Men will be Men

Proof of male superiority Source: Wikimedia Commons, By: Rawa77

Proof of male superiority Source: Wikimedia Commons, By: Rawa77

Again, a muslim apologetic has tried to prove that islam is just in calling women deficient in reason and religion, that islam is just to put women under the power of men. He also claims that science supports these heinous and misogynistic views.

He states e.g. that

Since Marx and Weber, and also Freud, it had been assumed that gender roles were principally, perhaps even entirely, the product of social conditioning. Re-engineer that conditioning, it was thought, and in due season fifty percent of those doing all jobs, composing symphonies, and winning Nobel Prizes, would turn out to be women.

He says that this is not the case, hence we can conclude that women are intrinsically inferior when it comes to creativity, reason, risk-taking and leadership.

I would like to ask: If the number of Nobel Prizes is how we measure superiority in creativity and intellect – how many muslims have won Nobel Prizes? I think you all know by now, since the quote from Richard Dawkins has become so famous, that Trinity College Cambridge alone has produced more Nobel Prize laureates than the entire muslim world. So dear Mr Murad, how do you explain that?

Do you concede that it proves that muslims are intrinsically less intelligent and creative, as you argue?

Or would you say, like I do,  that this rather proves how power structures and prejudice in society makes the achievements of minority groups or oppressed groups invisible and devalued? You can’t have it both ways, Mr Murad. It’s one or the other.

How many classical symphonies mentioned in standard literature were written by muslims Mr Murad?

Your text doesn’t prove that boys will be boys. You have chosen highly criticized and intellectually dishonest science to try and prove that sexist laws are just. Should we then have laws preventing muslims from having academic positions since muslims perform markedly worse at European universities? And should we bar them from legal work since they are vastly overrepresented in our prisons? Huh, Mr Musad? Or should we agree that all people must have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities?

The only thing your text proves Mr Musad, is that men will be men – egotistical,  and deluded by a dream of male superiority. And that these base tendencies are promoted by islam.


2 thoughts on “Men will be Men

  1. Musad: this is about your ‘reflection on the future’ (that is supposed to be a joke): “the future belongs to the androgen.”

    Well, it might be true, if there are any men not in jail for being pedophiles, serial killers, white collar felons, or just plain bad graffitti artists. Re: your bibliography; did you stop reading in 1999?

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