Again: The Children in Polygamy

By: D S Pruitt

By: D S Pruitt

Time and again posts and e-mails I get make me return to the fate of children whose fathers become polygamous.

Most posts I get from people who have suffered polygamy as children have had mothers who were forced to live with a polygamous husband, a husband that more often than not didn’t even tell them about the second marriage until after the fact. I thought at first these children would be more inclined to write here since the pain they witnessed was the worst. But the more I read the more I realize that this is the most common kind of muslim polygyny. Most men do it behind their first wive’s back, or they tell them just before it happens so they shan’t have time to oppose the nikkah.

As I have found it pragmatically put in a couple of islamic web forums: “The permission of the first wife is not required. If the permission of the first wife was required no man would ever be allowed to marry a second wife since no sane woman would be willing to share her husband”.

But what about the children? Islamic rules are all about the rights of husbands, the rights of wives. What about the rights of children? There are rules on exactly how much time must be allocated to each wife, rules on what a husband must do for his wives, what a wife must do for her husband. But no explicit rules on the rights of children. Children in islam have no rights, only duties.

So, husbands become polygamous and set off to fuck and impregnate as many women as they can afford, leaving broken women behind with the burden of caring for their abandoned children. Children who will be without a father at least half the time, children who will have to watch the never ending suffering of their mothers, children who will hear from their fathers that their right to fuck other women, have children by other women , is more important than the life of their first wife, more important than their children. Small boys who will learn that a real man, a good muslim man, is a man who uses his god given right to betray his wife and children, to fuck and marry younger women, to abandon his children. Little girls who will learn that a woman must suffer and obey. And so the curse of muslim misogyny is conveyed to the next generation.

Science proves that children of abusers become abusers. Forced polygyny, islamic polygyny, is thus a curse on people.

The rest, from an islamic point of view anyway, is silence.

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