Polygyny in Islam

This post on Polygyny, by Sheikh Taqiuddin and Nabhani, is so deceitful and downright evil that I must reblog it, with a comment.

The “sheikh” claims, built on analysis of An Nisa 3 that polygyny is permitted without conditions . He claims that not even justice is a condition, and he reasons thus: “Indeed, it should be known that the justice mentioned here is not a condition for marrying more than one wife. Rather, it is a ruling for the man who wishes to marry a number of wives that he must observe in the event of marrying more than one wife, and an exhortation to restrict himself to one wife if he fears he will not be able to deal with them justly. This is because the meaning of the sentence is completed in the verse by His (swt) saying:

“Marry women of your choice, twos or threes, or four” [An- Nisaa`: 3] This means there is an absolute permissibility of marrying more than one wife. Thus, the meaning of the sentence is completed. In another statement, He (swt) said:

“But if you fear”. The phrase:

“But if you fear” cannot result in being a condition because it is not linked with the first verse as a conditional clause. Rather it is a resumption of a new statement. If Allah (swt) had wished to make it a condition then he would have said: Marry women of your choice, twos or threes, or fours if you can deal

with them justly, but that is not the case, so it is established that justice is not a condition, rather it is another Shar‟a ruling different to the first ruling.”. The “sheikh” argues that had there been an “if…then” sentence this would have made a binding condition, but since there isn’t one, justice is not a condition. However, all trough the text this “sheikh” tells a horrid lie by actively leaving out the first part of An Nisa 3: “And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry …” The “sheikh” not only fails to include the entire passage, he actively lies about it by quoting “(Marry) women of your…” Hence, by using a capital M telling the lie that this is how the sentence begins. Thus, the “sheikh LIES and WILLINGLY TWISTS THE WORDS OF GOD – making himself a LIAR and a munafiq and, according to islam muslims should make takfir on him since he uses the words of God to lie and deceit and tell falsehoods.

The “sheikh” himself says that had there been a connection between sentences, the first part of the sentence would have been a condition. As we all know An Nisa states that “And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry women you choose…”. So, according to the “sheikhs” own reasoning, the condition here is clear. This is why this cursed “sheikh” has to lie to support his argument, leave out half the quote, and by using a capital M pretend that this is how the quote begins. THIS “SHEIKH” LIES ABOUT ALLAH; ABOUT THE WORD OF GOD – how can anybody, any true muslim, believe in anything such a man says???

As four his 5 stupid and ignorant reasons why polygyny is good, they only go to show why this munafiq is so eager to lie to make polygyny permissible without conditions – he is obviously peverted and sexually warped.
1. Men have a higher libido than women in their 20’s, women have a higher libido in their 40’s. Hence, from this point of view, women in their forties should marry plural husbands in their mid 20’s – not the other way around.
2. Men are barren too. Women who are married with infertile husbands hence should be allowed to marry other men. The more men a woman marries, the more likely is she to become pregnant whenever she wishes.
3. A women can have sex as many times as she wants, every day all her life. This is not true of a man. A woman can satisfy 20 husbands every day should she wish, a man can’t. A man who is sick can’t earn his living. So if a husband is sick, it would be beneficial for the family to have another husband or 2 to earn a living.
4. Wars sadly kill women too. Especially now when islamists murder women and children without hesitation.
5. There are more men than women in the world.

SO this “sheikh” is not only a liar, a munafiq, a kufr and an evil bastard, he is also an idiot.

(I ask you to please excuse any mistakes in this text due to the fact I’m writing hastily on my phone with the bl***y autocorrect on!

Ahkaam Islam

Allah (swt) has said in His Noble Book:

“Marry women of your choice, two or three, or four but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one or what your right hands possess. That is more fitting so that you do not deviate from the right course”. [An- Nisaa`: 3]

This verse was revealed to the Prophet (saw) in the 8th year of the Hijrah. It was revealed to limit the number of wives one can marry to four. At the time of revelation of this verse, there was no limit to the number of wives one could marry. On reading and understanding the verse, it becomes clear that it was revealed to limit the number of wives to four. The meaning of the verse is: marry of the women, two, three or four who are permitted and agreeable to you…

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55 thoughts on “Polygyny in Islam

  1. LMAO @ “queen of Stockholm”. As sad as it is, that made me laugh.

    Gail’s response was good. It didn’t escape my notice, however, that f she’d been a newbie, Queen of Stockholm would have banned her in a nanosecond for being anti-Muslim or somesuch crap.

  2. I really do believe Robin is seriously ill. Honestly. She is suffering from serious PTSD, and probably some other illness that has turned the effects of the torture she has been subjected to by the colonel into a strong mental illness in Robin. (I’ve been curious to know if the colonel is one of those guys who enjoy waterboarding prisoners?). She is clearly being Michelle Martin to his Marc Dutroux 😦

  3. When I recall some of the times Robin went completely psycho on people – even those closest to her in her blogosphere; Gail, Jenny, several others whose names I can’t come up with at the moment but were day-one posters, as well as myself – I would agree. It was like borderline personality disorder or something. The old blog was rife with episodes of her lashing out at people for simply questioning something or politely disagreeing with one of Robin’s uber-rigid viewpoints.

    So yes. I’d agree, the woman is extremely mentally unstable. She’s dialed a lot of that back since reopening the blog. Maybe she’s gotten her meds adjusted or something. I don’t mean to sound facetious – I’m being serious. I think Carolinah told us that Robin’s got some issues. Or the colonel told Carolinah that Robin’s got some issues.

    I have little doubt that John’s becoming polygynous wasn’t only a contributing factor to Robin’s mental state – it was likely the key component to it. I know just the couple of years I was in it, I certainly fit the profile of a woman with a pretty debilitating mental illness. I was unstable. I would go off on a hair trigger. I spent days on end doing nothing but crying. I lost a job. I barely could function sometimes. I was 100% okay with polygyny and #2 one minute, then threatening divorce and bodily harm to #2 the next. It was utter madness, start to finish, and that was only a couple of years. Robin’s been in this for what…a decade now. My God.

  4. I wonder why didn’t people like Robin, living in free countries, where women support is available as well, get out of the marriage? She knows about infidelity, she knows even Islamically she can back out if it doesn’t suit her. And the fact the husband did this with a “kafir”, gives her more leverage in this regard. Why didn’t she opt out?

    Yet she decided to stay, make excuses out of even adultery between the married man and woman before their eventual marriage, the lies involved, the lack of emotional closeness with spouse, etc, and in the process mislead plenty of other women who are confused and lost in this and looking for a support group for women. It just gets too difficult for my mind to process on why this is so.

    I think people who willingly support this way have a deep need for acceptance from other people, and pats on the back for fitting in. Also maybe they are comfortable with a good lifestyle otherwise from their husband, and have no intention of giving that up, and live a single life for a while, while working hard to support themselves.

  5. That’s interesting. I have always found her approach to polygamy lacking in any logic. It is very defensive to the point she cannot even debate it. Definitely it seems to be a battle scar she wears emotionally. She thinks it’s hidden but between her words you see and hear the extraordinary pain that she has escaped through denial. An example is when she talks about leverage and how important it is to have it in polygamy. To have the upper hand over the husband and other wife. Can she really not see how that screams volumes to us that she is not ok with her husband’s polygamy and never will be?

    She is seething with racism also because her and husband are african american and his second wife is white. The way she used to be tormented by graphic images of their sex life and them going on sex holidays to nudist camps etc.

    She survived by building an online world, as she has virtually no contact with other people. I recall she quit work because his polygamy destroyed her ability to function. In the world she created her husband had no choice in being polygamous, he doesn’t have to treat them fairly, he diesn’t have to be a practising muslim etc. It’s breath-takingly sad. She is so lonely she found a way to accept what he did by finding excuses in islam.

    I can’t help but feel she clings to islam to legitimise his polygamy. If gives her an excuse to stay with him.

    What disturbs me is when her line of “don’t make your husband your god” takes hold of new posters. They believe her and distance themselves from their husbands to reduce their hurt and suffering. It’s so sad. I want my husband to be my soul mate, not a man married to someone else from whom I have to love just a bit less to survive.

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