Is this a True Story? And are they Your Real Names? Q&A

Magnolia_campbellii_flowersQuestion: This blog is fascinating! I just have to ask, is it a true story? And are these your real names?


Answer: Thank you, I am so happy you like the blog!

Yes, this is a true story. I have only changed one thing: our names. I haven’t once mentioned my first husband’s name on the blog. I don’t think I’ll ever give him a blog name. He’s my first husband and the father of my children. That’s enough.

Graham got his blog name from one of my favourite novels, Villette by Charlotte Brontë. He is the kind dream, the man I should have married in the first place had fate played things differently. So I thought that was the perfect name for him. ( No, I am definitely not a Lucy Snowe.. I have sometimes however felt a bit like Mrs Rochester… 😉 )

Fiona was my great grandmother’s name. She was strong willed, intelligent, kind and funny. I wish I could be like her! So I borrowed her name.


One thought on “Is this a True Story? And are they Your Real Names? Q&A

  1. I am so greatful I found you. I know many of the things you say are contrary islam, I beg forgiveness for saying. But I am tired of not be allowed to say how I think to walk in the streets to study and to work like the brothers. I am happy there are strong and free woman to talk and make me laugh. Sometimes it feels like a sin but I think Allah guided me here.

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