“…And Beat Them”

Muslim women have a right to be beaten by their husbands

Muslim women have a right to be beaten by their husbands

I received a post from a very pleasant man who suggested my husband should beat me since I am not obedient, but a rebellious wife. He suggested a sound beating would teach me to submit to my husband and remember his rights over me, given to him by allah.

Thank you very much for your kind advice. I know that the quran tells men to beat their wives. I know that muslims believe it is the right of a wife to have a husband who beats her and keeps her from sin. But you see, I am not muslim. I do not believe in wife beating.

I found this lovely text on an islamic website, wanting to show how unfair and unjust people are when they criticize islam as being misogynist:

The purpose of beating is a disciplinary action and not retaliation… It is to let the wife know that her behavior, conduct and attitude towards her husband are not acceptable. Beating, in this case, and according to Islamic teachings, is restricted and limited to be a form of treatment only. Beating a wife is not meant to be a form of humiliation, a form of forcing and compelling the woman to do things against her own will, or a means of hurting her physically… This treatment is proved to be very effective with two types of women, as psychologists have determined:

The first type: Controlling or mastering women. These are the type of women who like to control, master and run the affairs of their husbands by pushing them around, commanding them and give them orders.

The second type: Submissive, or subdued women. These women enjoy being beaten. G. A. Holdfield, a European psychologist, in his book Psychology and Morals states the following: “The instinct of submission strengthen at times, in the human being so much that a submissive person will enjoy seeing someone overpowering him, over-ruling him and being cruel to him. Such a submissive person bears the consequences of his submission due to the fact that he enjoys the pain. This is a well spread instinct amongst women even if they do not realize it. For this very reason, women are well known being more forbearing to pain than men. A wife of this type of women becomes more attracted to and admiring of her husband when he beats her. Nothing, on the other hand, will sadden some women, such as, much as a soft, very kind and very obedient husband who is never upset regardless of being challenged!”

Beating, in according to the Islamic teachings, is listed as the last and final stage of training, discipline and upbringing methods. Islam does not permit, allow or even condone beating unless the first two stages are proven to be ineffective methods of treatment. Moreover, beating must not be employed as a remedy if a wife prefers to be divorced.

Again, the beating of a wife must be in strict privacy. A wife must not be beaten before her children or any one else for that matter. Beating is considered a means of discipline and right upbringing. (Source: muslimconverts.com)

This islamic website claims that women enjoy being beaten! That women are attracted to their husband if he beats them!!!!! It tells muslim men to make sure nobody sees them when they beat their wives. That women should be beaten as a kind of training, and that beating your wife is in accordance with what women need and enjoy. Beating your wife is a treat!

This is the true face of islam. This is the true face of the islamic view on women.

Beat them! They enjoy it! They are turned on by being beaten by their husband! You must train and tame them by beating them! It is allowed! It is commanded by allah!

..and beat them!

..and beat them!

13 thoughts on ““…And Beat Them”

  1. Why should he admonish her? What should she do to admonish him? Why should he deny her sex? Where does it say that she must deny him sex to train and teach him proper respectful behavior? Where does it say she should strike him when he fails to obey her??? Why should he strike her? And you must know, that it says nothing about “strike lightly” or “strike her with a toothpick” (I would bobbit any man who tried to beat me with a tooth stick!) – it says “and beat her” or “and strike her”. I doesn’t say lightly! AND the idea that one spouse should have a right to beat the other is absurd and against the declaration of human rights. If he has a right to admonish her – she must have a right to admonish him. If he has a right to deny her sex, she must have a right to deny him. NOBODY has a right to strike another. Any man who strikes his wife, be it with a toothpick or whatsoever, must go to prison for he is a wife abuser! To try and make jokes about it, or trivialize it the way these guys do who try and defend wife beatings or a man’s right to “admonish” his wife, is disgusting. And again – in the quran it says, “and beat them”.

  2. I have always found that these so called moderates are even more derogatory against women. They make jokes about beating with a toothpick, the joke about dominant women who need a bit of taming. This is worse and more demeaning than the fanatics who just say that men should beat their wifes according to the quran. At least they are honest, even if they are sick. But like this man in the video to pretend that he is a better man, that he is respecting women is sickening. He is still saying that ordinary decent men have a right to bring their wifes up like if they were children, that men have a right to admonish and teach women if wifes are not obedient and respectful. What about being a garment for each other? What about only doing to your wife what you would want and allow her to do to you?

  3. I agree! These hypocrites are even worse, and they cause more harm because they lull women into passivity and men into believing that even decent men can admonish, rule over and beat their wives.

  4. This is common prejudice and a way of distorting the truth. The quran does not encourage wife beating, it is putting strict limitations on a man’s right to admonish his wife using a slight tap or slap to show that she is out of line or in danger of committing a sin. This command focuses on a man’s duty to teach and be responsible for his wife. In Europe a man could beat his wife without punishment until recently, islam has put strict limitations on a man’s right to use violence. And if a wife rather divorce, the husband can not use beatings as a way to admonish her, it is only allowed if the man and wife love each other and want to stay together. No man would want to hurt a woman he loves or beat her in a way that would make her resent him! You must try and be honest Fiona, isn’t that what you say all the time you want to be?

  5. According to Islam, does a husband have the right to beat his wife?
    —taken from http://www.zawaj.com/askbilqis/wife-beating/

    In a word, NO. A Muslim man is categorically NOT allowed to beat his wife.

    Quran 4:34

    “Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], idribuhunna. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.”- Quran, Surat-An-Nisaa, 4:34

    Some modern translators and commentators have taken Quran 4:34 to mean that a man may “beat his wife lightly” as a last resort. Their entire evidence for this rests on an interpretation of one single word in the Quran – the word “idribuhunna”, which is a derivative of “daraba”. They say it means “to beat” or “to strike”.

    This is a controversial and probably mistaken translation/interpretation.

    To make sense of this, we need to look back and see how the classical commentators understood Quran 4:34. The word “daraba” and its derivatives are used in many other places in the Quran in ways that do not mean “beat”. “Daraba” is one of those words that has many meanings in the Arabic language. It is used at times in the Quran to mean travel, or separate, or to set forth. Very few of the classical commentators understood it to mean “beat”. That is a modern phenomenon.

    It’s self-serving and cynical, in my opinion, to translate the word as “beat” in this one instance, while translating it differently in all other Quranic instances.

    It is more appropriate to understand it either as, “separate from them”, or, “set forth to them”, meaning set forth the terms of marriage to them very clearly (and the possibility of divorce).

    And in fact this is what the Prophet (sws) did one time when his wives disturbed him greatly. He separated himself from them until they realized the seriousness of the situation.

    See this excellent analysis – “Beat Them?”- in which the author discusses Quran 4:34 at length and breaks down the meaning of the words.

    What Does the Quran Say?

    How can we know for sure what Allah means in this ayah? The first rule of tafsir is to interpret the Quran using the Quran. So all we need to do is look at other verses of the Quran, and then look at the Sunnah.

    Allah says, “Among His signs is that He created for you spouses from among yourselves, in order to have tranquility and contentment with each other. He places in your heart love and care towards your spouses. In this, there are signs for people who think.” (30:21)”

    Furthermore, Allah tells us in the Quran, “do not transgress; God does not like the aggressors.” 2:190

    What Did the Prophet Say and Do?

    As for the Messenger of Allah (sws), he said, “Could any of you beat your wife as he would a slave, and then lie with her in the evening?” (Bukhari and Muslim). There are other traditions in Abu Da’ud, Nasa’i, Ibn Majah, Ahmad bin Hanbal and others, to the effect that he forbade the beating of any woman, saying: “Never beat God’s handmaidens.”

    The Prophet personally was known to be an extremely gentle and kind man who never struck any of his wives.

    So it’s very clear contextually that beating women/wives is not allowed, and we must interpret Quran 4:34 appropriately.

    Here is another article that analyzes the word “daraba” in great detail and concludes that it cannot be translated in this ayah as “beat”. Be warned that the article is quite long. “On the unlawfulness of wife beating in Islam.”

  6. Thank you Jamylah for putting time and effort into such a lengthy and interesting post. Thank you also for the links, I have read them. Very interesting indeed.

    A couple of years ago I ended up beside a catholic priest during a dinner party. He said that many catholic priests believe women should be able to be priests, yeah even popes. That the bible and the words of Jesus could be read that way. =) Your post reminded me of that conversation. The sole voice of reason amongst a choir of insanity. Sadly, the brilliant dissent is more often than not drowned in the cacophony of religious fanaticism and hypocrisy.

    I have asked many muslim scholars, and none – not a single one – has been of the opinion that husbands are never under any circumstances allowed to beat their wives. They have all agreed that the quran allows a man to beat, strike or slap his wife under certain conditions. 😦

    Still, thank you very much. I am happy to see that someone is willing to arrive at a different conclusion!

  7. It’s sad, and symptomatic, that most people who answered the post you are referring to did not agree with the interpretation. Most agree that beating your wife is indeed allowed, be it with a toothbrush or whatever. Especially the men seem to be convinced that wife beating is allowed. This is a tragedy, an islamic tragedy and a tragedy for mankind.

  8. Horrible and disgusting. I was a very un-submissive wife and yet my “husband” (the cult leader) used to say I was masochistic, and that he’d rip my pussy out as soon as he got out of prison. Thank goodness I left before then. I despise this line of thought, the assumption that a woman who is outspoken wants/needs physical brutality, and the placid submissive woman actually desires it. If a man ever tried this with me, I’d cut his genitalia off his body while he slept. Just for the record.:)

  9. All religious cults who seek to oppress women do so by claiming that women are basically and essentially different. They claim women are different both emotionally and intellectually. This is, as we know and science proves, 99% false. But cults wouldn’t survive if they didn’t grant one group power over another group. Men have always used religion to dominate and use women. Some religions have been worse than others. Islam is one of the worst since it is so specific in it’s misogyny and also bases society on religious law only. I am so happy you found your strength and freedom!

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