When He Comes Home from His Other “Wife”

800px-Gyrfalcon_(falco_rusticolus)_in_flightMark came home.

I have missed him, and I wanted him back home – with me.

But I still hate it.

I hate the smell, the scent of the soap he uses to cleans himself of her perfume. I hate the silence, the questions that can’t be asked. I hate how he says he wants to go check his e-mail and leaves the room to be able to Skype her to say he’s home and everything’s fine. I hate the earrings he’s brought me, knowing that it means he bought her something of the same value, maybe even the same earrings, as that time with the ruby necklace.

We’ll have dinner. Soon we’ll be able to pretend he hasn’t been away at all.

But tonight when we make love, I’ll be thinking about the fact that he has been inside her body since he was last with me. And I’ll look into his eyes and know that he knows what I’m thinking.

108 thoughts on “When He Comes Home from His Other “Wife”

  1. Lol Laila, I think Saad knows more about how women think while being at home than many of his friends or fellow males who deal with females on a regular basis πŸ˜› Also I am glad he is around here, it can be boring at times to have mostly ladies who may all think in a similar fashion πŸ™‚

  2. //Lol Laila, I think Saad knows more about how women think ….. //

    πŸ˜‰ i don’t know how you reached to that conclusion, i don’t think so.

  3. Neither myself nor my husband is Muslim or Mormon so my relationship arrangements are not religious.
    I am a monogamous woman married to a polygamous man. That is how I see it.
    Like you can only imagine, I have fought the idea for the past couple years knowing, but deeply despising the fact that he had 3 other women in 3 completely different countries; one of which already with his child (another child in the works and coming soon all 3 women will be pregnant with his children.
    None know about each other. None know about me. I am aware of each. I have the burden of 1st wife “privilege” . He calls me his “1st wife ” and they are all called by “baby momma #2, 3 or 4”.
    He gives me info about them here and there keeping the majority of their lives tightly hidden and of course I have seen them on Facebook. I would dare not contact them. I disagree with the arrangement but I would never betray him.
    He tells me it’s all about children for him and I believe him. It’s all he talks about with any depth. He wants a huge family, he wants to spread his seed and that requires multiple women.
    I have decided as of recent almost overnight to accept the polygamy of my spouse knowing if I am going to be a part of his life and he mine, I have to come to terms with it.
    He recently met another woman. This one is VERY special to him. She is more than just a future baby momma.
    He tells me truthfully that they are more compatible than he and I and I believe him. I am privy to this being his #1. πŸ˜‰
    I was saddened at first, but I have accepted her. She doesn’t know who I am but I know all about her. She does know he’s poly and that as another woman exists, (me).
    My husband wants her to live with us as a second wife. I have not only agreed to this knowing what comes with having another woman in my home with my husband, but I have chosen to look at this with pure love in my heart for the both of them. I am tired of being sad about it. I am tired of my expectations of monogamy and of my man falling in love with me. I know expectations kill relationships.
    They finally met tonight. She flew him in to her city. I know which hotel. I know as I write this exactly what they are doing in that room that she paid $600 per night to spend alone with my husband.
    I lovingly picked out his most handsome clothes, made suggestions that I thought would help, packed his suitcase for him and drove him to the airport with a kiss.
    I do this because I love him. It’s my gift to him I guess. I am not bitter anymore, (maybe I should never have been) and for that I am grateful beyond expression.
    I don’t know what tomorrow brings me but I would again be remarkably grateful if everyone who reads this from now to forever would send me some good energy, a blessing, a prayer, any good thoughts. I pray she and I become close. I pray for beauty in my life. I pray for more gratitude. May the universe bless us all.
    Thank you.

  4. Maxine do you mean that for real? “he wants to spread his seed and that requires multiple women” So he uses women to get as many children as possible? And those women do not even know about it? How does he get those women to agree to this? I guess it’s by telling them that he loves them and that they are the only one. Does he even have time and money to care for all those children? Guess not as they are all in different countries… I’m sorry but this guy sounds like a completely selfish a*** without any consience or sense of responsibility. Do you have no pitty for the women which now have to care for his children all alone and do not even know that they are only used as breed mares? Is your self esteem so low that you settle for such a man, that you love him despite he’s a cheating irresponsible liar? I’m sorry but I find this guy revolting and I’m deeply sorry for the children.

  5. By the way devaluate women by reducing them to breeding material is a crime against humanity in my opinion. And you with knowing about it, with not doing anything about it, with feeling superior to them because they are just “baby mommas” make yourself guilty at this crime as well! “Man is wolf to man” but if all women would stop tolerating and supporting such selfish and dishonest behaviour against other women the world would be a better place!

    All those women should dump his children on him. I’m sure if he had to do all the work of childraising the need for “spreading his seed” would stop immediately…

    I’m always wondering why this theory that seed spreading is a biological urge for men is so widely accepted. Because it’s simply not true. For our ancestors the goal was not to get as many women pregnant as possible. It was about getting as much of your descendants to survive as possible, and the chance for survival was always much higher the more the fathers were contributing.

  6. Maxine, your story is quite shocking. I agree with Alice on the immorality of your partner’s behaviour. Children bred to be fatherless. It is actually a mental condition if men feel the burning wish to create an armada of offspring. For your own interests: Viewing your promiscuous partner does not (want to) practice safe sex, I am sure you are aware you are at acute risk of STDs. You talk about “different countries”. The “baby mommas” do not seem to be married to your partner. Keep in mind when you sleep with him without protection, you sleep with all of them and all of their partners… A worrying thought. I hope none of these countries has a high rate of HIV infections..

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