Liberate All Men!

Johnny_Depp_1I admit, I find Johnny Depp incredibly attractive. Especially in Don Juan de Marco. Yummie! I also love Sean Connery and Cary Grant.

A lot of my friends are attracted to Jamie Oliver for some reason. They think he’s cute and sweet like an apple tarte tatin.  They talk about devouring him as if he were one.

George Clooney – can’t tell you how many lustful comments I have heard about him! And Bono!! 🙂

The guy next door, the boss, the man who always walks his dog past the house – we all talk about them, appreciate their butts, their nice struts.. 🙂

These poor men are objects we leer over, gape at, fantasize about.. It must be so demeaning to them, so degrading. To be objects of lust and sexual desire – and the poor little darlings so unprotected so – vulnerable.

But there is a way to save them!

Let them don the hijab!!Muslim_woman_in_Yemen

There are so many people – men and women – out there who say that the hijab is empowering, it’s a sign of status, of chastity of strength and value. Well then – don’t deny these poor little fellas this powerful protection – make all men wear hijab!!! For Johnny Depp, George Clooney and Bono I don’t think a simple hijab will do the trick, they probably have to go all the way and become niqabis to be empowered enough to get away from leering glances and coveting looks! And they do have to consider their sisters, don’t they and not lead us into temptation??

So please, all of you who claim the hijab is a sign of power, of chastity, of strength and of freedom – Don’t deny men this powerful experience! Don’t deny men the chance to be powerful, chaste, strong and free!!

Join me in demanding the utmost freedom to be extended to men too _

Demand all men start wearing hijab! Not tomorrow – today!!!!!!

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