Husbands and Wives have Rights over Each Other

20081123120727-violencia-de-generoIn islam, husbands and wives have rights over each other. True. But islam grants husbands complete power over their wives while wives have no power over their husbands. Nor over themselves.

Husbands have a right to complete obedience from their wives. Total submission and obedience, except in things that are contrary to islamic law. Husbands have a right to keep their wives locked up in the home, to deny them the opportunity to work and earn money. Husbands have a right to sex, whenever during night or day no matter what the wife’s feeling or doing. Husbands have a right to keep their wives from seeing friends. Husbands have a right to keep their wives from seeing their family if this means that his rights will be denied, e.g. if it means that she’s not around when he feels he wants to have sex. Husbands have a right to marry three more women without asking the first wife’s permission or without even telling her about it. Husbands have a right to come straight from another wife and force the first wife to have sex with him, let him invade her body with the germs and acari of the other woman still on his body. Husbands have a right to beat their wives.

Wives have a right to food and clothing.

Except when she disobeys him in anything, if she e.g. can’t open her legs to him when he comes straight from fucking one of his other wives, then he can lock her up and deny her food and clothes, and beat her.

Islam calls this just. Islam calls this fair.

Islam claims this is beneficial for women.

Islam claims that since men are told to be kind to their women, there is no problem to the fact that men hold all the power, women none.

Problem is, there are men who are no saints. Even among the muslims, there are men who are not 100% good and saintly. Men who will be corrupted by power.

Let’s look at two men. Two equally intelligent, equally moral men. One is taught that a woman is his equal, their rights are exactly the same and that if he ever mistreats her in any way she has a right to leave him immediately and then he might lose custody of the children and must pay maintenance. If he beats her, he will go to jail. The other is taught that men are better than women, that men are the heads of women and women must obey. He is taught that he has a right to sex whenever he wants, no matter if the wife wants it or not. He is taught that he has a right to punish her if she is disobedient and that he has a right to beat her. He is taught that he can lock her up. He is taught that he can have four locked up wives who are compelled to obey his every whim. He is taught that a wife can not divorce him. And if a sharia court would force him to divorce her (which only happens after long periods of so called reconciliation and if he has been e.g. repeatedly and severely beating her) he will get custody of the children and he won’t have to pay maintenance. Who do you think is most likely to become a bad husband?

If the men are weak or have a bad character to begin with, which do you think is likely to become a monster?

Husbands and Wives in islam have rights over each other.

But only men have power.

And power corrupts.

5 thoughts on “Husbands and Wives have Rights over Each Other

  1. Salam

    I am a newly reverted muslimah. I have found such peace and beauty in islam Al hamdu lillah! I think that woman has great status as mother in islam. But I can not get my head round polygyny. Especially not when a man doesnt ask his wifes permission but marries anyway. How can a man do such a thing to a woman he loves? I can not understand. I wish I could understand so I could love all parts of islam but this part I do not love. And I undertand mutual consultation in marriage. I love this. But why obedience from wife in everything? I can not drive right if my husband says so but I know that there is a broken bridge but he refuses to turn the other way because of male pride! Obedience is not always wise! But polygyny is horrible. How it can be a part of islam I do not understand, when everything else is about love and respect and harmony.

  2. Hello Trying,
    (Sorry, your handle is just a little too long for me.) Could you say something about the process of reversion? How you found Islam, what prompted your reversion, and what the positives have been during the process for you? Thanks. I’m not particularly religious myself.

  3. hello tryingWTF,
    its just so disgusting even to hear u saying that everything else in Islam is about love and respect and harmony?… Then out of sudden why would u dont like tiz weirdo-franskenstein polygamy theory?… Ur ulamah or who ever shitty guy / frend / angels who guided u to convert to Islam forgot to mention tiz and other ugly parts hidden in tiz ill rotten religion huh?… u will soon, sure, one of these days in ur life will face tiz ugly truth about ISlam in a horrible way but that time will be too late even to get out from tiz psycopath way of life that u have been living or from ur weekly cult meeting organizers..
    Excuse me, pls mention one muslim majority country with sharia law implemented that is in peaceful condition for normal humans with basic life moral values to live? U only can find these kind of society in countries like Malaysia or Indonesia because moderate islamic ways of life embraced and advocated by their respective governments.
    Tiz is a proof enough to show that in countries which advocates pure sharia law, especially women will be treated as slaves and 2nd class citizens, no matter wat ever duas or shitty time u spend reading that 1400 years expired book.
    tiz guys in islamic world and dog shit eating attitude of these ulamaks are really sickening from days to day.. they impose weird hadits and fatwas and advocating them to the world out of the thin air..
    i know why in the 1st place u converted to these demon religion, its just because u are lost and incapable to think for urself out of humanity and u need to be controlled from outside by some kind doctrin or sacret expired books. The very word Islam means “submission.” The word Muslim means “one who submits.” tiz clearly shows u wanted to submit ur pathetic self to some kind of cult practise and need to be told on wat to do, which is right and who is ur enemy..
    actually to think about it, U, yes U the tryingWTF , have no right to engage in normal conversation as we intelectual and normal human are discussing in these very page…

    Ever wonder why Islamic people or the wannabe converts as tryingWTF is as they are?
    here is the explanation , i’m borrowing from the words of Thomas Clough :
    “The Muslims is encouraged to see themself as an atomistic particle in the great mass of Islam. Such people do not see themselves as autonomous individuals who are solely responsible for the condition of their lives. If they are poor, they do not blame their poverty on their own shortcomings, but seek to blame remote or hostile influences for their condition. By their very temperament they will place all blame on some Great Satan.
    Communal life is the very essence of Islam and it is communal life that is most threatened by any contact with Western civilization. The Western ideal of individual self-advancement strikes at the very heart of their brotha-sista hood solidarity. Islamic leaders fear the diminution of their influence, while common folk may experience a new-found frustration from their failure to prosper. To millions of Muslims the Western jewel of individual freedom is no more than a threat of personal isolation.
    Islam did not grow so quickly because of the brilliance of its doctrine, which is little more than a cut-and-paste of Jewish, Christian and Zoroastrian texts, but because of its corporate structure which was quick to absorb so many people who were living meaningless individual lives such as tryingWTF…. !

  4. Well current thinking is that polygamy was provided as an option as in earlier days a lot of men would die in wars, which would leave a high proportion of women unmarried/without families or support. Even then marrying without the knowledge of other wives was not correct. In todays day and age, when sex ratios are equalizing there is no place for polygamy except inflated egos of a medieval mindset, mostly in Arabs and Indian sub-continent…

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