We have found a flat for my daughter.

A very nice flat with a bedroom for her and a guest double where Graham can spend the night if he feels that he must get away from the annex, or where my son can stay when he comes to London. It has a big living room and a kitchen diner and french balconies – exactly what we were looking for!

Unfortunately the last owner was into lilac, so we must have the entire place redone. Today, after work, I’ve promised to meet up with my daughter and we can start planning.

She’ll have to handle this mostly on her own though, since I am very busy right now, and also tired from moving Graham into the annex. My daughter is looking forward to decorating her first own home. And she is really looking forward to not having to share with a couple of messy flatmates!

She also told me she’d been talking to her grandma in Oman. She says #2 is turning to religion, praying, fasting and listening to the quran on the computer. Good for her. Some sermons about patience is just what she needs!

2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. You know Fiona I’ve always found it interesting the way some people turn to pray, fasting, reading quran etc ONLY when they want something.

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