Two is Company…

ThreeringsWhen I came back to London, my husband was very reluctant to talk about what was going on with #2. He said they are sorting things out.

I asked if there’s anything I can do, he said no. Then he sort of snarled “You’ve done enough”. Now, what’s that about? Well, obviously he felt my walking in on him and Bimbo while having it off in cyberspace was somehow my fault. Duh?

I reminded him that it’s my house and that she has given up – in writing – all her time with him for the time being. He snapped at me that between sunset and dawn I must be with the husband whose night it is. Oh really? So he’s watching out for Graham’s interests now?

I told him that as long as I’m just stopping by to make sure everything is ok I am free to do that any time of day or night and as long as we don’t have intercourse I’m not obliged to make the time up. And even if we should have intercourse, I am still allowed to do that, I just have to make up for the time. So there!

And of course, he had to agree, I was right. He’s just acting a bit like a cornered dog, but this time it’s his #2 doing the growling, not I. So he’d better get snapping at her, not me!

One thought on “Two is Company…

  1. You should put your foot down! In polygamy, you as the polygamous spouse must be an assertive leader, make the boundaries known and put a stop to all unacceptable behaviour that will affect either of your marriages in a negative way. 🙂

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