Je ne accuse pas

Javad_alizadeh_-penetrating-penThe world is getting smaller.

We all build shelters to protect us from the wind, from the dark, from each other.

Old walls have been torn down, new ones are erected.

Ideas don’t kill, people do.

It’s not a matter of perspective.

It’s not a matter of guilt.

It’s not a matter of rights, justice or obligations.

Ideas don’t kill, people do.

5 thoughts on “Je ne accuse pas

  1. Ideas don’t kill people but it all starts with an idea planted in the mind or a belief or a lie that is believed and then taken as a fact. Given time …add others who believe the same thing add narrow vision & pride…..throw in injustice & hate ……tolerance goes out the window & is replaced with vengeance & murder……..The first recorded murder was Cain killing his brother Abel……and what was the reason? Because God accepted Abel’s offering & rejected Cain’s. He was feeling what he thought was “injustice” . The first murder was over ” the way a person Worships God”. And a major factor is PRIDE.”GOD GIVES GRACE TO THE HUMBLE BUT REJECTS THE PROUD”
    Greed , Lust & Pride are at the ROOT of ALL WARS. The Bible says “Why are there wars among you? Isn’t it because of your own greed & lust?”…..And so you have it…..the first murder was over Religion

  2. I agree with Fiona. Ideas don’t kill. But people are more than willing to use ideas as the justifications for their actions, regardless of how good or bad those actions are.

  3. yep….we are saying the same thing. Ideas don’t kill but if a person had no brain to come to a conclusion of right or wrong…..then their would not be any actions taken…..right or wrong. It all starts in the mind with an idea or conclusion to take actions. We can choose to do right or do wrong or do nothing.

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