as if she is a rubber doll.

  3. I consider this a success story. Thanks for sharing, and Im proud of the lady standing up for herself.

    Think about it Fiona, without your blog, this lady would have just accepted the humiliation, ;pain & suffering without resisting in any way.

    Think of how many marriages you have saved- you will never know the exact number, but I can guarantee that a good many men have thought twice about it & changed their minds.

  4. Wow this man must be very angry when he wrote you. Curse words aside i am surprised a Muslim man with all his big ego is admitting that his wife is looking for other men. There is a good reason why this man isn’t locking his wife at home and banning internet, phone use and threatening divorce. Looks like she is a legal wife in a Western country and she has rights that he thought she will never exercise! Makes me happy! Great job Fiona!

  5. I genuinely think Fiona’s blog has made a serious difference in the minds of many people. And for many others, created a shift in mind where the thoughts regarding Islam and women were simply stationary.

    This blog cuts at the heart of misogyny in a number of areas, and of exposing the parts of Islam that people would just prefer to be kept hidden or sugarcoated. And it exposes things like it is, with minimum fluff or extras added on.

  6. Dear Dick:
    Next time you cross the street, try picking your petticoat out of the mud.

  7. Oh, he’s got class. And is oh so islamically observant when it comes to *his* behavious (like, swearing; or treating his wife as well as he would be required to do if he were to even consider polygamy).

    I am very, very happy he starts feeling his own poison. What a fantastic impact you have, Fiona, if even some Muslim women now consider not being exclusive to their husbands if their husbands aren’t exclusive to them!

  8. //And is oh so islamically observant when it comes to *his* behavious (like, swearing; or treating his wife as well as he would be required to do if he were to even consider polygamy).//

    I was thinking the same. Not very Islamically observant when it comes to his behaviors and manners. Seeing his crass language and behavior, he should be ashamed of thinking he even deserves such rights which he would not want for another, because he seems to have absolutely no excuse for wanting such exclusive rights now (which a person shouldn’t have in the first place, but in his case, even less so).

    Basically now this man is stomping his foot like a child for not getting his toffee type of “rights”.

    //What a fantastic impact you have, Fiona, if even some Muslim women now consider not being exclusive to their husbands if their husbands aren’t exclusive to them!//

    Yeah. Fiona, for creating this mindset shift, you have done a tremendous job by itself 🙂

  9. Hey L-o-s-e-r,

    At least now you FINALLY UNDERSTAND how your wife felt when you took up with a mistress. Doesn’t feel very good, does it?

    Ohhh poor you, Fiona has soooo much power over you life she has ruined it. Here’s an idea – get a job, stop scabbing off other peoples’ taxes to pay for you to screw another “wife” and -newsflash – YOU and your cheap, immoral mistress caused this, not your real wife and not Fiona.

    Huge respect to this man’s wife for having the courage to say no to such an angry, self-pitying L-O-S-E-R.

    Thank god for this blog and thank god she lives somewhere that treats her as a valuable, equal human being.

  10. Well, I hope you and your mistress are doing better now. Should start coming in terms with your actions instead of locking up all your misbehavior under the word “rights”, even though deep inside, beneath all the mental conditioning due to religion and patriarchal society, in the heart of hearts you know you did utter wrong, and you deserve some form of karmic payback for it.

    And as LIG said, thank god for this blog and the fact your wife lives somewhere that treats her as a valuable, equal human being, instead of like a pet animal who will accept all that is being dictated to her, especially by losers like you.

  11. Ouuch!! OUUCCCH! !

    Someone got hurt lol.
    Now HE knows that polygamy brings nothing but a disaster.

    Everything you write are DIRTY FILTHY LIES and don’t you stop and think that you DESTROY PEOPLE’S LIVES

    I say:
    Everything your prophet practiced such polygamy and everything the quran n the hadith wrote are DIRTY FILTHY LIES. N POLYGAMY DESTROY PEOPLE’S LIVE, included YOUR LIVE 🙂

    Lol i can’t wait for the next chapter of his story.

  12. Unchained I didn’t even click on the video, and the first two sentences were enough to see on polygamy in the video link display. I think the sentences should instead be written with the word “women” replaced by “men”. And the Muslim man who wrote the main post is a perfect example of it.

  13. Good Lord, now Ana started a YouTube channel? You sure it’s her? Well, she is not enabling just misogyny here, she is enabling dysfunctional mindset to propagate with the tag of “Islam” if anybody questions.

  14. It’s her. I found it on the 411 page, she announced it. Seems she’s planning a “coming out”. Should be interesting.

  15. I have not laughed for days. I laughed so hard watching that video. Unchained, you did it again. And here I didn’t think anything could top the recent missive from big Dick until I “watched” that video. “Ana” apparently thinks that if someone doesn’t understand spoken English, they will understand it if she writes it out. And for those who can read, but don’t understand what “for all times” means, she’ll explain that it means “yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

    This video ought to be an example in textbook manuals for how not to use PowerPoint.

  16. I am thinking, holy war need not be such a bad idea. Because I have a very good idea to start a campaign for jihad against such people 😦

    Well, Ana can go ahead and do what she wants, the Queen of Stockholm. Stupid lady. Her life story on polygamy is enough to make anyone puke, and it is still beyond my thinking on what made her stay with her husband, much less propagate the same crap to other women, and acting as a Sheikh herself, fueling the misogyny done by all those usual long bearded and culturally dressed existing Sheikhs.

  17. Lol Dale, she did appear kiddish doing that video. It’s like a clinically dysfunctional woman was asked to present a short essay on polygamy, and she happily made it that way as a result.

  18. I knew it would be much appreciated here in all of its unbelievable ridiculousness. You’re welcome 😀

  19. Wonder what John thinks of it all, her voice must be easy to recognise.

    This is just an advert to try to entice more people to her blog. Have you noticed how quiet the blog is? That’s why she can’t ban Gail – without her the blog would just be Ana talking to herself (just like the powerpoint 🙂 ). I know for a fact she kept Gail and Jenny posting to boost her blog stats, her view was if people didn’t like it they need to post more messages then she can ban them.

    I still feel pity for her. The stunning photo and the name Ana she uses is so far removed from…..well, Robyn.

  20. Please be very careful Fiona, i am sure you safeguard your identity but this guy sounds like a nut case. I appreciate this blog and the hope it gives people. I am thankful and just want you and your family to be safe. Many blessings

  21. Fiona is much better at erasing her internet footprint than Robin is. Most of these guys are just blowing hot air, i.e. “keyboard cowboys”. I’ve been threatened numerous times online because I have certain strongly-held and unpopular positions, in some circles at least, and I express them whether people like it or not. I’m an open book on social media, and thus far I’m unscathed.

    NOT that people shouldn’t take threats like the above seriously. They should. I assume you have this guy’s email address, Fiona, unless he used a throw-away. An IP and/or an email address could easily identify the perpetrator and nail his ass to the wall should one wish to pursue taking action.

  22. Sooo… are we wondering what wief #2 is doing, all alone in her home, deserted, bored? 🙂

  23. Chris, I wondered if he had thought about that too, but realised no, his mistress will be playing the submissive matyr card, the “im so afraid, i need your protection”. Feeding right into his male ego in the hope she appears the devout, obedient wife all in the hope he’ll divorce the “difficult” first.

  24. “and it’s your FAULT now that my other wife is alone and crying and afraid because I can’t come to her because I can’t leave my wife on her own”

    What did this mistress do when he was gone 50% of the time at the other wife’s house anyway? Oh, I guess that must’ve been your fault too Fiona 🙂

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