We are Not Identical, so our Rights are Not Identical

Help_posterDid you read The Help?

If you haven’t you should.

The Lord created white people and black people. We are different and assigned different roles in society in accordance with our nature.

History proves that white people are meant to lead, to build civilization and to create  the finer perspectives of culture. Black people have great strength and excel in hard labour. They also have great skills in tending our children before they start school and in producing popular culture for mass consumption. We complement each other.

History and science proves that this is so, and this is the basis of orderly society. We are not identical, so our rights are not identical and should not be identical.

White people must respect black people and use their superior qualities to protect and care for black people. We are all created by the same Lord. He has given us different qualities to help us, not to divide us. White people must assume this responsibility and safeguard the rights of black people. It’s a heavy burden, but somebody must do it.

In return, black people must be devoutly obedient to white people. If they aren’t the Lord will curse them. They must willingly have sex with white people whenever they are ordered to, whatever they might be doing. They must wear clothes that make them invisible to white people, perhaps leaving the eyes unprotected so they can work and tend to the needs of white people. They must avert their gaze when approaching white people. This way, they will be protected against harm, so they must be thankful for this rule which is meant for their protection only. White people should also try to avoid all contact with black people, unless they be tempted by them.

Black people must stay in their homes except for when they are ordered out by their white employers or when they need to go to the store or a doctor. How could white people protect them otherwise? It is obvious when you look at societies with a large quantity of black people that when they break these rules, violence and crime is the result which proves that this is what the Lord has commanded.

White people must treat black people with kindness and forgiveness. Admonish them for their transgressions. If they don’t repent and submit you can lock them in their homes and prevent them from intimacy. If they still don’t repent and admit your superiority and agree to total obedience, beat them. Remember that the Lord commands you not to break their bones or scar their faces!

Do you find these notions offensive? I do.

There are people out there who would approve, however. Racism is still a problem in many societies. It must be challenged and we must do everything we can to allow tolerance and human rights and equality to prevail.

These notions are equally disgusting and heinous when held against women.

4 thoughts on “We are Not Identical, so our Rights are Not Identical

  1. 😀 Maybe it’s time to put out a warning again for all those who don’t understand irony Fiona? I love the way you make the absurdity visible of religious rules claiming it’s just to give different people different rights based on for example gender or race! Keep up the good work Fiona!

  2. You had me frightened there for a while… 😉 I downloaded The Help – they have made a movie out of it so I’ll watch it, I’m not much of a reader. 😉 It has always bugged me the way people can believe men and women should have different rights. You are right it’s just like saying that whites and coloreds should have different rights, or jews and arabs. I don’t give a blazing s**t about differences – there are bigger diferences in between men than there are between men and women! And if we are different – giving us equal rights won’t make a difference cause we will choose to do what we want and are good at! But at least the possibilities must be the same! My mother worked two jobs to keep us fed and clothed, while my father often was out of work and went between his wives and demanded service and obedience. And even though HE did not take care of us and he didn’t provide for us he still demanded to be the head of the family. When he was with his other wife he still ordered my mother had to call him for permission if she needed to go out for anything but work. And when he came home he just sat in the sofa and ate the food my mother payed for. But he was the boss no matter what because he was the MAN. I just hate it.

  3. That’s so heartbreaking Olivia. That truly brought tears to my eyes. Your mother is so strong to have gone through all that, you were blessed to have her at least, when you did not have a responsible father. My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope everyone is/was able to find peace.

  4. I’m with Allie – this kind of story just breaks my heart. I’m so sorry you had to go through that, and I’m sorry for your mother. She must have been quite a woman to be able to take care of her children under those conditions – and to raise such a wonderful and strong daughter!

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