Muslims – Do They Exist?

MosqueMore than 20% of the world’s population call themselves muslim. Muslim being the word to identify a person belonging the the religion islam. Islam is an Arabic word meaning something close to “submission to God”. Muslim also is an Arabic word, meaning “one who submits” or “one who surrenders”. One should think then that there is a community of people in the world who believe in the same religion, islam, and recognize each other as believers, a belief that is enhanced by the use which is common among people who call themselves muslim of the concept “ummah” which is supposed to encompase the worldwide fellowship of muslims.

The problem is though, that no such fellowship exists.

Most muslims recognize the quran as the word of god. If however, a person claims to follow the quran only since all other parts of islam are man made, this person will be ostracized by most other “muslims” for being a “quranist” who has defected from islam by rejecting the sunnah and islamic tradition. Many “muslims” believe quranists should be put to death, the “proper” punishment for “khufrs”.

Then, there is a group – the largest group – of “muslims” who call themselves Sunni. Sunnis believe that the first four caliphs were the rightful successors to Muhammad; since God did not specify any particular leaders to succeed him and those leaders were elected. Sunnis believe that anyone who is righteous and just could be a caliph but they have to act according to the Qur’an and the Hadith. They have their own set of hadiths, that they recognize. There are plenty of other hadiths, but if you follow them you are a khufr and should be put to death according to many sunnis. Sunnimuslims are known to claim that no so called muslim nation today is really muslim. When challenged on why “muslim” nations in the world who follow the shariah aren’t perfect, they will answer it’s because no ruler today is truly “muslim” So obviously, being a muslim according to these people is something only you and a couple of your closest friends who believe exactly like you can achieve. This is something one can easily gather from e.g. Umma Forum on the net.

Then there are shia muslims. While the Sunnis believe that a Caliph should be elected by the community, Shia’s believe that Muhammad appointed his son-in-law as his successor and only certain descendants of Ali could be Imams. Most people in Iran, Iraq and Bahrain e.g. are shiamuslim. BUT – according to sunnimuslims the shiites aren’t muslim at all. Many believe they are satanists, and should be put to death for being khufr.

Then, there are some ten other forms of “muslims”, who all hate each other and claim that the others should be put to death for being khufr.

Among christians e.g., there is the possibility to have an ecumenical approach, since all branches of the church can respect each other if they choose. This is the common approach.

In islam however, this is not possible most of the time, since islam teaches that other religions can be allowed (christianity e.g.) but apostates must be put to death. This means that true “muslims” whatever branch of islam they belong to, will have a tendency to hate all other “muslims”, turning “islam” – whatever you might believe that to be – into a perpetual war amongst “muslims”. This of course means that the utopia of a muslim state can never be anything but the nightmare we now see spreading across the Middle East.

I spent an evening this week listening to a panel discussing the issue “The Muslim Nation”. There were eight participants, all muftis and imams from different branches of islam. They fought over almost everything, but they did agree on a few issues: They all agreed that there is no, nor ever has been after Muhammad, muslim nation. They all agreed on the fact that the other participants on the panel held deviant beliefs and were khufrs, and they all agreed on the fact that all other branches of islam than their own must be abolished before a true muslim nation could be created.


Most “muslims” however are smart people. They prefer living in the West, or escaping to the West if they can, where they can enjoy human rights, welfare and peace, and in stead they live their lives as “muslims” mainly on the internet, weeping for the non-existent true islamic state and calling down death on the khufr and the depraved West – blaming them for their inability to live in peace.


5 thoughts on “Muslims – Do They Exist?

  1. You are overall right that most Muslim sects or sub-branches in the extreme case think everyone else than themselves should be executed as apostates. Not all of them, though. I have a sincere respect for Sufi Muslims, for the great thinkers and philosophers of the past. The poets. Most of them wrote about the pleasures of wine and women under the guise of writing about love for God. It makes sense, by loving the worldly – God’s creation if you believe in the Creator – you love God also. I am very impressed with Alevi Muslims, specifically the Turkish/Kurdish Muslim sect. They reject the obligation of hijab, they allow for alcohol in moderation, they have men and women pray in congregation, their prayer is to the rhythm of the drum and embraces God through love for the universe. Cem is the ritual they perform, men and women together. For this, they are vilified by Sunnis. Accused of performing “orgies” in their religious practice – just for having women and men together, and for having a sort of movement in spiritual practice (“dance” might not be the appropriate word). There have actually been massacres against Alevi after Sunni friday prayer regularly in Turkey, the allegedly democratic progressive majority Muslim nation. The last time in the mid-1990s. Alevis do not on the other hand consider others apostate. They follow their interpretation of what is Islam, but do not force it upon others. Last year or two years ago, in a rural Turkish area, Sunni men were waking everyone before sun rise to have them eat their supper and pray before sunrise in Ramadan (enforcing reliigous practice without asking upon all other villagers). An Alevi family politely said their fasting was not in Ramadan, so to please not wake them. What followed? Death threats. Police had to intervene. By doing what? Relocating the Alevi family “for their safety”. Justice is giving way to injustice, this way.

  2. Nice post Fiona. I enjoyed your last paragraph. I’ve lived for extended time in 5 countries and my rule of thumb was always while I CHOOSE to live in this place don’t criticise it or fall into the trap of glorifying my home country. ALOT of people in the UK do that, and you are correct they won’t give up their benefits, housing, safety, law & order by leaving. They stay put and complain.

    I think there is much confusion amongst muslims today as to what they believe. They really don’t know what to believe especially as critical analysis and evidence, like what you present Fiona, is challenging long held ideas that were just assumed to be correct.

    Islam does get heavily criticised, more so than other religions, however I think that is because of its strict arrogance that every other religion is wrong. It makes itself a target in that way.

  3. Okay, this is unrelated here, but I really enjoyed this article about divine masculinity and divine femininity, and restoring their balance in this world:

    Here are some good points in there:

    “The truth is that men have not been in power for thousands of years; far from it. Instead, they’ve been stripping power from women for thousands of years. There is a big difference between gaining power in and of yourself and stripping power from another. When you strip power from someone else by brute force or by manipulative subjugation, you do not increase your power one bit. Instead, your power stays at the same level while you diminish the power of another. You are not powerful because someone else is weak.”

    “As women, many of us resist our femininity because we grow up in a society, which leads us to believe that it is better to be born a boy.”

    “Men and women today are locked in a struggle against each other’s power. We are determined to take it away from each other. But the buried truth is that we are not actually attracted to our polar aspect (whether that be male or female) when our polar aspect isn’t expressing its full power. Men try to take power away from women and find that they do not respect and are not attracted to ignorant, weak, subjugated lemmings. And women try to take power back from men only to realize that they do not respect and are not attracted to demasculinized, confused, over grown children. We are not attracted to weakness in each other.”

    “We only want weakness from the other sex when we, ourselves feel insecure and powerless to them.”

    “The human race has never experienced the tandem rise to power of both divine masculine and divine feminine.”

    “When both sexes rise to power, one cannot triumph over the other because neither is more powerful than the other. There will be balance. Men need to learn to become men and to come into the full power of divine masculine. Women need to learn how to become women, and to come into the full power of divine feminine. To do this, we need to stop worrying about each other. Meaning that we need to embrace our own gender and let them worry about doing the same.”

  4. Here is another chock of wisdom from this article:

    “In our modern society, masculinity has been seen as a problem rather than something that should be embraced, because it is rare that any man exhibits true masculinity. The only example of masculinity we currently have is the shadow side of masculinity. This shadow side of masculinity fuels the societal idea of competitive hierarchy. In other words, it fuels the idea that one person on top of another person.

    The shadow side of masculinity perpetuates vertical thinking. Vertical thinking is comparative thinking; where it is possible to be better than or less than someone else. And so, the power struggle was born. And so were the Abrahamic religions. The Abrahamic religions replaced the traditional VIEW of divine balance in the universe (which up to that point had been represented by god and goddess) with a solo male god. When a solo, male god became the source of life and hope for salvation, the feminine characteristics of fertility, creation and life were now seen as masculine qualities and femininity held no more cards. It was diminished.

    The result is that for thousands of years, men who succumbed to the shadow side of masculinity (not those who embraced divine masculine) ruled the earth. The men that ruled the earth, ruled with domination, control and patriarchy; things that have nothing to do with divine masculinity.”

    “Divine masculine represents action, direction, movement, responsibility, strength, focus, fatherhood, the sun, generosity, encouragement, material abundance, clarity, intellect, transformation and growth. The divine masculine is what is going to support the birth process of the NEW earth, which is being brought into manifestation by divine feminine. Thus, the new earth is a co-creation that depends on divine feminine and divine masculine both coming into its full respective power.”

  5. I love this lady Teal Swan. She is one of the rare spiritual teachers on earth who has much wisdom that penetrates into a person’s soul when listening to her or reading her articles. Still I would advise some discernment in her case too, since she herself said; we all have an inner prophet which needs to be paid attention to first and foremost when hearing different perspectives, and accordingly select and accept what feels right to us.

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