“This is Why Men have Power Over Women”

Proof of male superiority Source: Wikimedia Commons, By: Rawa77

Proof of male superiority Source: Wikimedia Commons, By: Rawa77

There is an islamic website that each day publishes fatwas and advice online. This is one of their articles of today:

at-Tirmidhî reported in ”al-Djâmi´” via ´Amr bin al-Ahwas (radhiya Allâhu ´anh) that Allâh’s messanger (sallâ Allâhu ´alayhi wa sallam) said:

”Fear Allâh concerning women! They are your captives.”1

This means that all women are as slaves to their husbands. Allâh knows the nature of women and that they are weak, and that their religion and intellect are inferior. If a woman is given a tool or a weapon she doesn’t know how to use it. If she had power over divorce she would divorce her husband twenty times every day. When her silly rage has subsided, she will begin to cry.  Suddenly she doesn’t want to go back and live with her parents, despite having divorced her husband twenty times. She is like a child. This is why Allâh (subhânahu wa ta´âlâ) has given all power to man, and made woman his slave.

published 13.10.05

Author: ´Allâmah Muqbil bin Hâdî al-Wâdi´î

Source: az-Zindânî wa Madjlis-ush-Shaykhât bil-Yaman, p. 148

This is the islamic view on women. This is what muslim men are taught about women. This is how muslim women are taught to view themselves. This is why islam claims men have a right to admonish and beat their wives. Their wives are their slaves, religiously and intellectually inferior slaves that can be used as a tilth at their husband’s command.

This is why muslims can accept a man’s right to marry three more women without informing his first wife. Why should he have to tell her? She is his slave and his tilth – not his equal! Not a human being – not like her husband.

This is why all utopian interpretations of islam are so dangerous. They pretend that the map is true and the real world is not! They pretend that it can be a good thing that one person is the slave and inferior of another.

This is why women are forced to live polygyny, why children are forced to marry old men, why women are raped and beaten by their husbands.

Because their religion explicitly allows it, and the interpreters of their religion propagate it, and their apologetics claim it would have been a great way to live, if only all people had been saints.

9 thoughts on ““This is Why Men have Power Over Women”

  1. I can tell you Fiona I live in the US but this is how men talk about women all the time, in the masjid, in the quran class and at home with their brothers and friends. When they speak with women they take after the imams and say tge say thing but try to make it sweet by speaking of protected gems and hidden pearls. But the fatwa is what they say and this is what all women hear if they try to have respect. And all the claptrap of these imams is to keep women on the outside, inferior and mute. We are awrah – shameful. And it hurts me that some women take a pride in that.

  2. Hi Lynn,

    My first husband is a muslim Arab, and in his work he has to socialize a lot with other men from Arabic countries and cultures. It saddens me how seldom these men manage to treat me like a human being. Some of them have difficulties accepting my presence at all at work related social functions. A salam is all I get from them, after that they prefer to pretend I do not exist. Others treat me like I am a fourteen year old girl, or even worse – a fourteen year old girl up for a quicky. They have never been taught how to treat a woman like a social and intellectual equal. It’s not that they can’t do it, they simply don’t know that it’s possible.

  3. I love my husband despite our issues, I always have. But he doesn’t regard me as his equal. He knows I’m intelligent, that’s not it. And he knows that religiously, I am both more pious and more well read than him. But he still doesn’t consider me his equal.
    This has sometimes been an issue between us, he can sometimes be very irritated with me because I don’t treat him as my protector or guardian. I’m an American woman, I was raised to fend for myself, I’m not your typical subserviant housewife. He knew that when he married me.

    But still, there’s always that quality, that fine nuance in how he treats me that lets me know he considers himself my superior.
    I think it’s simply my femininity, my womanhood that justifies it. It has nothing to do with intelligence, religion or any other “real” qualities. It’s simply his manhood that puts him above me.
    He knows this is irrational, and that’s probably why he gets angry with me when I mention it.

  4. Wow. As much of a dumbass as my husband can be, he has NEVER acted this way to any real degree. He knows damn well I’m his equal – nay, his superior in many ways. I don’t know how to use a weapon or tools? My own husband would certainly beg to differ when I take a gun in my hand and hit anything I aim at. He’d also argue that point when I’m changing a tire, doing a brake job and changing the oil on our cars. I work fulltime and earn more than he does. I’ve been the breadwinner, the sole breadwinner, on more than one occasion. I’m a high school and college graduate. He didn’t finish school and, in fact, is functionally illiterate. I know FAR more about his own religion than he does by virtue of being literate. I had to explain many aspects of Islam to him that he never knew, corrected many errors in his beliefs that had been handed down verbally. He’s never read the Qur’an. I have. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a wonderful and intelligent person with a huge heart, but he….HE….is led by emotions…like these idiot Imams claim we silly women are. I’m the one who keeps his feet on the ground and is the practical, common sense, logical thinker and doer.

    My husband has been the one carrying on (previously, during polygyny) about divorce 20 times a day. One minute saying he’ll move out and not come back, the next crying and swearing on Allah he doesn’t want a divorce. This article is almost a caricature of Islamic misogyny, it’s so ludicrous. Where did you find it, Fiona?

  5. It sure would be interesting to hear one of those women from the islamic websites try to explain how this fatwa shows the respect for women in islam. Yep.

  6. I learned to shoot when I was a child, and I’m quite handy with a wrench or a sledgehammer too.. 🙂 Problem is, with these guys the map is true and reality is wrong. And if you dare prove the map wrong, the legal punishment is death.

    May I ask a question, and I do understand if you don’t want to answer: When your husband became polygynous, did you ever try to sit down and have a man to man talk with him? Not as his wife, but as his partner, trying to understand him? Did it work?

    I tried to, and in a way it worked but not until later.. I’ll tell you about it…

    (I get it if you say you don’t even understand the question! 🙂

    Love to have you here unchained!

    Oh, and the source is there under the quote! 🙂

  7. Muslim men should be required to wear warning stickers – like cigarettes “Content may be hazardous to your health, cause permanent disease or terminal illness”

  8. Hi Texasgirl, and welcome!

    I approved your comment because I understand it relates to muslim men as potential husbands, and the views on women and e.g. polygyny. I won’t accept any comments that could be interpreted as simply racist. And even though islam is not a race, and most educated people know this, we must be careful not to generalize in a way that could make people draw parallels to e.g. the persecution of jews.

  9. Fiona,

    Absolutely I did, but not at first. I was way too pissed off, in shock, hurt, etc. to engage in any kind of discussion beyond what an unmitigated cheating lying asshole he was LOL….but yes, later on I did. See, besides being my husband and life partner, my husband is and has been my best friend. So of course I wanted to understand, and I wanted to just hunker down with him and discuss this, leaving emotions at the gate. It wasn’t until nearly the end that I was able to do this; it’s gotten easier since they divorced, but the feeling of betrayal, the anger and old resentment is still there and sometimes shows up in the conversation.

    In our marriage, my husband is the emotional one. Led by emotions and doesn’t exactly think things through quite as thoroughly as he should. As I stated, he’s got a huge heart (ok, where was it when I was falling apart? I don’t know) and #2 had sucked him in with her tale of woe, being divorced, her uncle forbidding her to remarry or somesuch malarkey, an abusive first spouse, blah blah. How she was so lonely and has such a black mark on her because of her divorce and no man will have her. He bought the whole thing and. at least until I found out, pretty much belonged lock, stock, and cock to this little lying twit. Anyway, discussing this was difficult while in polygamy, not only because I sure the hell didn’t want to hear it, but because he flip flopped in his emotions. One minute loved her dearly, the next, the involvement with #2 was based not on love but pity for her alleged situation. That I was #1 in every way and always would be. It drove me nuts. I’m just glad it’s over, though there are major, major scars left behind 😦

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