Tonight and Tomorrow

Heart-beatMy first husband’s coming home tonight. 🙂

I spent last night putting chicken and lamb in yoghurt and spices so I can do some really nice Indian dishes tonight. I’m a good cook, though usually my husbands do the cooking since they both love it. How lucky am I?

I bought a beautiful old clock yesterday just off Portobello. I had absolutely no need for it, but it was irresistible. When the man was wrapping it for me he said he hoped it would only tell happy time. Gee – do I agree. It somehow felt like a good sign when he said it, like a message. I hope so.

I am feeling very calm now, I’m looking forward to this evening and to being with my first husband again. I know it will feel a bit awkward at first, I’m expecting that old feeling back – has he brushed his teeth properly, taken 5 showers…

I’ll handle it.

I’ve decided to leave a lot of things unsaid tonight.

There will be time to talk tomorrow.

One thought on “Tonight and Tomorrow

  1. You sound happy Fiona. I’m glad. I hope your reunion is everything you want it to be. I hope Graham is keeping himself busy too, finding his happiness too. This must be very hard on him, don’t you think? Love to you

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