False Alarm!

120px-Pregnant_belly_buttonI started feeling contractions and Mark went and got Graham. As we left for hospital, it did feel weird to see Mark standing in the portico, watching us go.

I suppose fate wanted me to have a dress rehearsal. It turns out, baby’s not due just yet.

I need to relax, stop running around. So I sit here now and allow my husbands to care for me. Graham took me back to Mark, but he comes over every two minutes to check on me. They’ve decided to spend the evening together watching rugger. Perfect. I think being involved, being all together, makes things easier on Mark. I’m glad.

Of course, having babies in a polygamous marriage is always a strain. It’s a painful reminder to the other partner that his/her spouse is having an intimate relationship with the other husband/wife. It’s also a reminder that this isn’t going to change in the near future, we are building a life together and this is the strongest of all bonds.

I wish my parents had been here to see their new grandchild.

13 thoughts on “False Alarm!

  1. So glad to hear everything is OK Fiona. I knew something was up when we didn’t hear from you. I wish your parents be there too. Fortunately you have Mark, Graham and your children.

  2. Hello Fiona, I am glad things are alright. I hope the baby will be born good and healthy. I am happy you are receiving support from your husbands. Right now your health is the most important. So you should relax and receive the support that you deserve.

  3. I can’t understand this. A woman with two husbands is not allowed. How can your husband touch you and know you have been with this man you are comitting zina with? He is no muslim! No muslim would touch such a woman! And this child how can you destroy your husband and have a child like this? Have you no shame? And who will care for your husband? Who will give him his intimate needs when you are adultering and you are refusing him to live with his other, legal and accepted wife? You are trying to turn the law upside down and will pay for it. This is all wrong.

  4. Please Seti, Fiona is having a child soon. For now I request you don’t disturb her with questions like this. It may cause her undue stress and trouble, which she already faces from other people. And she is not a Muslim either, so she should be free to practise from her own set of moral code. Read her other posts and comments to get your question answered, because she already got questions like this.

  5. Thank you Mariam! I really did feel I lacked the energy to respond… :p

  6. Seti, I think you are new on the blog. Great thing about this blog is that even if you are asking all these questions at a wrong time, Fiona is nice enough to publish your comment. This shows that you are welcome and free to express yourself on this blog. So please respect this and read other topics on this blog which answer the questions you asked.
    We understand that you can’t understand this and have so many questions or to be more appropriate you sounded angry. This is not right time to express your anger here. Fiona is not a Muslim so she is a free woman. It’s her husband who turned the rules upside down. UK doesn’t allow married men to marry again while they are still married to first wife. He is the one who committed adultery and also broke the law by illegally bringing that 2nd wife to UK. You are worried who will care for her husband? He is an adult he can take care of himself. About his needs be has a second wife so when Fiona is with second husband he can be with his second wife. I hope some of my answer are helpful and you will read Fiona’s story and other posts to understand more. In the meantime lets not disturb Fiona with all this unimportant stuff. She is about to bring a new life into this world. Let’s celebrate that and join her in her and her family’a happiness.
    Fiona we are so happy for you. I am so happy how everything turned out. Your journey from a depressed first wife who was forced to live polygamy to a confident woman who completely embraced polygamy and showed the world the real meaning of polygamy. You deserve all the happiness and a beautiful blessed life. I like how the baby is already helping bring everyone in family closer. It’s very nice of Mark to overcome his jealousy and help Graham in caring for you. We can’t wait to hear more about the baby.

  7. You girls who answer these Islamist ignorants with utmost patience and respect get MY utmost respect. I need to work on being nicer lol 😛

  8. Best of luck for an easy and quick delivery, as well as a fast and easy recovery!

  9. I’m so happy you’re back posting and doing relatively well. Congratulations on your newest little one! I’ve been following all of your posts eagerly and wept at the beginning of it all. Your fortitude is incredible and your husbands are lucky to have even a piece of your awesomeness. May Gaia protect and keep you and your children.

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