Reflections of a Muslim Scandinavian gender-equality enthusiast

Well put, and extremely interesting.

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Growing up in a Scandinavian country, my experience of sexuality, modesty and the concept of hijab are markedly different to even those living in the UK. I say this as is it is common knowledge that globally Scandinavia leads the way when it comes to gender equality. As a child in school it was a mantra that you were conditioned with, and in almost every class one took, it was an underlying truth that directed the way we interacted with opposite sex. I would have to say that personally, I am very grateful for this as I developed a healthy attitude towards my own sexuality and very rarely ever felt that my sex hindered me from certain pursuits or that I had anything to fear from the other boys.

That last point is an important one, as it underlies much of the traditional arguments for female-male interaction in Islamic discourses…

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2 thoughts on “Reflections of a Muslim Scandinavian gender-equality enthusiast

  1. Thanks Fiona, this article sums up the point I was trying to make to Emir on the last thread. Especially the statement:

    “I could not reconcile the idea that I was in a Muslim country and I got more respect from non-Muslim men than I did Muslim men.”


    “and all the benefits of supposedly wearing a piece of cloth on your head were already present, the rationale for it just seemed absolutely nonsensical and counter-intuitive to everything I believedI”

    She acknowledged there are many reasons why it’s worn, which I think is fair.

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