3 thoughts on “AWESOME LYING PRIVILEGES AWARDED TO MEN IN ISLAM!!! What’s a female infidel to do?

  1. Fiona, now obviously we (or at least a lot of us lol) know this sheikh and all these types of people’s mentality is bull, and they follow a god who only professes to be the most compassionate, merciful, wise and just, but in reality through actions is a narcissistic psychopath who creates human beings in one way and twists and denies even some of the most basic human rights, such as equal rights with women and so forth.

    Seeing this saying:

    “This respected Cleric says: “three types of lies are permitted. That’s why the Prophet Muhammad said: “You are allowed to lie to your wife, but only about matters of the heart. He is not allowed to lie to her about money, or about his comings and goings, and so on.’

    Way to make a husband look untrustworthy to a wife by putting forth such Hadith. But then at least he is not allowed to lie to her on any other matters. So isn’t the Muslim men who sneak behind their first wives and lie on their comings and goings considered liars, at least according to this Hadith? So even here it shows such Saudi men take only half of the Hadith, and do a lot more lying even according to the sick religious writings that they follow.


    This islamic teachings REALLY TEACH LIES!
    It only protects men n their rights.

    Im so sick with it.

  3. The woman seems to have made her blog private. I enjoyed starting to read her story last week, so this seems like a recent event. Quite a pity!

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