Are you against Polygamy?

Magnolia_campbellii_flowersI get many mails and posts from people who believe I am against polygamy.

That is incorrect.

I am all for polygamy.

I am polygamous.

I believe, the way the world looks today, full of loneliness, hatred, conflicts and scorn, it is one of the greatest sadnesses of mankind that we can not be humbly and honestly grateful for every drop of genuine love that people are able to share.

We should not despise genuine love in any form, we should embrace it.

What is genuine love?

It is love that feeds on giving, not on taking. Love that sets you free, not imprisons you. Love that is the meeting of souls, absolutely equal, absolutely free. Love that is self sacrificing.

This is why I am fully in favour of gay marriages, polygamy and polyamory.

It is also why I am dead against polygyny, pedophilia and child marriages. These phenomena are not about love. Not genuine love. They are about power, lust and one sided desires. This is the opposite of love. This is vile.

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