How Can a Polygamous Husband Protect His Family?

Woman_in_niqab,_Aleppo_(2010)A Yemeni merchant decided he wanted a second wife. He was happy with his first wife and they had a beautiful girl of 5 and a fine baby boy together, but he thought he had the right and the money to get a new wife.

His wife begged him not to go through with it. She pleaded with him that he should have mercy on her and her children who needed their father, loved him. She implored him not to forsake half of their lives together and cried and prayed, but to no avail. The husband was so excited about being able to have a new, young wife that he was unable to show mercy, or remember how much he loved his wife.

The husband had found a young girl whose father was willing to give her to the merchant in exchange for a substantial mahr. The husband made sure his wife had food and everything else she and the children might need and told her he’d call every day to make sure his family was ok, and if anything happened, they could go to her parents with his permission. He said he’d be back in 8 days. And he married his new bride and they took off on their honeymoon.

They spent their honeymoon in a hotel in Aden. The husband was intoxicated by the new feeling of being allowed to be intimate with a young woman, other than his first wife. He savoured being able to fall in love with a girl, being able to have his way with her. But he remembered to phone home every evening to his weeping wife, to check on his family.

On the fourth night of the honeymoon, June 29 2015, the husband and his new woman had just returned to their hotel room after dinner when the phone rang. The husband was surprised that anybody would call so late, and he had already spoken to his wife earlier that evening, but he saw now that it was his wife calling. He became nervous, and answered the phone.

“Somebody is breaking in to the house!” he could hear his wife scream. She kept screaming and crying while the husband said he would call the police using the hotel phone so he could keep his wife on the line. While he spoke to the police who were slow in answering and even slower in understanding what he was saying and finally promising they would send a car over, eventually, he could hear a loud crash as somebody came in through the door of his home. He could hear his wife and children scream. When the police finally promised they would send somebody he could already hear his daughter being raped while his wife screamed and begged for mercy.

The husband had a dead phone in one hand, because the police hung up on him. In the other hand he had the mobile phone and without being able to do anything he could hear how three men laughed, grunted, and cheered each other on while they ravaged his daughter in front of her mother’s eyes, and how they later started to rape the mother too. The men were laughing while the little girl was screaming out for her father to help her, again and again and again. Finally, after an eternity, he heard five shots.

When the police finally arrived, they found the little boy dead, shot through the head. The mother and the little girl were dead too – they had both been shot, once through the anus, once through the head.

β€œMen are the protectors and maintainers of women” Β An Nisa 4:34

“Islam permits a man to marry another woman while taking care of the first if she chooses to stay with him.Β One can clearly see that there are many benefits which result from the allowance of polygamy.”

56 thoughts on “How Can a Polygamous Husband Protect His Family?

  1. Do those bollywood stars really believe that a 1 minute shahada is the difference between adulterous affair and respected matrimony? I don’t buy it.

    What about the hindu first wife? Does her religion allow her to be married to a muslim? And does Islam allow him to be married to a hindu? Oh my religion complicates things πŸ™‚

    The human capacity to find excuses to justify immoral, selfish behaviour is extraordinary and nowhere is it more obviously seen than in islamic polygamy.

    I think it was Unchained that once said about polygamist men how not many of them practise the pillars of Islam, but they sure as hell run at lightening speed to line up at the polygamy buffet πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Lol! He calls himself a legal Muslim….not really a Muslim……but its crazy the way they live

  3. yes, all that guy wanted to do was get married second time and not divorce his first wife. Looks like morality or religion wasnt something he cared for just a loophole in Indian legal system to have two wives.

  4. Yup that was me. I said the exact same to my ex so many times I can’t count them. I had no idea about Dharmendra….wow! I’m familiar with Bollywood actors. Shah Rukh Khan is a favorite πŸ™‚ and I know who Hema is. Anyway….just moved – again. Back to my little hometown. And asshole ex is back from Kashmir. And single, so he says. Fortunately he is still 200 miles away πŸ™‚

  5. Unchained, I just read your post. You’ve moved. I hope you are happy where you are now. And ex is still far away. Distance is a beautiful thing πŸ™‚ My ex still tries to pester me with txts,emails etc. I go to his city frequently for work and he still asks to meet up. I’m a forgiving person but I firmly believe in cutting ties and moving on when you’ve been betrayed. He never did manage to marry a second and ironically he hasn’t been able to find anyone to even be his first. I’m told word spread around his community and mosque that we divorced because he wanted polygamy, and now sisters are staying clear.

  6. Thanks LIG πŸ™‚
    I am happy here, Ex is still bugging me, but much less often and I’ve made it clear I want nothing to do with rekindling anything but he does keep trying. Oh well.
    I’m still writing, hoping I’m edging closer toward that ultimate goal of publication.

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