Preparing a Surprise

Magnolia_campbellii_flowersI am in such a rush!

I have come up with a fantastic idea for Eid, but it needs some preparations, so I’m off and I probably won’t have time to write until late tomorrow or early Wednesday.

I am hoping for some days to allow me and my first husband to be close and to enjoy ourselves the way we did in Berlin. Maybe we have to get out of this house, out of our ordinary lives in order to really relax and see each other?

It’s so easy to forget about romance as life and marriage rushes by. Polygamy has the benefit of making you very receptive as to nuances in feelings, tensions and alterations in your partner’s behaviour. Since I see my husbands at a distance, and have to get close to them again every three days, I see them more clearly I believe. And I try to respond to their needs as a way of making up for my polygamy. Maybe this is why some women claim that their husbands become better husbands when they take a second wife. I might write about that later!


Wish me luck 🙂

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