The Hypocrisy of Islam on Polygamy

In islam, many scholars and muslims claim that a man is allowed to marry up to four women.

Furthermore, he is allowed to do so without permission from his first wife.

Furthermore, he is allowed to do so without even telling his first wife either before or after a second marriage. These are the ethics of islam.

A woman on the other hand is not allowed to have several husbands.

(Most muslims seem not to care that this is in blatant disregard of the rules in the quran that state that a man must be in charge of orphans and without the possibility to treat them well in order to be allowed to be polygamous, while all women who are slaves are allowed to have plural husbands)

Furthermore, according to islamists a woman is not allowed to speak with a man, show her face to a man, leave her house or speak with a man on the phone, be he a teacher or a doctor, without asking her husband’s approval.

So, islamic ethics say that a man is allowed to fuck three other women (or more if he buys them or divorces one of the others) without telling his wife, he is allowed to marry three other women without telling his wife, he is allowed to have babies with other women (three, or more if he buys them from traffickers or divorces one of the others) – he is allowed to fuck women with AIDS or syphilis without telling his wife – but a woman is not allowed to speak with a male teacher on the phone without asking her husband’s permission.

These are the beautiful ethics of islam – how can anybody call it misogynist? =0

Here’s a summary of what an islamic fanatic at Polygamy411 says when another woman admits to having a male friend (these women are both living in polygynous marriages, their husbands spending at least half their lives fucking, loving and impregnating other women!) . She claims that it is forbidden to have any contact at all, IRL or on the net with a man. Especially if you´re feeling neglected (woah, why would you feel neglected while your husband is off fucking his other “wife”??) You must ask your husband’s permission if you ever have to e-mail a man, and you must send copies of everything you write so he can check it. Because the devil will take you if you exchange a friendly e-mail with a man while your husband is off eating the pussy of his new “wife”.

So – a man is not vulnerable, he is not limited by ethics, consideration or morals. He can just go and fuck and marry other women and the first wife must be grateful for being tested.

But no woman should ever even have a cup of coffee with a man without her husband’s permission!!! 😦

These ethics are sick and warped, and people propagating these rules are the new nazis – the gender racists guilty of the worst modern crime against mankind – islamic persecution of, and crimes against the rights of women.

23 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of Islam on Polygamy

  1. I have bought a zumba fitness to my daughter’s old Wii – when posts like that put me in a rage I go and do an hour’s latin aerobics in the studio. Ana’s blog is keeping me in great shape! 🙂

  2. A man who engages in private with a woman is ready to assume responsibility. If they have feelings for each other he will marry her and provide for her, even if she is wife 2 or 3. A woman who engages in talk and friendship with another man than her husband is not looking for more responsibility but is neglecting her responsibility and her duties towards her husband. You must admit that there is a huge difference between the two!

  3. I think Islam should introduce few more rights regarding women:

    She should know about her looks from his Husband, should truly obey & trust his words and must keep in mind that at any cost he is not meant to be questioned. Since he is the leader and even more admirable if Polygamous ( more experienced because you are not his only wife to look at!).

    What if any other woman or her parents would try to help her with her living condition especially when husband is fulfilling his bigger responsibility as a person with his other wives!!

    (3)’Last and the most important one-”A WOMAN SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO BREATH WITHOUT HIS HUSBAND’S PERMISSION”(she should ask his permission after every few hours as per her husband’s comfort)- After implementation of this right women will become automatically obedient and would never need a reminder that Men are leaders since they are naturally superior.And if in case while he is with his other wife, he forgets to grant you permission- Die happily and don’t ever let shaytan invade your mind even during death since it has got nothing to do with you, it’s between your Husband and Allah’s will and so as polygamy ( as described by men!!)

    Don’t you think by implementing these rights we can make Wives more obedient, silent, and more dependent on their husbands and hence Husbands could find more peace and happiness in all households!!

  4. Love it! LOL

    It’s so sad though that there are women out there who actually submit to salafi extremists and allow their lives to be turned into hell.

  5. Oh spare me the claptrap. No, I didn’t go seeking out another man when my darling husband was shagging his bitch but I did seek and obtain friends of both genders. How was I neglecting my “responsibility”? What responsibility? Was he at home, taking care of the kids, without a meal or clean clothes, without attention, affection, sex? Hell no. He was getting plenty. On the contrary, it was me left alone to run the house, work, take care of the children while he was getting his freak on elsewhere. Once he decided to share himself with his whore, I was under no obligation to sit in the house. I got out and got me a life that did not include him.

  6. Respectfully Omar,

    I guess you stated that Husband’s only responsibility is to provide food and shelter to his wives and children, can you please differentiate wives from pet animals on the basis of their treatment then?

    What if a woman is financially independent and earns enough to provide herself with food and shelter, do you think she still needs a husband? If yes, then to be abused, used as a doormat…. what for? what if a married woman is ready to assume responsibility with other man or vice a versa ( since she is free on the days when Husband is with his other wives)?. And if a Husband is needed by his wives for some other reasons too, then what about the days when husband is with other wives, all that she is left with is food and shelter?? What if a husband is unable to provide food & shelter, wife is free to marry more men since he is all about that only??

    Actually your post from my view point made it very clear that home is meaningful for a man when the food is ready or the bed is ready or both but without a woman a Home has no meaning of its own!!

    But don’t worry Islamic rules made sure that a man would never realise his Wife’s value because we actually value something when we miss it and comforts provided by it…… ( since a man can marry any number of wives if he misses one, on the other hand a Woman cannot leave house without her Husband or his approval. So he need not to worry about her even when he is with other wife!)

  7. Salam unchained,

    A woman’s responsibility is to keep her modesty and her chastity safe for her husband, to keep his home safe and to protect his children and his money. When you leave his children with other people, when you allow people in his home without his permission, when you go out without chastity and modesty you misbehave with your responsibility. This is your husband’s right to have a modest and chaste wife who obeys him and loves him, and her right is to be loved and protected and provided for. A man who can provide for more than one wife takes on a big responsibility and deserves respect not to be insulted.

  8. A man’s greatest responsibility is to guide his wives and children to Islam. This is why all women need a husband even if they have an income and can buy food and clothes for themselves. A husband must love his family and lead them to live islamic lives. This is why has been given a degree over his wives and the right to admonish them if they do wrong. So all women need a husband. This is why polygyny is beneficial, it gives all women the chance to have a good husband who can guide them properly as well as provide for them and love them.

  9. This is one of the things I can not understand with how Islam has been interpreted, that women must protect their modesty always but men can have many wives (and I agree Fiona that it is against instinct and ethic that a man is not obligated to have his wifes permission). The bond of marriage does not make it chaste to have intimacy with four women. This is not chaste and especially not if it is causing the wife you say you love suffering and sorrow. It is not chaste and it is not Islam.

  10. You are right. The word chastity is derived from the word pure. You are not pure when you allow your own lust to cause extreme pain and suffering to your spouse. And you are not pure when you bring the bacteria, virus, acari and fungi from one wife’s bed to the other’s. No shower can help that – you’d need to disinfect yourself inside – out! 😦

  11. Hello Omar!!
    If a woman can give birth to children then why she cannot guide them to Islam? If she can bring someone to life then why she cannot lead them to live Islamic lives? may be the answer lies in the fact that Islam is all about Men, his rights, his powers!!
    Also Who is there to judge a husband when wives are compelled to compete for his love and attention? How you can Judge anyone without any competition? Atmost a husband can be judged only as a Husband that too by himself, on the other hand his wife as a wife, as a person, as a woman and her behavior facing different seasons of life…. And what makes you conclude that a Husband is good or bad if there’s no one to judge but only to beg for his mercy on them?

    Its like if Highly talented people are made to prove themselves worthy for a job on the basis of pre-written question paper some centuries ago and their every move and step is judged closely individually and on the basis of competitors, its written in paper that the one distributing it should be able to give them all same amount of time- but what if an illiterate distributes them Question papers since he is no way judged and what people can do about it even if they know- Quit the Job? Who knows about his talent and education when he is not subjected to any test?

    Can you give me any PRACTICAL EXAMPLE where you would be able to make us all understand your thoughts? I noticed and even though know it very well, we really wonder can you people Justify any of your statements or answer any of our Q without using Islamic rights?? Do you know where your thoughts stand or can justify them on the basis of humanity, science or in general because a fact to be accepted by all needs to be eternal?? Any thing that can prove your statement other than Islam??

    If man are superior and polygamy is beneficial then why the people who believe in this are suffering and degrading their standards the most? Those nations who believe in this are most backward in terms of everything when compared to those nations where men and woman command equal rights?
    Thanking you in anticipation!!

  12. Omar, salaams,

    With all due respect, perhaps you mean to say that all women deserve a GOOD husband. The problem is, not all husbands do the things you referenced, and far too many abuse their understanding of the “right” of polygamy. You said that if a man can provide for two wives he should be respected, but simply being able to provide for (I’m assuming you meant monetarily) two women doesn’t mean that a man is going to engage in polygamy in a correct or ethical way. It’s really hard for any woman, and even men who are trying to live Islam according to the true sunnah, to respect a man who takes two wives and fulfills the surface level obligations but leaves both women in emotional havoc because he doesn’t understand what they really need for them…or in some cases simply doesn’t care.

  13. I personally feel that unless an established husband and wife team are equally gung ho about the husband taking a second wife, the rules apply equally. If women aren’t supposed to talk to men privately unless they have to, men are not to talk to women privately unless they have to. I have never understood that men were exempted from the adabs and rules of dealing with non-mahrem just because they have the ability to take additional wives.

    What’s interesting is that back at the time of the Prophet SAWS men and women intermingled. They passed by each other in the market, and they did business with one another. Women prayed behind the men in the open space of the mosque, with no barriers at all between them and the men. Men and women DID interact, they DID speak with one another, and they DID deal with each other as needed. In fact, there’s a beautiful hadith about Imam Umar (ironically enough) taking the time to sit with, speak to, and cook for a woman who had no food for an extended period of time. If the rules were that strict as some interpret them today, he would’ve never done what he did with her.

    The point of these “rules” is to limit unnecessary contact so that the temptation for an affair or (how interesting is this) taking another wife with the wrong intentions wouldn’t be prevalent. It’s not that in certain cases men and women can’t deal with each other, because in truth there are lots of situations where men and women can interact without any sexual issues coming up. But there are also those that can’t handle it or get themselves in trouble. Setting an across the board guideline gives a way for society to function without singling out (and potentially shaming/embarrassing) the weak from the strong. But the only way it works is when both men and women are subject to it, and that’s how I understand it would be.

  14. Oh, and I just want to add: if a man is speaking to another woman with the intention of marrying her (whether she be wife #1 or more), he is NOT (according to shariah) supposed to be doing that privately. Islamic courtship for marriage (even polygamy) requires chaperones. Men and women who are interested in each other for marriage are always to have a third party present as they get to know one another and spend time together to ensure their compatibility. If they are doing anything else they are actually doing it wrong.

  15. And where is the protection he provides me whose home alone, while he’s spending a few days and nights with another woman? And guard his money? How, when he’s blowing half of it on some dumb broad whose spending it as fast as he can hand it out? Come on now. I don’t feel the love for me in that. And I’ll be chaste and modest for him when he can be chaste and modest for me. And I will never…ever…obey a husband against my better judgment…especially a guy who obviously is led arond by his wanker and not his common sense.

  16. It would have been easy to agree that men must have permission from first wife. Many nations like Malaysia have that law but only a small fine so men do it anyway. Why not 200 lashes for a man who marries a second without firsts permission – AND the second marriage would be null and void without consent from first! Then I can respect the law again. Sharia is only there to protect the rights of men! Even me who is a believer know that Islam is something altogether different from islam – the religion muslims are practicing today. I am almost inclined to sell myself to a second husband! lol

  17. On the basis of all Polygamous men I met here I think they Can’t write more than two posts -because in FIRST one they tell that Men are superior and Polygamy is beneficial for women & then in SECOND they will justify their thoughts with the help of Islamic rights….

    Definitely they in their Heart and mind truly know that polygamy cannot be justified and none of the questions related to it and its results can be answered with regard to anything like basic human rights, science, any practical example or scenario or anything other than blind faith on Islamic rights!!

    I think Men having multiple wives can only discuss things about their View point with their wives since they are obliged to listen to him silently and can provide justified answers only to their wives as they are not meant to question him!!

  18. I will try not to use islamic answers, although they are based on perfect harmony and reason and often offer the best explanations. 🙂
    A woman is naturally inclined towards one man, because she wants a man to invest time love and money in having her children with him get the best life. So nature has made her dependant on a stable man who can provide and father children. Her feelings are inclined towards one man only and chastity is natural to her. This is why most women love one man man look for his love back and they want to make him happy. For men nature has made it that the best way to make sure you have many surviving children is to have many children with different women to spread your genes. It is natural for man to have many wives. Society has protects women by demanding he makes wives out of them not mistresses. And a limit is four because wisdom says that children and wives need time and the possibility to share everyday life and emotions with the man. So polygyny is the perfect solution for men and women. And men are active and like to work and have a career. Women like to beautify themselves and their homes and take care of children. So we all get exactly what we wish for.
    Men move more in the world and know more of the world, that is why they make decisions in the family. And wives make decisions about the home, what to serve for dinner and so because they know better. But women have mestruation every month and become irrational and sentimental and this is time when they can not make rational decisions. So the man must be the leader of the family. This is all nature’s law as well as the law of Allah. Respect sisters!

  19. Wow nobody replied to Omar brother! I am in a hurry but will give my opinion on your thoughts one by one you mentioned “A woman is naturally inclined towards one man, because she wants a man to invest time love and money in having her children with him get the best life.”
    This is NOT TRUE. I love my husband but i am attracted to other men too. I am wise enough to exercise control to overcome this natural urge. You can find scientific proofs that even happily married women can feel horny and want more than what their husbands can give. Its totally natural and normal and depends on hormones. Same is true for men. The difference is that its socially or religiously acceptable for men to give in to their lust. Not all women want their men to provide for them. These days women are CEOs of big companies, scientists, doctors and what not. I know many women who earn more than their husbands. I know even at least two ladies who is engineer and her husband stays home. He takes care of cooking, cleaning and enjoys staying home. So its just a matter of how much options women are given. They might have certain limitations during difficult pregnancy etc. but if they work during rest of their time and are provided good health insurance, maternity leave and equal participation from husband in childcare and house chores, they are equally capable of providing for their families.

  20. this blog writter have not write information about islam.
    over the period of time womans were not save, therefore for their safety islamic
    sariyat have mentioned in to protect woman from indulging in unsafe area of society. become the victim of them.

    i m asking to you one question if you see in the society
    girls are adopted western culture and girls are digressing from the right path.
    in society to keep them save its very important.

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