Is Equality Evil?

Women have perfect lives in islamic societies.

Women have perfect lives in islamic societies.

According to many muslims equality is evil. They claim that men and women are created different and hence must have different roles and different rights.

They claim that since men are stronger they must lead. And since women are more emotional they must obey, and are better off at home, taking care of children.

(According to this rule the leader of the muslim world ought to be a gorilla since they can take any man in an honest fight!)

Muslims say that gender equality means the destruction of the family and consequently the destruction of society. They say that if women are allowed freedom and equality they will run wild and society will be destroyed and defiled – full of illicit sex and immorality. Children will be abandoned and homosexuality will become an epidemic. (Don’t ask me how this can be a result, but obviously muslims know better. Maybe they realize that women with a real choice would choose anything before marriage to a misogynist, polygynist muslim).

Islam on the other hand will obviously lead to a society where harmony and order prevails and where people’s real rights (for women that means the right to get food and a roof over the head from a husband and the right  not to be beaten in the face when he punishes you for disobedience, the right to be locked up in your house, the right to have your children taken from you if you ask for a divorce and the right to be raped by your husband) will be protected.

As all can see, islam certainly gives women a better life.

Who would want to be a woman, a mother or a wife, in countries like Finland, Sweden, Scotland, Norway or Denmark when you can have the privilege of being a woman, wife and mother in Afghanistan, Saudi, Bangladesh or Pakistan???

Who would want things like free education, years of maternity leave, years of paternity leave because your husband naturally does half of all chores in the family, free health care, equal legal rights, the right to divorce and keep your children, equal pay- who would want these things when you can have a perfect life in the perfect islamic society of Pakistan? Or Afghanistan?

Just saying.

One thought on “Is Equality Evil?

  1. All muslim ideas of society seem to neglect the fact that equality demands that men need to step up! Maybe equality won’t mean that all women will divorce – if their husbands stop admonishing them, beating them and ordering them around and instead start doing half of all housework! Maybe women won’t have affairs – if husbands just make sure their wives are happy and satisfied at home. Of course this means men have to give up on the polygyny idea because women aren’t satisfied with less than half a husband.. Yeah – muslims tend to forget that equality works if men change too.

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