Male bonding in Polygamy

imagesI spent yesterday evening alone.

My husbands went out for a pint.

It feels a bit weird, but at the same time my life is so much better without the drama and jealousies, so I am happy they are trying to bond.

My first husband was extremely grateful to Graham for letting him have me for the beginning of Eid. My first husband is much more inclined towards possessiveness and jealousy than Graham, so I know he really must fight himself and his nafs in order to have a working relationship with Graham. It makes me very happy that he’s willing to make the effort.

Graham wants peace and quiet and is willing to try to be friends with my first husband in order to achieve that. When they came home last night they were laughing and talking in the garden, and Graham said they had had a nice time. What he said was actually that if my first husband were only to start rooting for ManU instead of Arsenal they might be friends yet….

We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m going to spend the day writing. Graham’s off to work.

Tonight we’re having Graham’s sister over for a bbq. Maybe I should invite my first husband too? 😉

2 thoughts on “Male bonding in Polygamy

  1. wait a second you have two husbands? lol im totally confused i thought ur husband has two wives?

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