Should I give my Son and my Daughters the same amount of Gifts? Q&A

41px-Smiley_green_alien_sad.svgQuestion: Should I give the same amount of gifts, or gifts of the same value, to my son and to my daughters?

Answer: According to salafi teachings you should give your little daughters gifts worth half as much as the gifts you give your son. So if your son gets £2 worth of candy , you should give your daughters £1 worth of candy each. If your son gets a bicycle worth £200, you could let your two daughters share a bike that cost £200, or you could give them both a bike each worth £100. (Source:

This is proof that the apologetic islamic explanation that the rule that a son inherits twice as much as a daughter because this is just and fair since a man has financial obligations a woman hasn’t is just crap. What financial responsibility has a little boy who gets twice as much candy as his sister, or twice as expensive a bike? No, this is just to enhance the power of men and to further increase the inferiority in status and rights of women!

You must of course try to give gifts of equal value to all your children.

Anything else is child abuse and disgusting misogyny.

2 thoughts on “Should I give my Son and my Daughters the same amount of Gifts? Q&A

  1. This is purely evil.

    The hereditary inequality of sons and daughters is explained by sons having a family obligation to sustain their sisters should the father die, and should no husband be obliged to provide for her. If anyone applied this to gifts for children, there would be no excuse whatsoever masking the higher value of sons. Surely no one expects the son to have a future obligation of sharing candy with his sister should the father unexpectedly pass away!

    And of course the hereditary argument is flawed in itself. By giving more to someone who might one day in turn have to provide for the disadvantaged one, the disadvantaged one is in no better position than had she received her equal share immediately. On the contrary, she is worse off by being at her brother’s discretion. The brother might have legally spent all in the meantime, possibly on his own family, and she might be left with nothing additional at all in the end. And could do nothing about it, since there is no fiduciary duty for the brother to keep his sister’s share of his two thirds for the advent of need. So the brother tangibly gets double what the sister gets due to a vague potential obligation that is conditional on no other superior obligations of his towards wives, children, the mother. So ironically, a woman whose father passes might be left with her third only, whereas her brother decides to spend his two thirds on luxuries like two wives, several children – because he can “afford” it. With part of his sister’s heritage. If her husband dies, and she might rightfully claim from her brother to support her, because after all, that’s the brother’s role this hereditary inequality is based on, he may well refuse because he would be compromising his own family’s survival. An inherently flawed system, with more rights and supposed responsibilities for men but few enforceable rights for women based on these supposed responsibilities.

    And of course, to favour your sons in all gifts you make your children is despicable.

  2. Chris, I agree the lame excuses they give cannot justify unequal division of things like Candy, food or gifts. These practices are typical patriarchal thing and it has a purpose which is to inoculate the girl child with inequality early on so that the child gets used to unequal treatment. I come from a highly patriarchal culture. We didn’t have a rules like Wahabis but it is common practice that mothers save best food for their sons and give more of protein rich food (milk, meat etc) to sons. It is still common practice in most households that women cook and serve male folk and eat only after all men are done eating. Basically whatever is left over thats for women. Girl as young as 6-7 year olds are asked to start helping mothers in cooking and other housework while their brothers are allowed to play and stay outdoors longer.

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