Why Muslims Rape

Islam sure honours women!

ACT for America Houston

By: Y.K. Cherson

In Bangladesh in 2011, a 14 year-old girl, who was sexually assaulted by her 40 year-old cousin, received 100 lashes for her “adulterous” behavior. She did not survive her punishment for being a victim. Over the past decade, several hundred women have been flogged in Bangladesh under similar circumstances.

Flogging is the punishment for fornication in Islam, whether the woman had casual sex by choice outside of marriage or was raped. Without four male witnesses or the confession of the attacker, no rape case can be proven, according to Shariah law. So if the victim is “brazen” enough to report the crime, she is thus admitting to having sex, which in itself is a crime if the sex was not with her husband. And in normal circumstances, a rapist would not attack in front of any witnesses, unless they were also a part of the attack…

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2 thoughts on “Why Muslims Rape

  1. Salam,my dear

    although I agree with some of the crazy and honest things you say about the unspeakable acts that men do in the name of Islam.I really wanted you to show me where does it say that this act is Islamic in the Quran or Hadith.If this horrible act took place the man should be killed and no harm to the women.

  2. Hello Souamaya,

    So nice to see you again!

    Rape sadly occurs in every culture. Men have an innate tendency to violence and to desire sexual dominance over women, as science proves, and when moral limits and psychological barriers are faulty, some men rape. In civilized society, rape is a criminal act. A rape case will be tried based on technical proof and legal testimony. In some muslim nations, rape cases are tried using sharia laws. This is true for e.g. Saudi, Iran, Pakistan – and in Dubai just a couple of weeks ago. Sharia says that rape must be proved by either a guilty plea from the perp, or four eye witnesses. As most rapists deny the crime almost no rapists are ever convicted since of course rape is almost never witnessed by four people. So if a woman is raped and reports it, most of the time she will be punished for fornication or adultery since she herself has admitted to having had sex (being raped) by a man other than her husband. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/dont-kill-me-she-screamed-then-they-stoned-her-to-death-1003462.html The rapist will go unpunished – unless he chooses to confess…. 😦 Bloody likely!

    You can see here how scholars defend sharia, and how they clarify that yes, only if the rapist admits to the crime or if the woman who has been raped can present four eye witnesses will the rapist be convicted. If she reports a rape but fails to present four eye witnesses to the crime, she will be convicted of slander and maybe adultery or fornication, and will consequently be sentenced to flogging or stoning. http://www.islamhelpline.com/node/732


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