A Brand New Life in Polygamy

120px-Pregnant_belly_buttonI have a new life growing in me.

I knew I could still have children, but since I had mentally left that stage of life I somehow thought my body would have followed.

I was wrong.

Those of you who are old friends know I stopped writing abruptly.

Somehow I couldn’t write anymore. Knowing I had a life in my womb made the thought of exposing myself to the hate I have encountered due to the blog unbearable.

I am sorry I deserted you. I’m sorry I haven’t been here to answer your questions, share your stories. I have missed you.

So much has happened.


8 thoughts on “A Brand New Life in Polygamy

  1. Nice to hear from you dear!!
    Many many congrats…….
    Just wanted to know How’s your life going on?
    Is Mark still monogamous?

    Loads of love

  2. OMG Fiona! You better believe we missed you too!! And I am thrilled your back and that too with baby on board! Fantastic! I’m dying to know how you are doing, you and Mark, you and Graham, what’s the latest (besides the news of an impending arrival). Much love!

  3. Congratulations! Thank God you are well. We were so worried. I was a silent reader of your blog πŸ™‚

  4. congatulation!!! πŸ™‚ when is the final date? whoΒ΄s the father πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Fiona,
    Many congratulations. I’m happy you are OK.
    No need apologise, sometimes you need a break, from talking especially when you feel exposed!
    Any way glad all is well and look after yourself, you have a good excuse now.

    Take care
    Freya x

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