Seven Things Your Muslim Husband Won’t Tell You

200px-Agal_(accessory)Most men raised in muslim cultures are fed a very stereotype image of men and women. They are taught that men and women are basically, drastically and biologically different and that these differences must be reflected in the roles of the sexes. Muslim men are fed a misogynist attitude towards women, masked as “women are pearls and must be hidden to save their value” (translates into force your women to wear hijab and stay at home so you can control them and dominate them always) “women are emotional not rational” (translates into you can disregard anything a woman says and say it’s because as a male you are more rational and given the right to make all decisions on her behalf) “women are the gateway to Jannah” (translates into you must beat her or possibly kill her if she tries to make decisions on her own since your virility lies in your domination over the women over your family) “women have a right to their own money” (translates into you have a right to force her to be a stay at home wife, deny her the right to earn money, and make sure you get twice as much as your sisters when your parents die) et.c.

But muslim men are also brought up with a stereotype image of men, of themselves. They are taught that a man must be a strong leader to his family, must be a breadwinner, mustn’t cry or show emotions, must rule over women et.c.

Since 99% of all differences between sexes are only based on educational differences, socialization and prejudices – these islamic falsifications turn life sour for men and women. And men and women are forced to go through life as liars. Women must lie to their men and pretend not to be sensual, not to have a roving eye, not to be more intelligent than their husbands and so on. And men are forced to lie to their wives. Especially those men who decide to become polygamous. Polygamy is all about lies and hiding the truth.

Here are seven things your muslim husband will never tell you:

1. Above all he wants you never to disagree with him. First of all because he knows that most of the time you are right – and to a muslim man this is devastating since he is taught that women are less intelligent and less rational and since all men lie about their own experiences he can’t take it that this seems to be true to everybody else while he obviously isn’t half as smart as you.

2. He is extremely afraid that you will find out that other men are smarter and sexier and funnier than him. That’s why he forces you to stay at home, hide behind a black one man tent when you go out and lower your gaze. It has nothing to do with protecting you – he’s protecting himself.

3. He wants to have sex more often, however he’s not able to. He knows you’re not satisfied and he knows that he only makes you come 2 times out of ten (he doesn’t know though that half of those are fake), and he really would like to be more of a Don Juan, but with getting a bit balder, heavier and all that – he just can’t do it anymore. A man peaks at 20 – a woman at 45.

4. He looks at porn on his computer. He wants the women of his own family to be hidden pearls, but he wants everybody else to be strippers. He believes it shows what a man he is.

5. He wants you to be happy, but he doesn’t want to have to put in an effort to make it happen. He loves it when you smile and agree with him. He doesn’t want to  have to put in the hours to make you happy. This is why he believes in the roles of the sexes. His role is to hang around with the brothers, lie in front of the tv, work on the computer (porn) and tell you to get up every night with the crying kids, because he has to sleep.

6. If you nudge him towards becoming a better husband, he can get another wife and make sure that every time you tell him to act up, help around the house, do something for the family – he can just go fuck this new, younger wife and tell you it’s time for you to practice your patience. His brothers in islam will applaud him for this and say it’s wonderful the way your husband sacrifices himself to care for womanhood.

7. He has been reading islamic websites that tell him that if he doesn’t abuse you or sleep around, he’s a good husband. So as long as he’s not beating you repeatedly daily, as long as he doesn’t hit you in the face and as long as he doesn’t starve you – he will think he’s being the perfect husband. He will however find plenty of fault in you, and let you know it, since it’s his duty to guide you and teach you how to behave. And – the power is a turn on. So every time he beats you (which of course is his right according to the quran), every time he makes you cry by leaving you to go fuck one of his other wives – it will give him the hard on he needs to be able to enact some of the fantasies he gets from internet porn, with his other wife.

5 thoughts on “Seven Things Your Muslim Husband Won’t Tell You

  1. This is the best ever! lol

    I read the original, and the guy actually writes “If he doesn’t abuse you or sleep around.
    Then chances are he loves you. A lot.” OMG This really tells you everything about what a good muslim hubby is all about! 😀

  2. Btw, did you see that this muslim know it all got 344 responses to this idiocy – most of them cheering him on… And many of them women too.. It is so sad, the way religion turns people into abusers, idiots and zombies.

  3. In the end I think the culture is more harmful to men. They become very lonely when they believe women are different, when they marry several wives but can’t share their soul with any of them. They will also carry the guilt when they finally understand it’s their own doing. I am hurting in polygamy, I am fighting to find a way to be happy, without jealousy without loneliness. But my husband feels the same things and he also knows it’s his own fault.

  4. LonelySecond:
    “In the end I think the culture is more harmful to men”
    I don’t believe that’s true. And even it were true, my heart is hardly breaking.

    “They will also carry the guilt when they finally understand it’s their own doing.”
    LS, have you actually read some of the things that the male contributors here are saying? There are a few contributions from men which reflect the kind of sensitivity that you imagine to be generally the case. Most males, like Zach for example, are completely blissed out by a belief in the divine right of male perogative. They can’t see anything in the darkness that surrounds their own spotlight.

    The reason men get away with their selfish destructive behaviors, all under the guise of religion, is because women have an innate compulsion to be compassionate, to see themselves as a compassionate caring person. To achieve that illusion they explain everything away with words that make them feel good instead of bad. I don’t believe that pursuit has anything to do with true compassion.

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