Caution – Beware of Liars and Haters!

41px-Smiley_green_alien_sad.svgIn answer to the hateful, lying and malicious post of known liar, extremist and munafiq Ana who is afraid people might believe she has anything to do with this blog:


Thank you for clarifying that there are no connections between your blog and mine. I would never want anybody to mistake this blog for a blog that helps people in the US to become bigamists and criminals by hosting a polygamous dating site. I would certainly not want to be mixed up with pedophiles, gender racists or people who propagate wife abuse and rape either. I must however stress that this blogg is not anti-polygamy. I am polygamous. I am against discriminating, gender racist polygyny.

You claim that this is a hater’s blog.

I hate abuse, discrimination, child abuse, rape, yes that is true. I have however never slandered any prophet nor have I lied about islam. I have only stated facts, backed by islamic sources. I have never made any false accusations against Ana or her pack. Everything I have said has been backed up by sources and can easily be checked. Her blog is open for anybody to read!

You claim that I am a liar.

In your post you provide a  link. It makes it easy for everybody to see I am telling the truth. I have never replicated that blog. My blog is completely different. I have however referred to her blog many times, since it is so sick and warped and proves so many of my points. All quotes are correct and can be checked. Protect the blog, huh? 😀 ROFLMAO I can only conclude that Ana is a mythomaniac. Or an imbecile. Or both.

You believe people write here only because they mix our blog up.

I have had many private messages from muslims thanking me for telling the truth about Ana and her cronies. They did not end up here by mistake. I am not an adulterer, I am living in honorable marriage with my two husbands. Ana on the other hand has repeatedly said she believes her husband’s second marriage is invalid. This means she is helping him to live in zin a, which of course is a major sin and if that god of hers exists she will end up with her husband in jahannam.

You call me a hypocrite.

My hypocrisy? I’m not the one claiming to be holier that Mother Mary, judging other people while living with a husband who keeps a burger flipping whore on the side. 😀

7 thoughts on “Caution – Beware of Liars and Haters!

  1. I can’t help it but I feel sorry for Ana. I meet some women like her, uneducated revert women who cope with abuse by making it part of their faith. I know some could say the same about me.. I know Ana’s views aren’t healthy, I know she is turning her rage about her own situation into a judgemental ideology where oppression comes from God. You say it yourself Fiona, she says over and over again that Alex is living in sin with his mistress, but she doesn’t seem to understand this makes her a sinner too and that their marriage is null and void since an adulterer can not be married to a woman who is chaste. And Ana is not an adulteress as far as I can tell. She is just a poor abused woman trying to save herself by losing herself in religious madness. I feel sorry for her. Any true muslim would.

  2. This brings me back to how I found your blog in the first place. I am doing research on Stockholm Syndrome, and you had done an article on it.

    It seems that this Ana, is indeed, a victim of SS.

  3. She is vicious and stupid. Now she will see how many visitors/posters she has lost. Does anyone post there anymore? I lurk at hers sometimes.

    But yours is the one with the real feelings, emotions, and situations. She is just like a character on the stage playing and judging. You put yourself out there, and your husbands too. Your blog is infinitely more interesting and real. Your heart is good and pure.

    I love your blog! ❤

  4. I have read Anas blog many times because I find it very intresting to see how women try handle polygamy. I see how almost all of them not live islamic polygamy but have men who commit zina, lie, cheat and not support their families. It makes me very sad and ashamed. This is not Islam. Ana is also not Islam she denies hadiths and sunnah. You should not use her as example of Islam and not of islamic polygamy. You see almost no muslims write in her blog only reverts with no islamic upbringing because what is described there is not Islam. Respectfully.

  5. Yes…I agree with Mimi…I was so angry & sad Ana banned you Fiona but since she wrote that, I found you again LOL and am hooked
    I was a “regular” on 411….every word you say here is right on with regard to the group psychosis going on. Will speak more later 🙂

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