Law Against Polygamy

Finally, Canada has recognized in law that polygamy is a barbaric cultural practice.

Part 1 amends the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to specify that a permanent resident or foreign national is inadmissible on grounds of practising polygamy in Canada.

Her Majesty has only to sign to turn the Act into Law.

I now wish with all my heart that the rest of the Western world will follow. Any decent nation must recognize that polygyny as practised by certain muslims and mormons is indeed barbaric and polygamous men should not be allowed to enter any democratic nation.

– But you are polygamous! you might say. Yes. But the Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act forbids oppressive polygamy, not free and equal polyamory.

The next step would be to make sure that all democratic nations also recognize spiritual marriages (nikah e.g.) as grounds for a bigamy sentence. And consequently make sure that all barbaric men who practise islamic or mormon polygamy, and the women who enable it, are sent to prison for a long time, having committed a crime against humanity since it is difficult to find any other crime that causes such pain and long time suffering to women and children.

Thank you Canada!


47 thoughts on “Law Against Polygamy

  1. //And consequently make sure that all barbaric men who practise islamic or mormon polygamy, and the women who enable it, are sent to prison for a long time, having committed a crime against humanity since it is difficult to find any other crime that causes such pain and long time suffering to women and children.//

    Yes. And may Canada have no place for Shariah in it. Except if there are things that are freely and equally chosen by the adherents and is harmless in general (e.g: separate halal-based shops for Muslim convenience, Muslim clothing). Because I don’t want Canada or any other country to be like France Part Two, where anything related to religion is attacked upon.

  2. That’s right Canada! Set the captives free & if they want to practice their slavery then kick them out of your country.

  3. The offenders should be put in jail & then after serving time they should be deported & NEVER ALLOWED BACK!!

  4. You know jamylah, to me it’s a paradox. To claim that religion gives somebody a right, like marrying a second wife without the knowledge or consent from the first wife, but religiously it’s a bad thing to act on that right – it doesn’t sit well with me. Wouldn’t a good god only allow people rights that it is good to act on? Why would a god say here’s a right you can have, but it’s bad to act on it? Sounds like an evil god to me…

  5. Most definitely an evil god, whose characteristics contradict the qualities the Being quotes to have; Most Compassionate, Most Merciful, Most Wise and Most Just. Hence I call it a fake version of the actual god, if It so exists.

  6. Here is the problem……it isn’t God at all…….it is man who said it is God”s law or Gods’ way. MAN IS EVIL NOT GOD. GOD IS NOT A BIGOT…..MAN IS. Love your neighbor as yourself……Do unto others as you would have them do unto you……..You without sin caste the first stone…….A man shall leave his father & mother & cling unto his wife…..they shall become ONE FLESH. A man desiring to be a deacon or leader in the church must be married to ONE WIFE. All of these scriptures come from the Bible ……God created man….he created them male & female (that is mankind) but just because he created man first ….it does’nt mean that man is superior to woman… & woman are equal in essence, spirit,value, intelligence & in every way.The custom of polygamy came through man not God. It was’nt so in the beginning…..but through the lies, lust, power & deceit of men throughout history claiming to be spokesmen of god…..we have polygamy forced on women who THINK that it is god’s law or god’s way

  7. I read about this yesterday at I bet there are a few folks in Bountiful, B.C. getting mighty nervous right about now.

    Been reading the exchanges here regarding religion and can only say I’m glad to be free of that nonsense. Belief in the imaginary guy in the sky really has fucked things up in this world.

  8. Unchained, since I am personally more in the truth seeker side (which might be too straining, time and energy consuming for most people, including for me, but somehow I still press on when I can), I wonder whether we have been given incomplete information about the Divine, whose presence, if for real, is quite a strong one instinctively. So to fill up the gaps of the confusing and unknown parts, human beings throughout the ages created mythologies and stories. And on top of that as part of a gender power play, whichever gender has been more powerful used this opportunity to put down the other in various ways by creation of additional myths.

    There are things present within various religions and spiritual paths that I feel have been good and true. But a lot of the parts have been messed up since the very beginning, including the nature of the Divine and regarding people. We have a New Age Spiritual movement going on in the world now, which allows space for individuals to attain more of personal enlightenment. Neale Donald Walsch is one such teacher whose work I am looking more into.

  9. Opulasereth, are you able to comment without pushing your forceful Christian beliefs on others? It gets tiring and starts to read like spam after a while… I’d love to hear your own thoughts rather than a regurgitated scripture lesson.

  10. Fiona, people find ways to make the unacceptable, acceptable. No one wants to admit they follow something which allows extraordinary cruelty to others, so they justify it by saying there are moral guidelines for practising these things, and people simply aren’t following the moral guidelines.

    The truly moral thing in life is really very simple, as you’ve said many times, treat people how you want to be treated.

    The mindset ‘god allows this so it must be ok for me to do it’ has shown itself to be very dangerous. We are born with conscience, an innate sense of right and wrong, and this mindset is used to fight that.

  11. Alisha i am not intending to push as you say anything on anyone. My thoughts on this subject are exactly as i stated & are from my heart & what i know to be true. It is a fact that man created polygamy not God. You may not believe there is a god but it still does not change the fact that man …..using god as his partner (imaginary to sum but real to others) forced women into polygamy by lies & force. Most all polygamy is either Mormon or Muslim. Both Joseph Smith & Mohammid claimed to be “god’s spokeman” in making it laws from god as far as polygamy goes..So Alisha……what are your thoughts on god? And what is wrong with Christianity that you would call it spam?

  12. Treat people the way you want to be treated….do unto others as you would have them do unto you……that is the golden rule….that is from God

  13. Mariam, I am very similar to you with regards to truth seeking, seeing the good (not just the bad) aspects of religion, and the feeling a divine existence exists.

    At one point it nearly consumed my life trying to work out what the truth really was. These days I am much more relaxed about it. I don’t follow any particular religion but I still feel and connect with a higher presence. I like to think if that presence is what people like to call “god” then that god will forgive my confusion about religion due to the corruption mankind has put into it.

  14. .” but just because he created man first ….it does’nt mean that man is superior to woman”

    Opulasereth, in the spirit of Alisha, I have a news flash for you. God did not create a male before a female. Biologically, when a unisexual organism differentiates, and 2 sexes are generated from 1, the first is considered female, and the second is considered male.

  15. Actually, it’s a philosophy that has been attributed to many cultures from many different backgrounds, including ancient Greece, in time periods that predate Christianity (Confucius, Pittacus, Aristotle, etc.) It is, in fact, the standard by which societies have evolved over time. The whole moral basis for the universal law karma is dependent upon it.

  16. Actually the word of God proves science in as much that man produces sperm continually & within his sperm is the ability to produce male & female while the woman is born with every egg she will ever have but the point is that God said man was created first & it is man’s sperm that has both male & female within it . To me this scientific fact proves the word of God that man was created first.We were wonderfully made ….we did not evolve from a monkey or come from the ocean .Karma does predate Christianity…….universal law written & taught within mans heart ….also knowing the difference between right & wrong

  17. I worded that wrong…..i meant to say that science proves the word of God. Science is man figuring out Gods creation

  18. Opulasereth, i know this discussion will not go anywhere because you put your blind faith first and then try to find reasons or science to prove it. Are you also willing to go with anything scientific that contradicts your belief? I think No. This is exactly what other religious fundamentalists do irrespective of which God they believe in. Polygynist men say men are polygamous by nature hence proved polygyny is natural but they fail to use their own logic that women’s jealousy is natural too hence they shouldn’t be forced to share partners. When you have already decided what final result or outcome you will accept just based on your blind faith then don’t bring science in because your approach is not scientific to begin with.

  19. //God said man was created first & it is man’s sperm that has both male & female within it . To me this scientific fact proves the word of God that man was created first.//
    Um, that’s a completely irrational statement to make, sorry opulasereth.

  20. Opulasereth, you said every sperm within it has ability to produce a male and female. I say NO you are mistaken. Yes there are two types of sperm X and Y because male chromosomes, an XY pair get separated when cell division happens. Yes respective female sex chromosomes are XX but don’t jump to conclusions like you did. If what you said is true then why don’t two sperms with X and X can produce a female (XX) and two sperms, one with X and one with Y can make a male without an egg?
    Actually female is the default sex and for introducing maleness genetic material is used from Y chromosome. Think about this. Only half of sperms produced by a man have genetic information to create another man whereas all eggs produced by a woman have ability to produce another woman. But i wont use any of these facts to say that one is more important than other or which one came first. In fact every life is important in its own way irrespective of its genetic make up. The truth is that most simplest of life forms came first and evolved to give such a diverse variety of life forms on our planet.
    I understand why humans with their big egos have difficulty believing that all life including the the special human race originated from what they consider insignificant lifeforms. I understand some people like little kids need fairy tales to keep their lives simple than face the truth and unknown. Instead of Bible or Quran or other books, I would rather believe scientific literature and all these wonderful members of scientific community who come from different ethnic, socio-economic and religious backgrounds, they accepted mysterious world with a lot unknowns as it is and worked hard to solve these mysteries. All thanks to them that a lot that was unknown is now known and proved with scientific method. And we now don’t have to believe cooked up stories to make sense of a lot of those things. I am ok with accepting that human kid doesn’t know all than comfort myself with the concept of an imaginary father figure in the sky and feel the need to be disciplined by him and be a good kid. I would rather be a good kid because thats what I want not because i am afraid of a punishment or want a reward.

  21. yep……we don’t know all. You don’t & i don’t… fact nobody does…..except God.

  22. Fiona,

    I just saw your comment here you left for me. I can see the view you’re coming from, but to me that is just as similar of an option as having the right to take revenge about something, but being urged that the higher path is forgiveness. So while you are describing it as “bad”, it’s more an issue of acceptable and better. Even you have taken the higher path on some things, it didn’t mean the other option would have been “bad” or even sinful. You would’ve been within your rights at times.

    On a side note, there is an interesting submission on

  23. Fiona, someone clearly stole your story then! It is impossible to have so many similarities.

  24. I didn’t personally assume he did- although I wondered. Either way the similarities are striking.

  25. I personally didn’t assume he did, although I wondered. Either way the similarities are striking.

  26. Clearly written to provoke a reaction from you Fiona. So obvious on so many levels. Reads like you’ve irritated someone and they’ve thrown their toys out of the crib 🙂

  27. I forced myself to read the story you guys are all talking about, even though I hate those websites. I agree with LIG, except that I think the purpose of the fake story was to get all the religious readers, mainly the men, but there are women too, to react and talk about terrible and sinful Fiona’s choices are.

    So there you have it. What else can be expected from dopes.

  28. Yes, you’re probably right. Felt weird, reading that text. I found the comments a bit, hm, all over the place 🙂 But if that site is meant to offer people advice it’s strange that they close a post from comments because people aren’t giving relevant advice – so they leave the OP hanging. Odd.

  29. Great step by Canada. Now i hope US pays attention to this. It surprises me how many people think that now that Gay marriage is legal polygamy should be legal too. Gay marriage doesn’t discriminate based on gender it rather gives rights to people who have been discriminated against. Its a step in right directions toward equal rights to people. Now what polygamists are demanding is polygyny and they will continue to use religion to keep their women from using this freedom (in case polygamy becomes legal which would mean both polygyny and polyandry and polyamory are legal).
    Fiona, your story is public info. Looks like someone picked up all details from your story and posted at that website to see reactions like Dale said.

  30. I had the same feeling that this was posted to harvest harsh criticism of Fiona’s life, Dale. To be honest, I think it was posted for Mark, who Fiona’s readers know frequents Islamic forums, or at least used to do so. The plan was, I think, for him to read all the expected criticism, of how he had a right to do what he did (which happened to a certain extent), how bad it allegedly it is “islamically”, to live with a wife like Fiona (which did not happen to the extent I expected it to). I think someone who knows from your posts, Fiona, that Mark frequents such forums, wants to sow trouble in your relationship.

  31. I agree. I am all for gay marriage. Eqality is the only way forward. Marriage must be a contract between equal, adult and consenting, partners with equal rights. From that point of view, islamic nikah to me isn’t a marriage at all. It just dawns on me, that in islam there is no such thing as marriage. Hey, I feel another post coming…

  32. Dale, I don’t think any “religious leaders” visit our site ( lol. Certainly none of the commenters or even us staff are in that category. It’s just laypeople, and we aren’t an authoritative source of anything that more than laypeople would use anything we say as a basis for something.

    Fiona, normally we don’t close posts. I think this one was closed because the number of comments reached high numbers in a short time, and all varieties of advice that could be offered were already given (from an Islamic standpoint), so my co-editor felt it was better than leaving the arguments and stuff going.

    I was trying to think who would submit a post to mimic Fiona’s situation. To my knowledge no one from this site goes over there, and no one from that site is aware of this one (except me, which I know I didn’t post it or would even see a reason for that). I honestly don’t think many people who frequent “that kind of site” would wind up here easily, or even would stick around if they happened to come here haphazardly. Same for vice versa. It seemed like a very strange thing to do if done deliberately, so I just answered the post as though it were a very uncanny coincedence but still valid, somehow, on its own merits. Wouldn’t that be crazy if there were another couple in the UK that had that much in common with Fiona and Mark? Although having the same name (Mark) would be a little much…but it is a common name. I don’t know. Still trying to figure out what to make of it.

  33. //Eqality is the only way forward. Marriage must be a contract between equal, adult and consenting, partners with equal rights. From that point of view, islamic nikah to me isn’t a marriage at all. It just dawns on me, that in islam there is no such thing as marriage.//
    Hahaha, omg. Well, how about Islam never got the definition of marriage right? It has been following ancient, customary, patriarchal and tribal ideas of marriage. Where they have their own skewed idea of marriage, to form a type of union between the couple.

  34. Don’t you think, if there were another couple like us here in the UK, they would have found this blog? If they went on the internet to look for advice? Well, I don’t know. I was a bit surprised by some of the comments the OP got though, I must say.

  35. Amy,
    Thank you. But “religious leaders” , which you put in quotes like that, is not what I said. If you reread my post, you will see I wrote “religious readers” and that is what I meant. I assumed that the site is just what you described, a place for the lay audience.

  36. The article Amy pointed to, and its comments, was certainly an interesting read. To be honest, I expected a lot more on the hot-n-heavy “Bro is right” comments. I didn’t expect the number of “shame on you” comments (to the OP) that I’d read. That really surprised me.

    As to polygamy being allowed in the U.S., there are actually some very good arguments against it. has a very interesting article ( as to why it won’t be allowed, despite the fact that someone is actually suing in federal court to be allowed a second wife (

  37. Here is example of great work by Australia, sending this crazy father where he belongs for forcing his 12 year old daughter into marriage which lead to teen pregnancy and miscarriage. He says he did all of this to save his daughter from the sin of pre-marital sex!
    I don’t see any mention of any punishment to the Sheikh who performed the Islamic marriage of this young girl.

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