Polyandry Proves Beneficial to Mankind

1013483_354648064665525_279483948_nNow, science finally proves that polyandry is beneficial from an evolutionary point of view. Research shows that the reason why sex between two genders has remained the way humans procreate is that females must be given a choice to mate with only the best of the males. One could argue that this could equally be an argument in favour of polygyny. This is not the case. Polygyny does mean that only a selection of males can breed, since there are approximately as many women and men in the world. But it is a patriarchal system that puts the choosing in the hands of the males, which is unnatural and unfavourable, since the “wrong” males are allowed to marry. It also means that the world will be full of sexually deprived males.

Polyandry on the other hand provides all men with a wife. The wife can marry many men, but choose to have children with only one or two of her husbands – the ones that she feels will be the best fathers for her children. Thus, the most suitable males will be allowed to breed but other men will still be allowed a healthy outlet for their sexual and emotional needs.This will also mean that the risk of over population will be contained.

So, the Quran is right in restricting polygyny, while allowing unlimited polyandry.

55 thoughts on “Polyandry Proves Beneficial to Mankind

  1. Men like Fat look like pubescent monsters to women. Fiona and every contributer here are helping create some changes starting from mindset, which is very important. From there, other changes can be made. Islam and Muslim mindset need these changes and reformation.

    We dont need more bullshit than the existing ones to layer these much-needed changes up. Although some bullshit can serve as a valuable platform to bring up good points through retorts.

  2. Good example Alice! and you are right its a big insult to all the men.
    Your comment reminded me of a documentary i saw on polygamy in Iran about a man and his 4 wives. I watched this long time ago but clearly remember man’s own mother saying something like “All this man can think about is pussy”.

  3. @ Fat Let me tell you most man in the “modern” societies are aware of – and a little amused by – Muslim men’s insecurities. Only a man who is unsure of his own qualities as a lover freaks out when his partner is not a virgin.

  4. @ Chris why you are talking about viginity? Its out of subject but anyway I will respond you, personnaly I dont care about virginity because Im not virgine I had sex with hunderds of women (european women in majority) and when I talk to them about men-women relationship they said Im mysogist but they stay with me and they find me sexy and want more from me, they said I’m bad boy and dirty guy but they love it, so why this paradoxe in your society?

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