Polygamy is a Good and Sensible Solution to many Problems

imagesThere are several reasons why polygamy should be legal, e.g.:

1. Men have more problems achieving fulfilling sex as they get older. Due to a decrease in testosterone, many men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Many men also suffer from prostrate cancer and other diseases that will cause their sexual ability to decrease. Hence, women must be allowed an honorable way of having a fulfilling sex life without being forced to abandon their first husbands.

2. Many men suffer from illnesses that prevent them from fathering a child. Polygamy allows women to become mothers even if their first husband can not father children, without getting a divorce.

3. There are more fertile men in the world than fertile women. Hence, allowing women to marry more than one man means all men can be allowed to marry. It also means that even if a woman marries many men, she can choose which man should be allowed to be a father of her children, thus fulfilling evolutional needs of only the best being allowed to procreate, without denying men of less qualities the right to marry and have sex.

4. Men being aggressive, jealous and irrational are in greater need to humble themselves, fight their jealousies and submit to somebody more empathic, cool and rational.

5. Most men can only fulfill the sexual and emotional needs of one woman within a certain timeframe. (Since most men have problems with emotions and communication, actually most men have difficulties fulfilling the emotional needs of even one woman!) Women on the other hand are emotionally competent, communicative and empathic and can easily fulfill the emotional needs of many men. A woman can also have sex with any number of men the same night, something a man can never do, even if many might wish to.

Polygamy is a sensible solution to these problems.

4 thoughts on “Polygamy is a Good and Sensible Solution to many Problems

  1. It is strange the way islam focuses on sex. It’s all about sex, how to have sex, what to say when you have sex.. The scholars seem to have nothing more on their minds, atleast not when they answer questions on women issues.

  2. As-salaamu Alaikum

    I came across this blog when I was looking for facts about polygamy. I am a married man and I am happy with my marriage but I will take a second wife shortly a cousin who needs a husband. I am looking to learn how to do this correctly and to treat my wives just. My wife has accepted the situation but is very sad. I would like to be able to make her happy again. I have thought I love her very much and nothing will change that so I think she can be happy again when she understands this. But now I am thinking again. The pain that Fiona describes and so many other women is not a pain I want for my wife. How can I avoid it is there any way to make it easier on her. When you talk about women having two husbands it makes me sick to my stomach. I understand now I would not be able to share my wife it is a disgusting thought to me. Do women and men feel the same about his? I would be very happy to have an answer. Eid Mubarak!

  3. Hello Erwin, and welcome!
    There is no way you can marry a second wife without causing your first wife irrevocable pain. You can go about it in more (lying and deceiving) or less (straightforward and honest) hurtful ways, but they are all excruciatingly painful. There’s no avoiding it, and no way to ever make it all well again. What is broken – hearts and promises – can never be mended. It’s good thinking about your wife with another man is sickening to you. It shows that you have imagination enough to be able to understand a tiny portion of what your wife will be going through. It also shows you love her. So, do you really want to do this to her? Take away her love and happiness for the rest of her life while claiming right that you would never grant her? Yes – men and women feel exactly the same about this. We are not more sharing in nature, polygamy hurts us exactly the way it would hurt you.

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