Q&A: Does a Wife have a Right to leave a Loveless Marriage?



I am 27 years old married girl.I have been married since 1 year and 3 months. Ours was a arranged marriage though before marriage we got a chance to know each other through email conversations and few phone calls. After marriage we stayed together for just two weeks as my husband had to resume his work overseas and I had to wait for visa. My Visa process took one year and during this one year his behavior towards me was not as it should have been. He supported me financially but he least bothered to call me. and whenever he would call he would always be in a hurry. But I always took the initiative and used to call him frequently. Since our marriage till this day he has never said that he misses me or loves me. He has never shown his love for me though we had a physical relation.
To cut it short, after 1 year I joined my husband here in one of the Western society. Within two three days of coming here I discovered his messages of past girlfriend with whom he was still in touch but as a simple friend. Reading all those dirty talks of my husband and his ex-girlfriend broke my heart though my husband had told me before marriage that he had some relations in his past. But what annoyed me was his continuing conversations with her after marriage. since I have come here his attitude towards me has been very cold. Initially he used to go for late night parties with his male and female friends but since last two weeks he has stopped that.
Now the issue is that I tried to talk to my husband several times but he is always not interested in discussing the issue. He says that he does not love me and has lost interest in sex life. We hardly have sex. I tried my best to save this marriage. I USED TO GIVE HIM HUGS AND KISSES but he never reciprocated. I cannot live my whole life with the fact that my husband does not love me, he always curses our marriage and never shows any affection towards me. I am a human being and I need my husband to love me, to want me and to desire me but nothing is working. Now I am thinking of divorce. Please guide me that is my decision correct?? What should I do?? Please please help me…. //Asin

Answer: Dear Asin,

Every married woman has a right to feel loved and cherished. You have a right to feel loved and cherished. Marriage should be about companionship, about building a life together. As I see it, this man is not even trying to build a life with you. It sounds like he never did try to build a life with you. Since he never did, this is no fault of yours, it has nothing to do with you, so please don’t blame yourself.

Do you have a right to leave? Yes, of course. The islamic rules concerning dicorce are only there to protect male supremacy, but even according to islamic rules you have a right to leave a husband who ignores you and who doesn’t give you intimacy and a chance to have children.

You are young. There are thousands of men out there wanting to find a wife. Give them a chance to find you! And give love a chance to find you ❤

Best wishes, Fiona

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