The Veil of Hypocrisy: From Cherry-pickers to Acid-throwers

Some people claim that there is nothing misogynistic about Islam, only about interpretations of islam. If this is what you believe – read this!

The Fire Breathing Feminist

In response to The Veil of Piety: Religion and Mercy (

If Yusuf Roohani [1] has convinced you that Islam, as practiced by Sunnis like him, is respectful to women, then he has only strengthened my case further. Because while decent Muslims like him can always defend their religion, and their holy book, the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Tehrik-i-Taliban in Pakistan use the very same book, and very same ideology to visit unspeakable atrocities upon the women living in that area, while calling themselves Sunnis. They continue to do so today, while rejecting peaceful interpretations from fellow Muslims all around the world. They are willing to behead, to castrate, to burn, and to maim those who don’t agree with them. It is undeniable that they derive their motivation, their support, and their ability to control large numbers of people from religious texts as well as religious practices.


Yet, when…

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