How can Islam Solve the Problem with Men’s Endless Need for Sex?

Islamists claim that muslim men have a higher sex drive than women. Indeed, they have such limitless sex drive, they need four wives, and if they weren’t allowed plural wives, they would all be forced to commit zina and go to hell.

But there is another solution to this problem in islam. That which the right hand possesses. The Prophet stated that not only are muslim men allowed four wives, they are also allowed to have limitless sex with their slaves.

So, even today, muslims and scholars can propose this as a way to solve the problem concerning the endless and uncontrollable need for sex of muslim men.

It is fantastic that there is such an ethical and righteous solution to this problem!

7 thoughts on “How can Islam Solve the Problem with Men’s Endless Need for Sex?

  1. No Lynn, it’s not a bad joke. Beside her appalling lack of humanity, the personal motivation of Salwa El Matayai is transparent in her reported discovery that Caliph Harun Al Mashiid was found after he died to have had 2000 sex slaves, and just one wife. Like, maybe if the lady can arrange for her husband to have a few sex slaves then she won’t end up with a co-wife?

    And her statement that Sharia supports this? I’d like to hear a response from some of the Sharia apologists on this blog .

  2. Salam,

    Wow,I actually saw this clip,about three months ago.It was the moment I open myself to learn Islam in the deepest way possible.This women is one of the reasons that women in the Islamic world are still not getting their rights.Yes slavery was permisbble in early Islam,but also Jadism,and Christainity,however,the only difference was that the treatment of sex slaves was very different.In Islam a sex slave or Cucumbine has the right to get a written contract ,stating that the master can not touch her,and right to freedowm once she can pay for it,it is very encouraged the master to help her pay for her freedom.So sex slave, can say no to sexually relation,and if he goes against her will ,than that is considered rape.If the woman agrees to service her master sextually than her child is not a slave,and she besome free when he does,however,i believe she can still become free if she asks for her freedom,by buying herslev off.Now Muslim are told that a slave is not better than a free person,that means it is obligatory to help a slave become free,because if a person swears an oth and does not fufill it,than he/she must free a slave,if a couple have sex during fasting period,than they must free a slave,if the master hits his slave than he must free them.I know ,as a free women,with the ability to think freely and enjoy the pervilage of living in the west,and in the 21th century ,it is hard to understand what a woman that was taken from her home,and had her husband killed infront of must be going throughBut Islam is about abolition bad customes in a very slow manner,so for that reason,because we have a treaty that abolitions slavery hundreeds years ago,Islam can not brng it back.The practice was inhuman ,and disgusting,so it would be individuals like this pyschodic woman ,and those sex crazy muftis that believe it can be brought back,but major of the scholars all agree that it can not.Human civilations have progressed ,and women’s rights are finally being brought forth,why in the hell would women be the sole purpose of sexually needs of men.I can not stand women like this lady,they allow men to interpret Islam for them,and not use common logic,and they think that a men are superior therefore must do everything to please them,well I Say” F ***OFF”. Slavery can not be brought back ever.

  3. Thanks for your reply! I have studied islamic slavery and I have never found the rules that a woman slave could demand a contract of her owner saving her from having to have sexual relations with him. Do you have a source? I would love to read more on the subject! Love, F

  4. Salam,
    Translation: Shakir:

    “And let those who do not find the means to marry keep chaste until Allah makes them free from want out of His grace. And (as for) those who ask for a writing from among those whom your right hands possess, give them the writing if you know any good in them, and give them of the wealth of Allah which He has given you; and do not compel your slave girls to prostitution, when they desire to keep chaste, in order to seek the frail good of this world’s life; and whoever compels them, then surely after their compulsion Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (The Noble Quran, 24:33)”

    In all three translations, we clearly see that if the slave woman desires to keep chaste, then her Muslim master must not compel her into sex. It might sound odd to us today, but pagans back then were used to having sex with and raping their slave girls, even the ones who were married:

    So to women back then, it was something normal for a married slave woman to sleep with her master. It was something normal in the society at that time.

    Allah Almighty in the Noble Quran not only allows for the slave man or woman to earn their freedom from their Muslim master, and receive money from their Muslim master to help them start their free life, but also commands the Muslim men to not compel their slave women into sex.
    Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him also said:

    Narrated Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari: “The Prophet said, “Give food to the hungry, pay a visit to the sick and release (set free) the one in captivity (by paying his ransom).” (Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Food, Meals, Volume 7, Book 65, Number 286)”

    Islam came to liberate all slaves and to end the Judeo-Christian and Pagan slavery that was practiced before Islam. When Allah Almighty made lawful for the Muslim men to have sex with their slave women, He did it to keep the Islamic society back then during Islam’s weak, partial and venerable times under control.

    Also, if any compulsion was made unto the slave woman, then Allah Almighty will add more mercy and forgiveness unto her in the Day of Judgement. Below is the commentary on this exact section and point in Noble Verse 24:33 by Minister (Sheikh) Abdullah Yusuf Ali; may Allah Almighty rest his soul:
    “The poor unfortunate girls, who are victims of such a nefarious trade (i.e., slave trade), will yet find mercy from Allah, whose bounties extend to the lowest of His creatures.”

    This is what I find in one of the sites: “

    This subject pisses me off.


  5. Thank you very much!I understand what you mean now.

    I have been told by scholars (sunni and salami) that this verse is to be interpreted as owners of female slaves not being allowed to sell them as whores or keep them in brothels. This is not to mean that the owners were not allowed to have sex with the slaves. This was not considered prostitution. You can see an explanation here:

  6. Salam,

    You are right ,however, it is also understood and agreed on my muslims that oppression is hated by Allah.So if the master has sex with his slave ,without her permission than he is oppressing her,therefore he is sinning.THe second thing,is that there is a hadith ,in which a young master hit his slave girl,and he was told to free her,so it is just common sense if one can not hit the women,than how can rape be allowed.Also the slave women are given the statues of a wife,only difference is that wife comein free will,and a slave by force,however, the treatment is equal in the sense that if a slave women refuses her master’s bed,she is also curse by the angels,therefore, it is clear that there is no physical force.One must understand that slavery was around part of the society,and muslims were told to give the slave the clothing they wear,the food they eat,and if they were to do work,to help them,and not burden them with more than they can do.
    Now with all that being said,I agree it was horrible for women.I mean the male slave just got to work,but the poor female must sleep with her master if she wanted to be given food and shelter,i mean it truly comes down to that.NO woman in her right mind would sleep with a man with multiply wives,or cucubines.These women ,like sooo many women are just given horrific lives because of their gender.I must say ,I also felt for the wives,i can even imagine knowing my husband having multiply sex partners,and here I was sleeping alone,in the freaken cold. The scholars would say that ,these women did not mind,i say that is bull.Anyways I hope I give some details that could help,but am still disturbed by this subject.


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