Natural Differences, Natural Inequality?

darwinIslam is a religion of gender apartheid.

The focus of islam is sex. To be ritually clean is a basis for religious purity. A woman’s biology is used as an excuse to make her subordinate. Islam claims that a woman is lacking in religion because she has periods and lacking in intelligence because she is a woman, or “the other” as de Beauvoir would say. How to have sex, when to have sex, what to say when you have sex, how to clean up after sex and rules making women slaves under their husbands’ craving for sex, making her a tilth for him to plough however and whenever he chooses is at the core of islam. And hey – islam even grants women the right to take turns having sex with their husband at least once every four months so even a woman has some kind of right.

To keep women’s bodies under male control is the basis of gender apartheid. A man must have a right to keep his wives locked up, hidden, covered in a tent if she is allowed out. He must have a right to beat her if she ever disobeys him or if she denies him sex. She must be denied the right to divorce him and she must be denied the right to be her own guardian. He on the other hand must be allowed the right to divorce anytime he likes, to marry other women without asking his wife or informing his wife, the right to fuck as many slaves as he likes because of course he is allowed to keep slaves and fuck them just like Muhammad did.

Islam considers all of this equity. Not equality, because that is not just, no there should be equity not equality. And the great gift of being able to bring new life into this world is used by islam to make slaves of women. Or prisoners, which is what islam explicitly says – women are their husbands’ prisoners. Such is the honour islam affords women.

In this horrific article by Khalid Baig you can see how a muslim misogynist hypocrite tried to defend islamic discrimination and oppression of women. As you can see he claims that natural differences between men and women make equality a joke. I wonder what he thinks about racism? Science proves that there are many intellectual, emotional and physical differences between the races. Europeans have larger brains than coloureds, and less testosterone than Asians. Europeans have much better results in IQ-tests than coloureds and are less aggressive and hence less criminal because of their lower testosterone. Coloured races are better sprinters but worse swimmers because they have a heavier bone-structure. And coloured men are worse at anger management and staying calm in a crisis because of their hormonal levels. This also makes coloureds more in favour of hierarchies because those structures go better together with high levels of testosterone. So, if we simply look at biological differences, there are actually larger differences between races than between the genders. So racism would be even more justified than islamic gender aprartheid. I wonder what Khalid Baig has to say to that? Well, islam allows slavery after all maybe we should reintroduce colonial slavery then, since people like Khalid Baig say that biological differences justify inequality?

Of course, this is pure bullshit. Evil, stinking bullshit. Islamic toxic misogynist bullshit. Racism is evil. Gender racism is evil. It’s just sad that islamic misogynists like Khalid Baig are so utterly stupid and morally warped that they don’t even realize that their disgusting arguments for gender racism can just as easily be used to justify the worst kind of racism.

Khalid Baig and the likes of him are the stuff that nightmares are made of.

12 thoughts on “Natural Differences, Natural Inequality?

  1. Even if one believes that biological differences would justify different roles in society, this doesn’t make it right not to give people equal opportunities. I mean, if women really are biologically destined to stay at home, have less sex, obey their husbands etc that would happen even if she had a right to equal opportunities with men? No – only if you really believe that women of course would want to work, vote, be leaders etc would you need to make rules against it. So by making misogynist rules, they are actually admitting women’s wish and capability to be equal to men. Or even superior… 😉

  2. Yes everything you said is perfectly true.Glad we have a sounding board here……thank you.I hope there are some men listening out there. I hope the men listening are the ones who are believing the lies about women……polygamy is from hell & men who practice it think they are superior to women & that is the lie they believe…..second lie they believe is that God himself created polygamy. Both lies have kept women in bondage for centuries

  3. Very well said..
    Women in islam must serve husband in bed. And the men… must cloth them, n feed them. Men can easily divorce the wives, but wives can’t do the same. Have to go to the court n let the judge decide!!
    In the end… this religion is ALL about men’s lust!

  4. Anyone who doesn’t have the time to read Khalid Baig’s entire article, here’s a summary. ‘All women have the right to be a non-person. Don’t let anyone take that right away from you.’

  5. I wonder why my previous comment didn’t show up. Anyway.. in the end, this religion is ALL about SEX!

  6. Dale Arthur….can you please tell me what “non-person” means? Like we don’t exist? Does Khalid Baig mean that woman can choose to not have a husband & therefore they have no identity? Do you see the control factor here on women? That’s what i’m talking about ……in Islam women have no rights no identity of their own …..they MUST get their self worth through their fathers & husbands because we women are viewed as only to serve men & have their male children to carry on the same lie to the next generation. You say “Don’t let anyone take that right away from you” What? the right of being a non-person? to me a non-person means you have the right to commit suicide. Get it? Because in Islam they do take the rights of woman away from them & when they try & oppose their fathers decision of an arranged marriage ……they are hunted down & killed like an animal…..Why? Because they wanted to be free from their oppressive slave like existence . Men have the choice of who they want to marry but women are assigned that choice ,,,& if they fall in love with some other then what their father picks for them ……they may as well commit suicide because if they don’t their families will do it for them. I mean HOW DARE THEY DISHONER THEIR FATHER’S NAME!!!! They murder their own daughters in the name of PRIDE!

  7. God says that he resists the proud & gives grace (his favor) unto the humble. The humble shall inherit the earth. Not the proud. & of course not anyone who murders their own daughter……unless they repent

  8. I live in California USA……I am a Christian & about 5 years ago i attended a bible study at a home in the Oakland hills …..This couple opened their home to a Muslim woman who was hiding from her family because she opposed a forced marriage upon her…….Her family was looking for her so they could kill her……she escaped with the help of my Christian friends…….it happens all over the world… just don’t hear about it

  9. Hi Opalusereth, in re your query to me: .”can you please tell me what “non-person” means? Like we don’t exist?”

    Yes, that is exactly what Khalid Baig is saying. He has disguised cultural lack of autonomy as a privilege, and a “right.” The reason he is doing this, is because it is culturally acceptable to talk about rights.

    He described domestic duties for women, and then said ” All efforts to snatch this freedom and economic security from the women and forcing them out of the home into the labor force MUST BE RESISTED.”

    Some women may choose to work in the home, and some my choose to work outside the home, He asserts that there is a religious basis for resisting that latter choice, and he in so doing he advocates resisting the FACT of choice for women.

    So Baig could have saved a lot of bandwidth by just saying that women are non-people. Hence my summary.

  10. ok i understand……thank you for responding. Yep …..women have no choices of their own according to Baig’s version of Islam. My heart goes out to these women

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