There are Two – Read TWO- Conditions that MUST be Met in Islamic Polygamy

There is only one verse in the quran that tells men that they are allowed to marry more than one wife. In this verse we find that there are two conditions attached to this permission:

And if ye fear that ye will not deal fairly by the orphans, marry of the women, who seem good to you, two or three or four;If you fear lest you become unfair, then you shall be content with only one.

There is no doubt about it: the quran only allows polygamy if men are in a situation where they can not deal justly with orphans (condition nr 1) and if they have NO FEAR that they might at any time deal with their wives unjustly should they marry more than one.

This means that all islamic nations, all muslims, who claim that there is a general permission for men to marry more than one wife are liars. Blatant liars. Disgusting liars. They are also the cause of extreme pain and suffering to innumerable amounts of women and children in the world. And all muslim women who live with  and condone polygamous men who do not meet both these conditions are sinners.

There are muslim scholars out there who are able to read. It’s a shame their voices are muted by the hoards of muslims who can’t read the quran, or who buy the common misogynist interpretation.

21 thoughts on “There are Two – Read TWO- Conditions that MUST be Met in Islamic Polygamy

  1. So why do all muslims know that polygamy is halal for men? It is halal according to scholars and tradition! You are telling lies!

  2. Because muslim scholars have been men, and they have opted to interpret the quran to give them as many privileges as possible and as much power over women as possible in order to satisfy their own base desires. Simple.Read the quran yourself – I’m telling the truth – the scholars are the liars!

  3. If a man decides to become polygamous it is between him and Allah. His wives don’t have to worry about the decision, it is all on him. It is also on the husband to make polygamy as easy as possible for his wives. He must see each woman and fulfill her needs. He must understand and treat his wives as individuals and they must both feel special and loved. This is up to him. They will be hurt and jealous and he must treat this with understanding and love. He must make sure the wives respect the rights of the other wife. They must focus on their own marriage with their own husband. The woman should be able to live monogamous lives – only the husband is polygamous and must pay the price for polygamy!

  4. So Malik, I must ask you again, if you think the blog owner is a liar, why are you here? You associate with liars? I stay away from liars.

    I know why you are here. It’s because while you say with your words that Fiona is a liar. you know in your heart that the truth is more complicated, and you are drawn to the truth, and that is why you stick around.

    Good luck Brother.

  5. Wael…a wife doesn’t have to worry about it…A WIFE DOESN’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT???? Are you for real? And I don’t know what color the sky is in your world but there is no way – NONE – a wife can feel special and loved when the husband goes off and screws someone else on a regular basis and tells her the same sweet loving things as he tells the other. It’s bullshit. It’s lies, it’s abusive, it’s degrading, it’s insulting. And your post reeks of such condescenion and hubris it would be funny, except Muslim polygynist men and sadly, women, actually believe this crap and practice it.

  6. Oh Fiona…..newbie at 411 about to get indoctrinated into the “put up, shut up, men can do what they want, alhamdulillah for everything, it”s decreed by the Invisible Guy” stepford wife club 😦 do you ever want to grab these women away from that blog?

  7. Yes, It’s so sad the way young women turn to that blog to find friends and strength, and instead they find broken people living some kind of submission cult, trying to get back at the world by ensnaring other maidens to give to Minotaurus It’s sickening. I hope eventually they will come here too and read some truths!

  8. you can give them hope…in a hopeless situation….i hope they all find you! all those women in countries where they are stuck, can’t leave because they will lose their children, omg, i feel sooo sorry for them…imagine if they go to ana’s, they will just get reinforced that they are in hell and it’s “Allah’s will!”

    But if they come here, even just that tiny spark of hope, may change their lives…fiona, you are doing more good than you can possibly know…you are a hero and a beacon of hope to women all over the world…now let’s just hope your message gets out to them!

  9. Respectfully Unchained,

    Giving birth is extremely painful. Would you call it abusive also that women have to suffer childbirth while men don’t?
    Polygamy is not a matter of abuse or sexism. It is a matter of what Allah has ordained and what is natural for the sexes, hence good for all mankind. Kind regards,

  10. Respectfully Wael,
    I think Allah has distributed pain equally; women with childbirth, men with delusions.

  11. Respectfully wael,

    The fact stated by you that “Women have to suffer child birth while men don’t”, Undoubtedly can be considered as a reason that Women deserve respect because on this earth she is the creator of life, and a woman can do all kinds of work that a man can but converse is not true!!
    So who should be considered superior??

    and if you men think- then ” Why Women need to be protected while men doesn’t”, then could you please tell me women are meant to be protected from whom?? Obviously other men….
    So when Husband himself starts abusing and hurting her feelings what’s the difference left between him and other men out there??

  12. Weal I am curious as to whether you actually believe what you are saying and if so how??? His wives don’t have to worry about the decision? She shouldn’t worry that she now only gets 50% of a husband, spends 50% of her nights alone, that her children now have 50% of a father, that his spending on the family will probably reduce by up to 50% … And you think the wives should just “live monogamous lives” with a smile on her face and not worry about it???? Women are not cows, we have feelings, we worry about our families, our children, we ARE worried about the decisions our husbands make and it DOES affect us on a daily basis.

  13. Wael,
    Using you logic how lets think more about basic difference in men and women. Men are given relatively more muscle or physical power by nature and that that too can indicates something. They are meant to do hard labor which was needed for our hunter, gatherer and then agrarian ancestors. If want to stick to taking decisions on men and women’s base desires and instincts then how about we invent a religion most suited to current times and address world’s current problems like Muhammad did for his times (by saying don’t marry unlimited number of wives but marry unto and that too if you can treat them justly and equally. Don’t beat the shit out of your women, hit them gently that too if there is a reasonable need to do that). So lets follow his footsteps and solve some of problems in our times. How about i say that i got this message from God that says that men have these beastly base desires so they should be under strict supervision like prisoners and only be used to do hard physical labor needed for betterment of society. They shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions about future of families, communities and countries etc because see what they have got us into war, terrorism and chaos all over the world. Women are more kind and nurturing so let women take control of this earth and make it a peaceful place. I am sure more than 50% percent of mankind (there are more women than men 😉 right) will buy this and lets called it a new religion inspired by Islam which takes into account the base desires of men and women and uses those qualities for betterment of this world and solving the problems of this world which a patriarchal set up hasn’t been able to solve in centuries (or have rather worsened the situation by day).

  14. Laila please delete my previous reply, I am sending same reply again with some corrections 🙂

  15. I mean to say. Fiona please delete my previous reply to Wael. I have sent a revised one and i think i posted it at wrong place its a reply to Wael’s comment below. Also want to thank you for staring this blog and providing us this platform to share our views with blog readers and the whole world

  16. Fiona, Most women there feel comfortable because all others arein similar situation and that blog justifies their decisions to marry a married man or to stay in an abusive relationship with a man who clearly has no respect for his wife and not loyal and caring enough to continue investing 100 percent of his time and resources on his current wife and kids that he brought into this world. Your blog shows them the mirror then truth which is often hard accept.

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