Polygamy is Hard Work!

800px-Vicks_VapoRubMy first husband Mark has come down with the flu.

Poor man, he’s almost dying, the way men are when they have a 39° temp, a sore throat and an aching head.

I’ve been to two meetings today and this evening I’m to go to a work related social function with Graham. Have to look nice and try to win some hard customers over 😉

In between, I’ve been to Boots to get some coughing syrup for Mark. An hour later he discovered we were out of Beechams 4 in 1, so I had to go to Boots again. Right now I’m at Chopsticks, waiting for Mark’s order of spicy noodles so I can take them to him before I go home to change. I promised to pick up some stuff at the dry cleaner’s for Graham on my way home.

Mark has texted me like 10 times during the day, wondering where his grey cardigan was, where the iPad was, how to connect to Apple TV… Gee, men really are helpless! I suppose the texting will go on during the evening, and I’ll probably have to check in on him before I go home (it’s Graham’s night) – make him some camomile tea 🙂

In polygamy, the big, existential issues are extremely challenging, but I can tell you, ordinary everyday life isn’t easy either!

I sure hope he feels better tomorrow!

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