Who are the Polygamists?

Polygamists in prison

Polygamists in prison

What kind of person becomes polygamous?

Who are the men who are willing to inflict the most heinous pain on their wives and abandon their children at least half of their childhood in order to marry more women and have sexual relations with plural women?

I have done extensive research and this is my answer to the question – Who are the polygamists:

1. Men who feed on pain. Men who feed on dominance and power. Men with sadistic tendencies – sociopaths and psychopaths.

2. Islamic chavs. Young men with ghetto backgrounds who use superficial knowledge received at cheap universities and mosques and who lack the cultural sophistication and intellectual ability and tradition that would allow them to apply common reason and human decency to the superficial understanding they acquire of philosophy, psychology, religion and politics. These boys from the hood are enticed by islam and polygamy in the same way and for the same reasons that underprivileged young men with low IQ were attracted to nazism in Germany in the early 1930’s. They would go along with any ideology that claims that these chavs really are superior people given superior rights by nature or by god. And naturally, they need a group to be superior to and use their superior rights on. To the German chavs it was the jews, to these ghetto islamists it’s women. And jews. You can find an excellent example of this kind of chav here:

3. Men who have grown up with polygamous fathers. Just like children who have abusive fathers or fathers who are pedophiles often grow up to be abusers and pedophiles themselves, sons of polygamists more often become polygamists too. It’s a contagious curse.

4. The cheap cheats. The men who would visit prostitutes and have affairs with their secretaries if they had any. Mostly these men belong to social group 3 or below so they don’t have secretaries. In stead, they have affairs with the divorced woman next door or the girl flipping burgers at the local Wimpy. They are often elderly male chauvinists with ego boosting needs due to receding hairlines and careers going nowhere. These men read the passages about wives being their tilths over and over and have little or no interest in any part of religion that doesn’t reinforce the tilth passage. These men prefer to marry undereducated reverts who will take pleasure in being humiliated and abused because it will make them feel like martyrs.

5. The suicide bombers. Religious fanatics who glory in practising everything that puts them at end with society and gives them an excuse to be militant. The modern day flagellants who are just as happy, or more happy, that their religion allows them to beat and abuse others – preferably their wives – in stead of demanding they whip themselves.

6. Men without brains. Or men with their brains in their dicks. Or men who are simply lost in space.

29 thoughts on “Who are the Polygamists?

  1. My husband is group 3. He grew up with polygamy and even if he did not like it as a child, he wants to be a man by being a polygamist. I have tried everything to make him realize that this is insane but he can’t look at himself objectively. He wants to prove that he can do a better job than his father, that he can be a better man.

    You are so dead on Fiona. The groups you describe, this is exactly my experience also!

  2. Hey, Fiona.

    Funny Article but inaccurate article.

    1) I’m not a ‘Polygamist’. I’m not even married and have never been in a relationship with a woman.
    2) When I do get married inshallah it will be a monogamous pious,virgin, Muslim woman.
    3) I simply defend the right of people who want to be in polygamous marriages just as one can defend the right for gay marriage without being gay.

    May Allah guide you, sister.

  3. There are also combos of these groups. I’ve met a lot of 1+2+3 for example, or 3+4. My father is a 3+4+6. Figures! 13 always was my unlucky number! 😦

  4. Hello JennOJenn,
    If you don’t mind my asking, are you a western revert? Your writing style suggests to me that you are. There is something which mystifies me. Maybe you can help.

    I’ve noticed that there is a significant number of women, who are middleclass and well educated, (many are middleaged and married once already) who have reverted to Islam, put on a veil, and moved to Saudi Arabia to marry a polygamous Muslim man, explaining that they shouldn’t go out of the house without his permission. That description is a slight exaggeration of course, some of these women don’t do all of those, just some of them. But it is still a head scratcher for me.

    I already know how most Muslims see this. I see it differently. I see it as a millenial sociopathology that is sweeping the female population, at least in the United States.

    What is your understanding? Thanks!

  5. Fiona,

    I think you should ease up on the poor revert women. Their position is often difficult, they don’t have the strength and sense of self that a woman who has grown up in islam has. They often stumble. Many of them have no wali or muslim family to guide and help them, so they end up in the hands of men and the men who marry poor white reverts are often, let’s say, not the best of the bunch. At 411 you can see that most of the women lack education and have husbands who lie to them, abuse them and cheat on them – and hide their fornication behind a mask of polygamy. Can’t you pity them? Ana herself doesn’t accept her husband’s second marriage, she calls “C” his girlfriend and talks about their so called marriage. If Ana had been a real born muslim she would have known that a muslim woman under no circumstances can stay with a man who is practicing zina without repenting. She would also know that if she aids, or falls short in stopping or leaving a husband who is living in grave sin, she is being disobedient to Allah and will be judged. She obviously doesn’t know this, or turns a blind eye to it. The way she mingles with a non mahram wali is also unislamic and a sin. But she doesn’t know. She has no real guide to islam and nobody to guide her but a fornicating half husband and a non mahram friend. Can’t you forgive her if she loses track of right and wrong?

  6. I pity them. But I can’t forgive a person who condemns and torments others the way Ana and her pack do. Sorry.

  7. It’s not necessary to live polygamy to be a polygamist. I am polygamous, but I’m not a polygamist. Anybody who claims some people, men, have a right to be polygamous while others, women, don’t have the exact same right, are polygamists.
    I kind of understood you had never been in a relationship with a woman. You would never write the things you do if you had.
    You did not defend the right of people to be in polygamous marriages. You defended the right of men to be in polygamous marriages. Muslim women are only allowed monogamous relationships, remember. Or are you suggesting women don’t even classify as people?

    May the force be with you

  8. .Hey Hakeem:
    “When I do get married inshallah it will be a monogamous pious,virgin, Muslim woman.”

    Oh. And how many times have you already had sex? Actually, I’m not really interested.
    “May Allah guide you.” Brother.

  9. Hello Dale!

    You’re right I’m American and we still live in the US, not in Saudi. I would never be able to live in my husband’s native country, for one I still don’t wear the hijab after all these years… Yeah I’m a revert. I met my husband in Quran class. My family are Jehova’s witnesses and disowned me after I told them I had gone through with the shahadah. I’ve always been looking for answers and a spiritual connection. Islam came to me and put my soul to rest. My life has been difficult in many ways and I still have problems with things like obedience and polygamy. When I found this blog it was an eye opener. I have started to look at Islam in a new way and read the Quran in a new way. I’m not a sociopath 🙂 I want to make my own decisions and I want to be a partner to my husband not a subordinate. 🙂

  10. This is tasteless slander and prejudice.
    I hope all sisters who try to find peace and happiness with their husbands in polygamy and who follow the sunnah and want to increase the deen of the family by submitting to their husbands and sharing their husbands do not read this dirt. Good husbands want to provide for large families and make sure women have religious and fair husbands. A good husband wants to extend his hand to more than one wife and give them better lives and guidance. I am getting very tired of seeing all dirt about polygamous husbands. A husband follows the guidance of Allah when he chooses polygamy and a good wife would never dislike what Allah has given to her husband.

  11. Hello JennOJenn,
    Thank you for taking the time to share a little about yourself. I’m glad that Islam has helped bring you peace. I think it is sad that your family disowned you, but I’m not surprised. People who think they are religious, but are really just afraid and obsessed do those sorts of things.

    Never lose your courage, and your ability to think for yourself. The Quran, like any religious cannon, should provide a resource to support personal thinking, and personal responsibility, if you look for it. After all, others use the Quran to justify all sorts of things. But that’s because they are looking for it. You can do the same. Hugs.

  12. “A husband follows the guidance of Allah when he chooses polygamy and a good wife would never dislike what Allah has given to her husband.”
    No, more often than not he’s following the guidance of his pecker. Sorry to be crude but that’s the truth. If these “good husbands” want to provide for large families, why do they not adopt all the poor starving children in the world who have no parents? Allah made it clear THAT is the true reason for polygamy. I pity you Zach, and I hope Allah also takes pity on your twisted and diseased mind for you and your ilk are perverse in every sense of the word.

  13. This is pure and utter misguidance.
    I trust no sane Muslim woman is affected by this excuse of an article.

  14. You only need to see Islam how Muhammad (pbuh) and his companions (RA) viewed it, that is if you want to follow Islam the way it is supposed to be followed. If you study the Seerah of Muhammad (pbuh) you will see how he treated his wives, and that they were never subordinate. If we follow Islam via the opinion of laymen human beings, we are only applying for misguidance. Go back to the source sister, you will not be disappointed. You have been guided to Islam for a reason.

    From a fellow revert sister, ❤

  15. Hello plainmuslimah and welcome,

    I’m afraid your post is too general for me to answer it properly. What is it you find misguiding? Thank god a lot of muslim women have found this site and find comfort and new perspectives here! You are welcome here too! (With you being in South Africa I would have thought you knew what it’s like when one group of people claim superiority over another group of people, when one group of people claim to have rights over another group of people. I’d have thought people in South Africa had had enough of that.)

  16. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

    It applies here as well. Ana and her cronies being uneducated or having been born to a different faith does not hold a candle to the harm they are doing. She actively encourages women to stay with the scummiest of men who have betrayed their wives and families and ALLAH HIMSELF while pretending it is the most moral thing to do. As long as she is damaging and actively contributing to the damage, it is impossible to “ease up” on them.
    “Whoever has oppressed another person concerning his reputation or anything else, he should beg him to forgive him before the Day of Resurrection when there will be no money (to compensate for wrong deeds), but if he has good deeds, those good deeds will be taken from him according to his oppression which he has done, and if he has no good deeds, the sins of the oppressed person will be loaded on him.”Volume 3, Book 43, Number 629: Sahih Bukhari.

    “Help your brother, whether he is an oppressor or he is an oppressed one. People asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! It is all right to help him if he is oppressed, but how should we help him if he is an oppressor?” The Prophet said, “By preventing him from oppressing others.” Volume 3, Book 43, Number 624:Sahih Bukhari.

  17. Thank you Allie, I couldn’t agree more. Being weak does not make it legitimate to oppress those even weaker.

  18. He threatened to divorce one of his wives because she was getting old, so she was forced to give up her nights to a younger favorite. He hit one of his wives in the chest and hurt her. He married wife after wife after wife, thus robbing prior wives of time, love and maintenance. He said wives, if anybody, should prostrate before their husbands. He said wives must be devoutly obedient and have sex whenever and wherever no matter how they feel or what they want. He himself had sex with a nine year old child. Yes. We know how he treated wives. And take note – I am not trashing him. I am stating facts as told by islam and muslims.

  19. Remember I am British, not American. Chav has nothing to do with race. Ghetto has nothing to do with any particular race (unless you are a jew, which I know you are not). Aren’t you the racist to claim that it does? And it seems to me you are very fast with the trigger calling me racist, while you yourself claim that one group of people have rights and legal standing that you want to deny another group of people….

  20. That was my thinking too Fiona when I read Hakeems letter. It is very hypocrital to be aware of every possible trespass against him as a colored MAN, but he has a right to say women should not have same rights as men. This is the munafiq. I am very tired of men saying they have rights over women bigger rights than women and this is not racist. It is of course racist. So Hakeem is the racist not Fiona.

  21. Hello Allie! You are so right. Extending their hand has never looked like the focus of polygamists… 😉

  22. Never lose your courage – very good advice Dale. And we need to hear it from our friends from time to time..

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