Polygamy – What to do for Eid

b5b8b-funWhen my husband “married” #2, we settled on a schedule. His new woman chose Eid as one of her set days every year, so the last couple of years my first husband has always spent Eid with her.

This year, naturally, that won’t be possible.

My husband is feeling a bit down right now, he is insecure in our relationship and I know he misses #2.

I think Eid will be tough on him. He’ll be thinking about her, missing her and feeling lonely. So I asked Graham if he would allow me to spend Wednesday evening and Thursday with my first husband even though those days really belong to Graham. He agreed.

So I’m trying to come up with a nice surprise. Something we have never done before so he doesn’t get all sentimental. Or maybe something he and I used to do earlier, with the children maybe, before all this? I need to give it some thought.


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