Polygamy – Loving Two People

I stopped by F&M today and picked up a hamper I had ordered for my husband.

I’ve just stopped by the house and left it on the kitchen table.

I left a card too, saying: Send me a text if you’d like some company.

Tonight is Graham’s night, but he is going out with some friends to a sports bar to watch a football match, so I figured I’d try and show my husband that I am trying to be just and fair. I am trying to treat my husbands equally and since I have claimed my right to spend time with both my husbands anytime, I want to show my first husband that this can work in his favour too.

So now it’s up to him.

2 thoughts on “Polygamy – Loving Two People

  1. Fiona

    Do you really believe it is possible to love, romantically, two people at same time?

  2. Yes I do. I think you can love two people romantically and passionately at the same time. Women and men both can.

    However, I do believe one can only be in love, infatuated, with one person at the time.

    There’s a difference.

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