It’s not about Equality! It’s about Stupidity! And Total Lack of Basic Human Decency!

darwinWe often hear muslims and islamists defend the misogyny of islam. They say islam is not about equality, it’s about equity, about justice.

Husbands have rights over their wives and wives have rights over their husbands. That’s all fair isn’t it? But men have a degree over the women. Is that fair?

Well, the islamist brainwashed and warped misogynist will disregard all modern science and claim that this is because men have abilities that women don’t have. The rest of us know of course that men can carry heavier logs, that is true. So can gorillas.

Women however have a higher general IQ, are less violent and inclined to criminality, showing a higher degree of morals, and have much better grades in school and achieve a lot more than men academically. In fact, 67% or all people with a master or higher are women. So what is this ability men are talking about that should give them a degree over women? Obviously the ability to carry a heavier log. So gorillas must have a degree over men.

In society, in the workplace, positions and status are based on achievements. Fine. I think we can all agree that this is fair. This is also why more and more women are becoming CEO:s, when we get rid of misogynist laws and traditions. Men however claim position and status simply based on the fact that they have a penis. An organ which as far as I know is endowed neither with intelligence, erudition nor morals.

89% of all people serving time in prison are men.

99% of all rapists are men.

99% of all wars have been started by men.

98% of all pedophiles are men.

98 % of all people convicted for incest are men.

82% of all alcoholics are men.

Are these the qualities they base superiority on? Maybe they are trying to use before mentioned organ for thinking after all.

No, I suppose we’re back to the “able to carry a heavier log”-argument.

When it comes to the view on gender, equality and justice it is true, islam is not about equality, nor is it about equity. It’s about stupidity.

(Is it a surprise to you that the guy who inspired this post is unmarried? 😉 )

4 thoughts on “It’s not about Equality! It’s about Stupidity! And Total Lack of Basic Human Decency!

  1. The lack of equality between the sexes is the greatest shame islam has to carry today.

  2. Problem is they don’t need a reason. Men were given power over women by God. End of discussion. 😦

  3. SQ:
    “End of discussion.” Oh. And that’s why you’re here talking?

    “…Problem is they don’t need a reason.” It is only my civility that keeps me from laughing at your unconscious revelation that your lack of effort to think rationally is a problem. Learn how to correlate ideas, thinking, and behavior. It will bring you closer to Allah.

  4. This muslim blogger is the worst kind of criminal. Men like him are like pedophiles who lure children with candy. This man tries to come out as a sympathetic and modern man who would respect a woman but when you confront him he proves to be pro polygyny, pro male guardianship, pr different laws for men and women. These muslim men like him are sick and should never be allowed to marry at all!!

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