フジコ口紅01a斜I am about to kidnap my first husband!

Some friends have lent me their house outside Stratford, and I have spent two days there preparing an Eid feast for my husband. I got recipes from my mother in law, and I have been preparing arsia and mishkak, fatta and khubz rakhal. Some serious cooking, I can tell you!

I am picking my husband up at work, but instead of going home, we’re going straight to Stratford where we’ll be watching RSC give – wait for it – All’s Well that Ends Well. Isn’t that just perfect? I think it must be a sign! It’s almost an hour and a half drive, so I’m hoping traffic isn’t too bad.

After the play we’ll head for the house I’ve borrowed and my daughter will be waiting there and some of our best friends, and we’ll all party through the night. 🙂

There’s my husband – got to go!!

2 thoughts on “Eid!

  1. Aww this sounds so sweet ! I am sure your husband would love it 🙂 You made me smile ! I hope your Eid goes Superb ! Happy Eid Mubarik !

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